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Father’s Day 2021: To All the Pandemic Dads Who Stepped Up

by Fariya Khan
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Fathers Day Texas 2021

Before the pandemic, Farooq Mohammad’s work role for an oil and gas giant meant he spent more than half the month at an offshore rig, several thousand miles away from his home and family in Houston. His wife was the primary caregiver to their girls, aged four and two. Post the COVID crash this sector went through, roles have quickly reversed in this household, where now Mohammad finds himself waking his daughters, fixing breakfast together and logging onto online classes. At the same time, his wife juggles her home-décor business and a full-time job, remotely.

Recently, he even set up a mini trampoline and watched awestruck as the girls attempted all kinds of mind-bending acrobatics on it.

Like Mohammad, for many dads, COVID lockdown is the most time they have ever spent with their children. Dads who are now working from home have earned back the time spent shuttling and are physically closer to their kids even as they work. It has created more opportunities for unplanned, unscheduled time together, which many dads say they have treasured, despite the broader pressures.

Fathers Day Texas 2021

During the pandemic, dads across Texas and the rest of the world had a golden opportunity to connect with their families, revive long forsaken hobbies and simply slow down. Most Texan fathers have made full use of this time by firing up the outdoor grill and gearing up for the cooking season. But by no means should a dad be responsible for his Father’s Day dinner.

If you are looking for the perfect place to treat your dad, TexasRealFood brings a specially curated list featuring some of the best steakhouses in Texas for honoring all fathers and father figures. For those planning a steak-out at home, we have just the butcheries you want to get your meats from!

Y.O Steakhouse, Dallas

Texas Fathers Day steakhouse dinner

Y.O. Steakhouse serves the best Texas cuisine since 1996 and claims its authentic Texan heritage from the Y.O. Ranch, located in the gorgeous Hill Country. This steakhouse is changing the game with their legendary and extensive wild game selection available on their menu. With various types of venison, game birds, and the buffalo filet mignon (their signature dish), Y.O. Steakhouse is the place for adventurous steak lovers who want to try something distinctive. Experience the delicate savory cuts of steaks, chops, and fresh fish cooked to perfection on Father’s Day as they are offering a 50% discount for dads. Call 214-744-3287 to book a table and avail of the offer!

Ocean Prime, Dallas

According to the D Magazine, Ocean Prime has grown to be a “local favorite” having earned the title of being one of the “Top 20 Steakhouses”. Their menu showcases the finest seafood and prime cuts of steak, signature cocktails, and a whole lot more. They also feature gluten-free friendly offerings. The most popular items from their menu include the chef’s specialty, the ‘Chilean sea bass’, and the  ‘ten-layer carrot cake’. For Father’s Day, Ocean prime has a special lunch and dinner menu on the 20th of June, Sunday. Visit here to book your meal!

135 Prime, Waco

Texas Fathers Day steakhouse dinne

At 135 Prime Restaurant, you get fine dining in a casual atmosphere. Its commitment is to serve the finest fresh beef, seafood, and farm-to-table produce all the time. The menu includes blue crab cakes appetizers, same-day harvested green Caesar salad, 100% akaushi beef signature steaks, chef-selected steak gorgonzola, freshly caught Chilean sea bass a la prime, and more. 135 Prime also brings exciting, noteworthy wines from esteemed wineries. Visit this page to look at the menu.

Killen’s STQ, Houston

Texas Fathers Day steakhouse dinne

The welcoming aromas of smoked meats as you venture into this casual restaurant on S Voss Rd are unforgettable. When you step inside, the dining area feels cozy and inviting. At Killen’s STQ is where steak and barbecue come together. This restaurant takes great pride in its extensive steak selection, featuring wet-aged, Nebraska corn-fed, dry-aged Illinois corn-fed, premium cuts of Wagyu beef, as well as A5-grade Japanese Wagyu. They offer an extensive selection of steaks, wood-smoked to melt-in-your-mouth perfection. Aside from wood-fired steaks, the menu also features ahi tuna tacos, pan-fried snapper, chicken fried ribeye, roasted bone marrow, and more delectable delights. Killen’s STQ can satisfy all of your steak cravings on Father’s Day. Hop on here to reserve a spot!

B and B Butchers and Restaurant, Fort Worth

Texas Fathers Day steakhouse dinne

Located on the emerging East End of Washington Ave, B&B Butchers and Restaurant is a locally owned and operated upscale steakhouse and traditional butcher shop suitable for any dinner occasion and all age groups. Their butcher shop provides a bespoke butcher and delicatessen experience featuring some of the finest and most thoughtfully sourced products within Texas and beyond. The steakhouse offers an elegant dining experience paired with a menu boasting some of the finest Texas-raised Wagyu beef and in-house dry-aged USDA prime beef, all hand-cut daily in the butcher shop. The dining experience includes full-service dining on the rooftop patio, with the Downtown Houston skyline serving as a magnificent backdrop. Visit this page to book a table on Father’s Day and enjoy supremely tender Texas Wagyu– 100% certified organic and grass-fed-only beef, with no finishing, and served perfectly.

Local Yocal BBQ and Grill, McKinney

Texas Fathers Day steakhouse dinne

At this family-owned restaurant in downtown McKinney, it’s all about the beef! You’ll find just the proper Wagyu steaks and mouth-watering barbecue here. It’s a Farm-to-table restaurant where the food is made from scratch and prepared honestly with locally sourced ingredients. Local Yocal is committed to quality and sustainability. The ambiance here is rustic and family-friendly. They are well-stocked in the libations department as well with craft beer and single barrel bourbons. There’s also a large selection of wines and barrel-aged cocktails. You can order family-sized meals, and there’s an option to order online and pick up.

Knife, Dallas

Texas Fathers Day steakhouse dinne

Knife reinvents the ultimate “steakhouse experience”. It commits to using only the finest locally sourced ingredients with genuine Texas roots and strengthening collaborations with Texan ranchers and farmers. The menu features classic steakhouse dishes made with all-natural born and raised Texas beef, pork, and lamb. The Knife also offers specialty cuts like flat iron, Wagyu skirt steak, pork belly, oxtail, pigs head, and more, all featuring naturally born and raised in Texas pork, beef and lamb.

Were you planning a more relaxed evening at home, cooking up your very own favorite steaks with your dad? We have you covered! Here are some local butcheries to order the best cuts of meats from!

Click here to know how to cook steak to perfection!

The Meat Shop Butchery and Eatery, Dallas

Texas Fathers Day butchers

Located in Dallas’ vibrant West Lovers Lane neighborhood, The Meat Shop Butchery & Eatery offers Rosewood Ranches’ certified all-natural, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, grass-fed, and grain-finished Wagyu Beef. The cows are raised with humane and natural practices and brought in the sub-primal form to cut your steaks exactly how you want them. They cut meat fresh to order, make healthy take-home meals and sides from scratch, smoke meats, craft spectacular charcuterie boards, and pour cold draft beer. Other offerings of The Meat Shop showcase heritage Duroc pork, all-natural chicken, and a complete selection of smoked and cured meats and cheeses. For Father’s Day, take home perfectly marbled Rosewood Wagyu steaks to impress your old man.

Texas Slabs, Mansfield

Texas Fathers Day butchers

Texas Slabs pride themselves on only selling some of the best no hormone, no antibiotic, all-natural meat. They have an excellent choice of fresh fine cuts of meats, including prime, & Wagyu all-natural, grass-fed beef and bison, all-natural chicken and quail, and pork. Texas Slabs also provides homemade beef jerky in flavors including BBQ, teriyaki and peppered. They use their Jerky recipes, made from a solid beef strip, freshly handcrafted at the store. Not sure what rub you need for your Father’s Day steak? Try the samples provided by Texas Slabs at their retail store to find the right combination.

Longhorn Meat Market, Austin

Texas Fathers Day butchers

Located in East Austin, Longhorn Meat Market is a fifth-generation, family-owned butcher shop and wholesale meat distributor offering the highest quality regionally sourced artisan and exotic meats. They have a great selection of beef cut, packed, and ready to go. Tri-tips, whole filets, hamburger, rib eyes, short ribs, filet mignons, canoed femur bones for roasting, stew meats, and a wide variety of steak cuts are available daily, and they provide cuts on request.

Their sausage flavors include chorizo, tumbleweed sage, Italian fennel, maple links, and spicy country. Longhorn Meat Market humanely process game and farm meats and offer an excellent selection of their private label marinades, sauces, and spices in their local Auburn butcher shop.

In short, Longhorn Meat Market is a one-stop shop for all your Father’s Day meat needs.

This Father’s Day, we’d like to thank all hard-working, dedicated dads who wouldn’t think twice about putting their families first. May you be loved, respected, and honored not just today but all days of the year.

You can find great fathers worldwide, but at TexasRealFood, we have it on good authority that the best dads ever reside in Texas!



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