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Beer Battered Cod – Why Beer Is The Key Ingredient To Any Batter

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Fish and chips in a classic English countryside dish that the whole country has come to enjoy. It’s at its best in old towns close to the sea, where fresh fish is abundant. A Jewish immigrant, Joseph Malin opened the first fish and chip shop recorded in 1860, in London. The dish was a stock meal among the working class in England throughout the 19th and 20th century forever embedding it into the culture.

The key to the good batter is air. Getting as much air into that batter will make it super light and so crispy. A good way to do this would be carbonated water, but if your looking for a bit of a twist to your battered fish, look no further.

Adding beer to the batter (and this batter does by no means restrict itself to fish) not only provides the bubbles to aerate the batter but it gives it a phenomenal flavor, a beautiful tan color, and a richness to die for.

The beer that ultimately took the first prize was the dark stout. Not only because the deep flavors of the stout complimented the batter really well, but because of the amazing color we all look for when we crave a deep-fried treat. It also didn’t help that it delivered a significantly more exciting crisp.

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