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Get Ready for Free Fishing Day in Texas!

by Fariya Khan
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free fishing day Texas

Texas’ borders contain more than 150 public freshwater lakes and its Gulf coastline stretches more than 400 miles between a state border with Louisiana and an international one with Mexico. That makes for plenty of good fishing destinations, no matter your budget or experience level.

free fishing day Texas

With Free Fishing Day Texas coming up on the first Saturday of June, i.e., the 5th, it is the perfect opportunity to gear up and head to the nearest lake and have a splendid sustainable fishing weekend.

Texans can fish on any public waterbody in the state without a fishing license on Free Fishing Day. The state offers several lakes and rivers that you can fish at.

Best Locations to Fish in Texas

free fishing day Texas

This May issue of Fish Texas tells you more about how to find the perfect spot nearby! Also, check out community fishing lakes which can be great options as well.

Saltwater Fishing from a Pier

free fishing day Texas

Piers are a great place for the entire family to try saltwater fishing without the need for a boat. Public access sites can be found in every bay system. There are plentiful fishing piers that are wheelchair accessible and available for public use up and down the coast.

Do You Even Know How to Bait?

You still have some time to polish your bait game. Learn the basics of fishing with tips and videos by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Learn to Fish resources.  Ideas on how to get started, safety, gear, casting and baiting, cleaning and storing fish and more can be found here.

Do Your Part in Sea Life Conservation by Buying a License

Buying a fishing license helps the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for on-the-ground conservation efforts such as fish stocking, that help make Texas one of the best places in the country to fish. A fishing license purchase is a remarkably simple and effective way people can support fisheries science and management. For more information on licensing, visit the TPWD licenses page.

Fun Fishing tips for Kids

free fishing day Texas

If you’ve got children, this will make for an even fun and adventurous weekend!  Children can help out in fishing by tying knots, setting bait, and casting, depending upon their ages. Knowing about different kinds of fish out there and their behavior will make for a more satisfying fishing experience. Explore the treasures with these descriptions of freshwater fish and saltwater fishes of Texas.

Sustainable Fishing is Key

Catching and eating fish is exciting and rewarding, but also affects fish populations. Even if your harvest were only one fish, then that population has been reduced by one fish. Click here to learn about the devastating impacts of overfishing. Fortunately, fish populations have a natural ability to replenish themselves, so, within limits, they can be harvested on a continuing basis.

Check out our latest resource on how to vacuum seal a food bag without a machine. It will come handy for storing your catch!

While we highly recommend making full use of the Free Fishing Day in Texas by getting out, we understand if you cannot. However, it doesn’t mean you lose out on enjoying some freshly made, local fish at a restaurant near you! Read through the TRF seafood directory to find out where to eat on Free Fishing Day!

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