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7 Restaurants for the Freshest Steak in Houston

by Kim Weidemann
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7 Restaurants for the Freshest Steak in Houston

My relationship with steak is a love-affair. I appreciate its flavor fullness, admire its succulence, am devoted to its aroma, lust after its juiciness, and am so very grateful for its existence. When it comes to sizzling steaks, Houston does not disappoint. In the spirit of Valentine’s day, I’ve rounded up seven of the best restaurants to get a high-quality steak. I”ve kept in mind that the freshest stakes are tastiest. Give me a good farm-to-table steak and I’ll be your Valentine any day. Without further ado here are 7 places to grab a great steak in Houston.


B&B Butchers and Restaurant

This is an upscale, two-story restaurant suitable for any dinner occasion and all age groups. On the second story, the restaurant flows out onto a beautiful, spacious, rooftop-dining patio with views over downtown Houston, creating a uniquely sophisticated ambiance. They’ve placed heaters on the patio in case it gets a bit chilly. As the name suggests, there’s a first-class butcher shop on-site, with an in-house dry-aging room. They’ve perfected their very own dry-aging process – these folks know their meat! The Texas Wagyu is 100% certified organic and grass-fed-only beef, with no finishing, and served perfectly tender.

Good for: Relaxing with an expertly-prepared steak in a spacious and cozy environment with a wide variety of drinks on offer. Cocktails on tap.

B&B Butchers and Restaurant


Brennan’s of Houston

Brennan’s of Houston is a fine-dining restaurant with a heavy focus on customer service and creating memorable customer experiences. Step into this midtown beauty and you’ll be greeted with southern hospitality, stylish décor, and gorgeous lighting – all creating an ambiance of warmth and expertise that you would expect from a restaurant that’s been in the business for over 50 years. There’s a beautiful patio that’s a great place to have lunch. The steaks here are mouthwateringly tasty, juicy culinary masterpieces! They come with well-thought-out sides such as, “Pickled Green Bean & Artichoke Salad with Andouille Marchand de Vin.” The decadent “Banana Foster,” comes highly recommended for dessert.

Good for: When you feel like celebrating life or treating yourself to an indulgent steak and a hand-crafted, classic cocktail in a stunning setting.

Brennan’s of Houston


Harold’s Restaurant, Bar & Terrace

When you walk into this historic, renovated building in the Heights on 19th Street, you’ll be greeted by the Tap Room. Head upstairs and you’ll find the restaurant (and bar) which spills out onto a beautiful, spacious terrace that’s great for leisurely afternoons or warm, vibrant evenings. The ribeye here is char-grilled to perfection and is accompanied by fantastic sides such as house-made chimichurri, potatoes au gratin, and vegetables. The vegetables and certain other menu items may differ as the seasonal ingredients used are sourced locally to ensure quality and freshness.

Good for: Relaxing, drinking, and eating a steak on the terrace.

Harold's Restaurant, Bar & Terrace


Killen’s STQ

Be greeted by the distinctly welcoming smells of smoked meats as you venture into this casual restaurant on S Voss Rd. The dining area is on the smaller side but still spacious and it makes the venue feel cozy and inviting. They offer an extensive selection of steaks here, which are huge and wood-smoked to melt-in-your-mouth-tender perfection. The prices are good and the atmosphere is casual, by fine-dining standards, but the service is top-class, friendly, and attentive. The dessert menu offers unique and unbelievably delicious sweet treats, such as bread puddings seasoned with candied bacon and bourbon-oak-smoked chocolate cake.

Good for: Enjoying an incredible steak in a comfortable setting with great service at great prices.

Killen's STQ


The Annie Café & Bar

This restaurant, located on Post Oak Blvd, has recently been remodeled and if you haven’t been yet you should definitely make a plan to go see it for yourself. Inside, there’s an open, clean, airy feel. It’s bright with natural light flowing in and the décor is very stylish. There’s a well-balanced menu, with a good variety of prime steak cuts, such as bone-in ribeye steak or filet mignon, served decadently rare – or to your liking. They have an award-winning executive chef and the quality of the steak is undeniable. There’s an open, spacious outdoor patio with chic furniture and a scenic view of the Galleria area. The bar area is ultra-modern and there’s usually a steady buzz of people.

Good for: When you’re in the mood for a fun drink at the bar and some late-night dining in a fantastic setting.

The Annie Café & Bar



Ritual is a stylish farm-to-table restaurant, centrally located in The Heights at Studewood. This is a double-volume, multi-story building with no partition separating the two stories, so you get that feeling of huge, open space with lots of chatter in the background. The steaks here are amongst the most flavorful you will find in Houston. There’s a large variety of cuts as well as different types of meat. You can ask the knowledgeable staff about where the steaks are sourced. Ritual is committed to sourcing local, fresh ingredients. The small plates and sides are original and the portions are huge. Sharing is actually encouraged here, so don’t hesitate to order a few small plates for the table. You can eat at the bar as the atmosphere here is very comfortable and laidback. There are different sized tables inside, outside, and all around the restaurant, which makes it good for any type of occasion and any number of guests.

Good for:  This is a great place to go for any mood you’re in, or if you’re not sure what mood you’re in but you feel like a great steak.




Step into this fun, neighborhood restaurant and be transported to another world. The atmosphere is eclectic with old school 70’s music playing on vinyl records. It’s vibey but you can still have a conversation without screaming over the table. There’s a spacious patio if you want to be seated away from the lively sounds of thrilled customers and great music. The menu here is constantly evolving as they are committed to using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. This ensures that the food is very fresh and you can really taste the difference in the flavors. The steak here may also change from dinner to dinner but it’s guaranteed to always be interesting and good. They may vary between offerings such as ‘the prestigious ‘hanger cut’ served with shrimp tamale and salsa’ or the ‘flat iron steak’ served with tempura maitake mushroom and tomato.’ All the dishes are served with sincere enthusiasm, which makes the atmosphere contagious. The flavor profiles are going to be unusual so go with an open mind. They have a great bar and great prices all around.

Good for: Having a great meal alone at the bar or sharing plates with friends in a vibey atmosphere.


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