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8 Veteran-owned Farms & Ranches in Texas

by Jem Guinto
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8 Veteran-owned Farms & Ranches in Texas

Veterans Day is just right around the corner — and at TexasRealFood, we commemorate the veterans the best way that we know.  Of course, by featuring some of the farms and ranches across the state that are owned and ran by veterans themselves! 

As we know, Texas has a long history of giving a warm “welcome home” and recognizing the skills and dedication that veterans bring to the entire American workforce. There are numerous organizations across the state offering a great deal of support in assisting veterans back into a life where they can work as comfortably as can be.

Most often than not, these heroes find themselves looking at new interests and hobbies (such as farming) — and always succeed because of their passion and dedication for their craft. In this article, I highlighted 8 farms and ranches in Texas that are successfully operated by veterans:


Lisemby Farms

8 Veteran-owned Farms & Ranches in Texas

© www.lisembyfarms.com

Lisemby Farms is a veteran-owned family farm that takes great pride in providing some of the world’s best pastured pork! They primarily raise two types of lard pigs, Mangalitsa and Swabian Hall. These breeds were created in the early 1800s for European royalty, so if there was such a thing as pork that’s fit for a king, then this is it! They also have other heritage pork like Berkshires, Durocs, Spotted Poland Chinas, and Hampshire. 

All of their pigs are completely raised outdoors with direct access to sunshine and fresh water. On top of that, their hogs are fed with only the best ingredients possible! For Lisemby Farms, these pigs do not exist just to live in a factory farm, have big litters, and grow at record rates —  they’re destined to be the best-tasting animals on earth!

Lisemby Farm’s pasture is on a 320-acre family cotton farm that was purchased a century ago. When you finally give them a visit, witness the many different types of vegetation where their hogs thrive!

Wilson, 79381. Call (806) 777-9400. Visit Lisemby Farms for more information.


Fitzgerald Fresh Egg Farm


© www.fitzgeraldeggfarms.com

Fitzgerald Fresh Egg Farm claims that they love their girls — which is why roosters aren’t allowed on their farm! If you don’t find this statement amusing, you’ll probably do if you find out that this farm is owned and operated by a female veteran of the United States Air Force!

The farm has 8 acres of pasture just for their hens — this means that the hens get the most amazing diet of bugs, plants, and grass throughout the day! Don’t you worry, though, the hens wander back into their homes to protect themselves from local night predators. These hens never even get any antibiotics or any GMO feed so there’s a 101% assurance that their eggs are free of anything artificial.

601 Boys Camp Rd., New Waverly, 77358. Call (713) 304-7899. Visit Fitzgerald Fresh Egg Farm for more information.


LoneStar EcoGreen Farms

8 Veteran-owned Farms & Ranches in Texas

© www.facebook.com-lonestarecofarms

Lonestar EcoGreen Farms is a veteran-owned pastured poultry farm located in Sulphur Springs, Texas. Their farming practices are all about meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising future generations — sustainable agriculture at its best!

LoneStar EcoGreen Farms have a great selection of the most delicious chicken you will ever taste including whole chickens, breasts, thighs, and more! They raise happy and healthy chickens in an open environment by moving them daily to a new pasture. They also never use GMOs and antibiotics on their chickens. And, they also process under USDA inspection.

1513 Flameleaf Drive, Allen, TX 75002. Call (469) 644-7139. Visit LoneStar EcoGreen Farms for more information.


4MG Farm

8 Veteran-owned Farms & Ranches in Texas

© www.facebook.com-4MG-Farm

4MG Farm is owned and operated by a veteran in Sanger, Texas. The farm was originally started by Kevin and Christina Via just to raise food for their family. They shared their chicken with some friends and over time, they wanted more. The couple began to raise some more until word got around. Fast forward to a couple of years later, they now have a good customer base.

The only way to guarantee healthy food for your family is to know your farmers, understand the way they do things and why, and get out to their farms to see your food being raised in the way intended,”

4MG Farm raises all of their animals on pasture and feeds them only what comes from nature — meaning, no chemicals, no additives. They have grass-fed beef, pasture-raised eggs, pastured chicken, and turkeys

8580 Davidson Road, ZZ No Location, TX 76266. Call (469) 919-8786. Visit 4MG Farm for more information.


Burgos Brothers Ranch & Farm


© www.facebook.com-BurgosBrothersRanch

Burgos Brothers Ranch & Farm is an organic ranch and aquaponic farm owned and operated by three veterans from two generations: William Burgos and his two sons, Sam and Matt. You can contact them if you would like to buy eggs from pastured chickens, pasture-raised cornish cross and heritage meat chickens, and grass-fed beef. 

You can also avail of the scheduled visits for their farm with the ability for kids to pet some animals, guided tours, small stores, and BBQ. Being veterans as owners, they also have an outdoor shooting range which is interesting. You need to contact them to receive an invitation.

349 State Highway 359, Chapman Ranch, TX 78389. Call (361) 442-9918. Visit Burgos Brothers Ranch & Farm for more information.


R&R Farms

8 Veteran-owned Farms & Ranches in Texas

© @rrfarmstexas

R&R Farms was established by a retired Air Force Veteran, Ray, and his wife, Rhonda. They harvest and sell locally-grown produce in the West Texas panhandle. They started by growing produce for themselves as they didn’t like the stuff they saw at the market and groceries and has then expanded by catering to their area.  

R&R Farms’ mission is to be a year-round local source for high-quality, healthy produce for the Lubbock community. R&R Farms offers eggs, fruits, and vegetables, as well as preserves and jams. All fresh and all-natural, they grow their produce grown using organic practices and sustainable agriculture, with no chemicals added to the soil or the plants. Their poultry is also raised free-range and is organically fed.

5109 82nd Street, Lubbock, TX 79424. Visit R&R Farms for more information.


Rockin Bar B Ranch

8 Veteran-owned Farms & Ranches in Texas

Bobbi Smith, a local military veteran farmer, runs the 113-acre farm, which he called Rockin Bar B Ranch. It is a diversified ranch, specializing in agro-tourism like deer, duck, and boar leases. They also specialize in the direct marketing of grass-fed Angus beef.

As a customer, you have the option to purchase a whole, half, or quarter cow. You can also specify how you would like their meats cut. All-natural is Bobbi takes pride in — naturally worming the animals with diatomaceous earth and licking a sulfur salt block to control insects. Glamping packages and other packages such as Ranch life for a day, weekend, or week will also be available in the future!

5261 CR 4738, Cumby, TX 75433. Call (903) 243-8773. Visit Rockin Bar B Ranch for more information.


Saint Maria & Isidore Farm


© www.facebook.com_StMariaIsidore

The farmers behind the operation for Saint Maria and Isidore Farm like to call themselves The Bonin-5.  Brett, Cresta, Zoie, Sophia, and Makenzie form the Bonin-5 together. They run the 117-acre farm. One of the owners, Brett, is a retired military officer and a disabled veteran. Moreover, he has developed a passion for farming, wildlife, and forestry.

Saint Maria and Isidore Farm specializes in raising bees, livestock, vegetables, and wildlife preservation. They named the farm after the patron saints of farming: Maria and Isidore. To them, the farm produces abundant harvests of grapes, plums, and more through God. When they do have a substantial bounty, they make some of the best artisanal products. 

16300 CR 2830, Mabank, TX 75156. Call (504) 481-1558. Visit Saint Maria & Isidore Farm for more information.


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