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Get that Lavender for Much Needed Joy!

by Fariya Khan
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texas lavender fields

What is it about lavender that makes people fall in love? Well firstly, lavender is a heavenly herb. Between June and August, Lavender farms in Texas sway with panoramic rows of lavender, in tones of blue, violet or lilac. The flowers are set in a circle on top of floral stalks. They exude a divine fragrance. Their lovely aroma is therapeutic in wondrous ways. Lavender has been added to baths, soaps, or aromatic oils for thousands of years. A bunch of lavender blooms placed in your wardrobe help keep moths at bay. Its essential oil is most effective in alleviating anxiety and inducing a sense of calm. In larger quantities, it energises and revitalises.  Lavender has also been used to symbolize devotion, making it a popular choice for flower arrangements and wedding bouquets.

In culinary applications, lavender elevates the flavor profile of any dish it is infused into. Have it as a brewed tea or drizzle some lavender honey into a warming mug of moon milk. 

lavender in texas

Lavender is a blossoming herb of the mint family popular for its sweet floral fragrance and numerous uses. Presently there are more than 45 different lavender species with over 450 varieties. 

Lavender in Texas

While growing lavender in Texas is rewarding and can be very successful, it is not without challenges. 

Although lavender is not a Texas native, it thrives in the Mediterranean climate that some Texas regions provide. Too much rain can destroy these finicky flowers, which prefer full sun and dry conditions. High humidity may cause fungal rot, and tropical storms can interfere with growth and blooming.

Currently, the Lone Star State features about ten commercially operating lavender farms. The Texas lavender trail travels east from Blanco to Fredericksburg, and towards Chappell Hill in Brenham, with some farms scattered further north above Dallas.

Central Texas is especially suitable for growing lavender. Among the long list of natural features that add to the area’s stunning beauty, Texas lavender farms come pretty much on top.

When to Visit Lavender Fields in Texas

Alkaline limestone soils are ideal when it comes to lavender farming. The dry climate of the Texas Hill Country and local farmers’ efforts has resulted in large, glorious lavender farms scattered throughout the region.

The lavender blooming season is typically around May through July. In full bloom, fields transform into seas of soft, bright tones of purple, their soothing perfume providing passers-by with a bit of free aromatherapy.

While some farms are open to the public for harvest, many aren’t. But you can visit their stores in person to buy some handmade lavender-infused products.

lavender in texas

Where to Find Lavender Products in Texas

You can find several artisan goods infused with lavender throughout Texas lavender farms. Even though some farms are not open to the public, many have stores where you find products made from fresh lavender. In addition, many farm shops offer complete product lines featuring everything from lavender honey to artisan soaps and soothing salves.

TexasRealFood brings you a list of some lavender farms in the Texas Hill Country open to the public.

Lavender Ridge Farms, 2391 County Road, 178, Gainesville 940.665.6938

lavender in texas

Originally a strawberry and melon farm in the early 1900’s, Lavender Ridge Farms owners Jane Dane and Jerry Ware revived the family land in 2006 with a crop of lavender planted on a gentle slope near a wooded edge of the property.  Since this revival, the farm has become home to several perennial gardens, a wide iris collection, a garden center and gift shop that includes plants, handmade products and other great garden items and decór. Some of their best-sellers are hand made lavender soap, lavender tea mix, and lavender essential oils.

Another highlight of the Lavender Ridge Farm is their Lavender Café! Here you can enjoy a cup of lavender tea alongside their creamy, dreamy, lavender cheesecake! The Lavender Lemon Gooey Butter Cake sounds too good to miss out on! Click here for their full menu!

Chappell Hill Lavender Farm, 2252 Dillard Rd,  Brenham 979.251.8114

lavender in texas

Debbie and Jim McDowell’s lavender farm features pale purple spires on over 3 acres. Sweet lavender can be cut in May and June, whereas the lighter-hued Provence variety is harvested from late July through September. During these times of the year, guests are invited to stroll through the fragrant fields and gather their own fresh bouquets. In addition, the farm’s on-site store offers products like soothing sleep balms, healing lotion, lavender mists, and edible treats, many of them made by Debbie.

You have got to have some of their homemade lavender ice cream when you visit the farm. It’s made fresh every week in two flavors: Lavender Blueberry and Lavender White Chocolate. This year, they are all geared up for the Annual Lavender and Wine Fest on the 14th of August, where visitors are treated to plants, animals, live music, lavender cuisine, and local craft vendors. Wine tastings, grape stomping and more fun activities continue at the Windy Winery.  Click here for more details!

Hill Country Lavender, 8241 Farm to Market 165, Blanco 830.833.2294

Mild winters and sunny summers of South-Central Texas are quite like the conditions that produce plentiful lavender in the French countryside. However, growing the popular crop in Texas is not as simple as it looks.

The peak lavender-harvesting season in Texas usually begins in late May. Delayed this year due to the severe winter storms that ravaged Texas in February, local growers are only starting to see flowers. Hill Country Lavender allows “u-pick” hours during successful blooming seasons for visitors who want to harvest their fresh bundles by hand. Visitors cut their own lavender throughout the lavender season (when blooms are available), which can run from mid-May until July and visit the farm store. They have a full line of lavender bath products at their online shop- shampoos, body wash, conditioners, and bubble baths! The farm is open this season from Thursday to Saturday 10am-4pm.

Luling Lavender Fields, 5 Arrow Lane, Luling 830.351.4609

Luling Lavender Fields LLC is a family-owned business just outside Luling, TX, at I-10 and SH183. On two out of twelve acres, there grow more than 2000 lavender plants. In business since 2018, Luling Lavender farm plans to introduce food and walking trails to offer the best lavender experience for visitors. Despite having sustained damage in the Freeze, Luling Lavender Fields have smashed their lavender product sales record this summer which include smudge sticks, Lavender Margarita Mix, handmade Lavender ice cream, hand-painted wine glasses, and more. Luling Lavender Fields store is open all year, every day, so what are you waiting for?

Purple Cactus Lavender, 1096 CR 253 Weimar 979.732.1796

lavender in texas

A love of family and agriculture were combined to establish this first lavender farm in Colorado County, Texas.

The Purple Cactus Lavender Farm is family owned and operated. Owners Kevin and Wendy Page welcome visitors for a tour at the Purple Cactus Lavender farm, where you can learn everything from the unique benefits and uses of lavender, as well as lessons on how you can grow your own! Tours come with a free lavender-infused refreshment and culinary samples!

Due to the Freeze of 2021, Purple Cactus Lavender Farm is currently closed to the public. However, they are available at the local Farmers Markets, and their online shop is in business. Click here to find some of the best handmade lavender bath sets, spa sets, culinary lavender and more!

Lavenders are seasonal beauties that everyone should have a whiff of. Unlike artificial fragrances that do us more harm than good, the uplifting and healing aroma of natural lavender is a welcome breeze in today’s life.


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