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7 Ways You Can Make An Impact

by Liam Williams
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Everyone wants to make a good impact, but in this day and age, with means of transportation being updated and improved by the moment,  it can be hard to track exactly where everything you buy comes from, and what conditions are put in place, behind the scenes.

  1. Food literacy – Understanding the impact your food choices have on health, community, and your environment is essential for good food practices.
  2. Grow a garden – Getting to know your environment through gardening can open a whole world of both beauty and delicious food. Whether you plant flowers to provide bees with nectar and pollen, or a vegetable and fruit garden to provide a healthier lifestyle for you and your loved ones. People with fruit and vegetable-rich diets often produce much more organic waste than your average joe, if done right, your garden will become a cycle where the garden provides you food, and you provide the garden with fertile compost from your scraps.
  3. Shop at the farmers market – When you shop at a farmers market, you can be sure you’re avoiding any food harvested from monocultures, industrial farming, GMOs, over refining, genetic engineering and more. Plus you can be sure all your food is sourced locally, so you know exactly what you’re buying. The small amount more you pay at a farmers market, is going right back into your community.
  4. Raise chickens – Raising chickens is easier than you think. They provide eggs and eventually meat. A good rule of thumb when it comes to chickens space is 2-3 square feet of space per chicken in a coop and 8-10 square feet per chicken of outside run.
  5. Home cooking – Sometimes there’s nothing that beats a home-cooked meal, especially from a loved one. while younger children may take advantage, most adults who have long-cooked for themselves can appreciate someone cooking them a home-cooked meal. Cooking big batches of food and freezing it is one of the best ways you can become more food literate. If you don’t know how to cook, learning can be an adventure, especially when done with someone close to you.
  6. Shop directly from farmers – When you shop directly from a farmer, getting to know where your food came from, reaches a whole nother level. Seeing the land and conditions the animals are raised in can bring a new pride to the way you eat and see the food industry.
  7. Limit waste – When you limit the waste through things like composting, certain cooking practices, and freezing you make sure anything you took from the ground impacts the soil as much as you

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