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Are You Eating These 7 Hydrating Foods this Summer?

by Fariya Khan
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hydrating foods in texas

Summer brings with it a realization of just how essential water is. Very few experiences are as satisfying as a dip into the pool after an intense gym sesh or settling down near the lake with a good read as the evening sky exhibits its colorful brilliance.

While the comfort of water surrounds us during summers, are we consuming enough?

Losing essential salts and electrolytes due to excessive sweating during hot summer months can cause the body to overheat.  And without enough fluids, the body cannot replenish the lost salts.

Replenishing electrolytes like sodium and potassium is vital to rehydrating properly. Of course, we want to be hydrated every day, every season, but the hot weather accelerates water loss from the body, and it can take some effort to make sure we remain on top of our water game.

So, as you might expect, water is involved in so many vital functions in your body. Water helps your body work properly and helps to flush out waste, maintain proper brain function so you can stay focused and alert, and regulate your body temperature. In addition, hydration helps prevent infections, keep our joints lubricated, deliver nutrients to our cells, and allow our organs to do their jobs efficiently.

If you find yourself with a headache, nausea, or low appetite in the summer, it may be a sign that you’re not getting enough fluids. While nothing can ace water in hydration, who doesn’t appreciate an edible way to get water in? Fortunately, nature has several delicious options to munch on during long days under the sun when it comes to finding hydrating foods.

By choosing summer foods high in water content, you can keep your body hydrated and ready to perform at its best! Below is a list of some of the most abundantly produced summer foods to keep your body fueled during those hot summer days.


hydrating foods in texas

With a water content of 92%, nothing says summer like a slice of ripe, seeded watermelon. Watermelons are incredibly hydrating, packed with anti-inflammatory antioxidants. For an added dose of iron, zinc, and copper, I blitz the watermelon with the seeds for my smoothie. If you are not the one to chew on crunchy bits, pick them out beforehand. Click here to get farm-fresh watermelons in Texas!


hydrating foods in texas

Whoever came up with the phrase ‘cool as a cucumber’, knew what they were talking about. With 95% water content, cucumbers are our family’s summer favorites. Kids love grabbing onto sticks of chilled cukes as they run off into the yard. To make things more interesting, you can turn them into this inviting yet straightforward German cucumber ribbon salad. Or, if you’re looking for a burst of heat, try this crunchy cucumber salad with pickled mustard seeds. For more dishes featuring this awesome fruit, check out these cucumber gazpacho recipes! Find fresh cucumbers here on these Texan farms. 


hydrating foods in texas

Native to the Americas, if there’s one fruit that can be genuinely called American, it’s the blueberry. Low in calories and high in nutrients, blueberries are often called superfoods. Blueberries hold 85% water content, making them incredibly hydrating while also providing essential trace vitamins and minerals like manganese, vitamin K and C. Blueberries are also known to help fight feelings of anxiety and gloominess. Because of their low glycemic index, they are also well suited for those with diabetes. These farms in Texas offer U-pick days for blueberries. While they make for a great addition to smoothies, this blueberry pie is a dessert you cannot miss trying out!


hydrating foods in texas

Mangoes, in my view, are the king of fruits. Growing up in my home country, summers meant basketful of ripe farm fresh juicy mangoes-so sweet that they would put sugar to shame! Having 83% of water, one mango makes for a healthy and satiating snack. Mangoes are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins C & A that support and boost the immune system. This summer, check out these farms to find the best mangoes. Give your immunity a boost with our immune-boosting mango turmeric and pepper smoothie!


hydrating foods in texas

Cantaloupes are at their sweetest and juiciest in hot summer months. And what’s better if you can make a frozen dessert out of this water-rich food. You can use any fruit to make sorbet, and cantaloupes make for some of the best-tasting sorbets. Here is how you can make a fine sorbet without a machine. Cantaloupes are summer melons that have almost 90% water. As a result, they are jam-packed with essential nutrients like folate, vitamin C, fiber, and potassium. All these benefits make fresh cantaloupes a great go-to snack after a quick workout. Buy farm-fresh cantaloupes in Texas here. 


hydrating foods in texas

Is it possible to leave behind tomatoes when talking about hydrating foods? Tomatoes have an impressive nutrition profile and provide many health benefits, along with hydration. These Texan farms are where you can find the best tomatoes. With plenty of B vitamins, folate, potassium, and vitamin K1, one medium tomato gives about half a cup of water. A simple roasted salsa is the best way to get all that tomatoey goodness. If you are looking for artisan tomato products in Texas, check out this post here.

Bell Peppers

hydrating foods in texas

Bell Peppers are made up of 94% water. They are one of the most popular types of peppers in the USA. Did you know that red bell peppers contain more than twice the vitamin C of green bell peppers? Like cucumbers, bell peppers are fun and uncomplicated to eat for children and grownups alike. Find the best local Texan bell peppers here. They also make a super nutritious appetizer as oven-roasted stuffed bell peppers.

Hydration Tips for the Summer

Despite all the hydrating foods available, it is imperative to keep up with drinking water. Essential for several vital functions in our body, nothing beats a glass of clean, fresh, water. And often, we go hours without having it.  So as the temperatures rise, below are a few critical hydration tips:

  •       Try eating at least 3 cups of fruit and vegetables per day.
  •       Avoid salty foods that tend to retain water in your body, as too much sodium can suck out the moisture from body cells, thereby increasing dehydration.
  •       When outdoors, carry a bottle of water or infused waters that can help with replenishing salts.
  •       Maintain a reminder to make sure you drink the standard eight glasses of water daily.
  •       Watch out for signs of dehydration in teens and young children.

What do you eat to keep cool during summers? 


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