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Saveur: Elegantly packaged food, travel, and style posts

by Stephanie Phelan
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Looking for a deeply satisfying, yet elegant and festive blog to indulge in this holiday season? Saveur has everything you’re looking for.

Based in New York, the blog was created by Dorothy Kalins, then editor-in-chief of Metropolitan magazine. Kalins launched the new food magazine with the help of Christopher Hirsheimer (who produced food stories for Metropolitan Home) and Colman Andrews (who wrote a column for that magazine). It has now become a cultured, educated network for us to find articles on travel, food, style and events. You could wander about the pages of this blog for hours!

More than just a blog

The blog hosts its annual SAVEUR Blog Awards where you can find many other blogs that are meaningful and making a difference. Last year’s “Blog of the Decade” went to David Lebovitz. And the 2019 “Blog of the Year” went to Little Fat Boy. I’m excited to see which blogs that Saveur chooses this year!


What You’ll Find

Authentic recipes, a rich history of cultures, specials on travel and cooking classes – among many other articles. The blog’s “21 Best Hanukkah recipes” and “The 2020 SAVEUR Holiday Gift Guide”  are a must read. The team definitely has crafted everything in an elegant and informative manner. There is never an overbearing or pretentious tone used in any of the articles,  allowing readers of all ages and backgrounds. By searching through the recipes, I’ve found foods I’ve never heard of before, from cultures I haven’t yet explored or learned about.

You feel like you’re traveling the world in just a matter of clicks. And during this holiday season especially, it’s the connection we all need. Many of us are far from some family members and longing for festivities and comfort. Bringing certain recipes and practices into the home, might be just what we need to celebrate on a smaller scale.  We’ve almost made it to the new year! But we still have to celebrate being in the present.


The blog pairs well with cultural travel documentaries, like Somebody Feed Phil, and Down to Earth. I can see the Guadeloupian Bokit or the Palestinian Falastin – being indulged in, during one of these shows.  But the blog also does an excellent job at spotlighting recipes that are popular in America. Their lists for food categories, like 50 Best Hors d’Oeuvres give you phenomenal ideas.

You are able to join Saveur’s Cookbook Club here. And also take the opportunity to follow them on social media! It would be an honor if one day TexasRealFood was nominated for Saveur’s blog awards. I find many blogs this way, including North Wild Kitchen. Through blogging we are able to connect and share ideas. We are able to educate and inspire those around us – and many of these websites have become modern day magazines.  There is a lot of information we now have access to thanks to global technology.

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