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The 11 Best Cideries Across Texas

by Jem Guinto
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The 11 Best Cideries Across Texas

Compared to wineries and breweries, there are fewer cideries located and manufactured in Texas, but that doesn’t mean they’re not any good. As a matter of fact, cider is gaining more popularity day by day because it has largely become a gluten-free alternative for beer lovers out there. In case you didn’t know, cider is mainly made up of fermented apple juice. It’s not wine, and definitely not beer. 

What makes it unique enough for you to be fascinated by it? It shares the characteristic of both wine and beer altogether! To make cider, wine yeasts are involved for fermentation. Cider also shows a great deal of similarity with beer as it’s often carbonated with lower alcohol content. And yup — there are more cideries in Texas than you’re probably aware of. We listed 11 of the best (among the bests) for you to try out!


Texas Keeper Cider

Texas Keeper Cider

© @txkeepercider

Texas Keeper Cider takes its name from an apple variety that used to be cultivated in Lamar County in the 1880s, the Hicks’ Texas Keeper. Established in 2013, the founders of Texas Keeper Cider are long-time friends, Brandon Wilde, Lindsey Peebles, and Nick Doughty, who were all born and raised in Austin. 

Nick, the Cidermaker, has a working background in New Zealand wineries. Assisting him is former homebrewer Brandon, who also takes care of sales. On the other hand, Lindsey handles events and legal matters. Texas Keeper Cider specializes in creating small-batch, dry, and well-balanced ciders. 

Now believed to be extinct, the variety nicknamed “keepers” were apples that stored well (and) improved with age. The kid-friendly, dog-friendly taproom also offers wines, meads, and snacks for you to enjoy!

12521 Twin Creeks Rd, Manchaca, TX 78652. Call phone (512) 910-3409. Visit Texas Keeper Cider for more information.


Bishop Cider Co

Bishop Cider Co

© @bishopcider

The founders of Bishop Cider were in a bind. They liked cider, but the commercial brands they tasted were awful — and that led them to make their own cider at home and eventually put up their own cider company. Joel and Laura Malone, the company’s founders, promise that their ciders are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and locally-made by Texans. 

They promise not to add sugar to their ciders, too — not even honey. Their innovative flavors and creatively tasteful artwork makes Bishop Cider Co a force to be reckoned with in the world of ciders. Their cidery also offers a live music stage, 12 ciders on tap, and a free tour every Saturday. Their Tasting Room is walking distance from many of Dallas’ best restaurants and they also happen to sell cider flights of 6 different ciders!

509 N Bishop Ave, Ste C, Dallas, TX 75208. Call (214) 364-7728. Visit Bishop Cider Co for more information.


Argus Cidery

Argus Cidery

© @arguscidery

Founder Wes Mickel was only 25 when he set out to establish Argus Cidery in 2010. A trained chef and hobbyist beer brewer, he created his first cider in high school using commercial brand apple juice and packaged yeast. After culinary school and working as a recipe tester for a star chef, he moved to Austin to start creating his cider operation. 

His first products used Texas-grown apples until the cidery eventually moved on to include other fruit sources. Argus Cidery focuses on making dry hard ciders, Perry’s, and other 100% fruit fermentables — never pasteurized — and free of added sugars. The tasting room at Pauls Valley Road is also open to the public on weekends. Argus Cideryjust happens to be the best place to test out their new, experimental offerings. Catch their cider by the flight, by the glass, and/or bottles-to-go!

12345 Pauls Valley Rd, Austin, TX 78737. Visit Argus Cidery for more information.


Outlaw Cider Company

Outlaw Cider Company

© @outlawcider

Outlaw Cider Company has a great location, just behind Main Street. If you like ciders, then you must try this place. Also, Outlaw Cider Company is the place to be if you’re looking for a fun different date night. It has a super cozy seating inside and a nice little patio on the side for the good weather days. The prices are reasonable and it’s just $7 for a cider flight! 

There are lots of choices for all different pallets. Plus, they also have board games for you to play with for a little something extra. Although, it is a small place with a couple of TVs and a nice mix of rock music in the background. But, the staff is super friendly and makes you feel right at home!

112 E Texas St, Grapevine, TX 76051. Call (817) 527-7868. Visit Outlaw Cider Company for more information.


Duo Winery & Cider Co

Duo Winery and Cider Co

© @duowineryandciderco

Duo Winery & Cider Co is a family-owned winery located in South Texas. It’s an extension of the family’s winery and vineyard located in Michigan. This is a hidden gem located in between Dickinson and League City. An easy spot to get to if you’re in Dickinson and worth the drive down from Houston if you’re looking for a laid back place to have a few drinks. 

They serve ciders but also offer wine tastings from a variety of European grapes and hard apple ciders. If you’re not a wine drinker. They are dog-friendly — with “Chanel”, their super friendly dog! Since they do not serve food, you can opt to order Uber Eats to DUO.

2150 Dickinson Ave, Dickinson, TX 77539. Call (832) 738-1325. Visit Duo Winery & Cider Co for more information.


Austin Eastciders

East Ciders

© @eastciders

Everything began after visiting Austin upon a friend’s suggestion, El Gibson (founder of Austin Eastciders) moved to the city after completely falling in love with it. Living most of his life in Bristol in the southwest of England and the “cider capital of the world”, Gibson operated a cider bar until he started looking for a change.

Gibson launched Austin Eastciders in various bars in 2011. However, it quickly ran into supply issues because of the lack of a proper production facility. After finally opening one in 2013, and opening another location in 2016, its supply problems are now behind it.

The new location affords space for a proper taproom called The Collaboratory at the original location. There, one can enjoy the five mainstays of Austin Eastciders. Even seasonal and special edition ciders — all aimed at bringing back cider to the level of popularity it once enjoyed in the Americas!

979 Springdale Rd, Ste 130 ATX, Austin, TX 78702. Call (512) 538-0126. Visit Austin Eastciders for more information.


Houston Cider Co

Houston Cider Co

© facebook.com/houstoncidercompany

Houston Cider Co has a wide variety of options at affordable prices — a must-visit for every cider lover out there. In a sea of breweries, this is Houston’s very first cidery. They change the menu very frequently and some of the cider styles can get pretty wild. But, it’s fun to go and just try a bunch of different kinds. 

The cidery also has a very chill vibe with lots of seating, books and games, great music, and allow dogs. It’s a nice chill place to relax. Hang out with friends and family, and avoid the traditional bar crowd! Insider tips: their dry cider is traditional but if you’re one of those who like sweet cider, you’ll adore the sweet cherry pie cider! Try the pineapple jalapeno (very spicy!) and raspberry lemonade

1125 W Cavalcade St, Houston, TX 77009. Call (832) 834-7151. Visit Houston Cider Co for more information.


Fairweather Cider Co

Fairweather Cider Co

© @fairweathercider

Fairweather Cider Co is a great local cider in the “brewery area” of North Austin. It’s very laid-back, intimate, and relaxing with its clean aesthetic. It might be a very small location but it is in the burnet brewing scene, as it’s located right next to 4th ta. Also, their cider is so amazing with fusions with sweet tea, gin, wine, and different fruits. The cidery will definitely give you a pleasant experience you may not have been expecting!

They also have so many more flavor options than what they offer in the store. So, better go to the cider for more options. And, their ciders aren’t sickeningly sweet, and the flights give you a great little taste of all of the ciders that you’re curious about but are unsure about getting a whole pint of.

10609 Metric Blvd, Ste 108A, Austin, TX 78758. Call (512) 394-5533. Visit Fairweather Cider Co for more information.


Locust Cider & Brewing Co

Locust Cider & Brewing Co

© @locustcidertexas

If you’re looking for a good variety of ciders, some fun, and games.. then Locust Cider & Brewing Co is your spot! They have TVs with a Nintendo and a Super Nintendo on the wall where you can challenge your friends to a round of Street Fighter while enjoying some nice porter beer. 

Locust Cider & Brewing Co has a variety of ciders that changes all the time while keeping some of their popular flavors. You can enjoy the ciders in their indoor and outdoor seating. Also, food trucks “rotate” in this place. You can even become a swarm member too! An annual fee (nominal amount) gets you and another person a pint or a flight of 4 flavors every time you go in… also half the price for growler fills and more.

710 S Main St, Ste 100, Fort Worth, TX 76104. Call (817) 344-7035. Visit Locust Cider & Brewing Co for more information.


MoonTower Cider Co

MoonTower Cider Co

© facebook.com/moontowercider

Do yourself a favor and stop by the Tasting Room at MoonTower Cider Co over on Tillery Street — they proudly brew fine cider on the East Side! This is the perfect place to escape from the mayhem of daily life and enjoy an artisanal brew made by the good folks right here in town. How artisanal, you ask? Well, they just brew their own mead! Moontower Cider Co is complex yet approachable, obsessive but laid-back, a treat but also something you could drink all day. 

You’ll also want to easily go into this space, try every last thing they’ve made, and tell all your friends about it. They care about making incredible products and giving you a relaxed space to enjoy. It’s simply filled with artists happy to help you discover and share their fondness for cider!

1916 Tillery St, Austin, TX 78702. Call (360) 927-1611. Visit MoonTower Cider Co for more information.


Trinity Cider

Trinity Cider Co

© @trinityciderdeepellum

The Dallas-Fort Worth area has several dozens of breweries and people don’t have to go far for a craft beer. Cideries, however, number only a handful, and one of them is in Deep Ellum. With Deep Ellum gaining a reputation as a destination for craft beer fans, Trinity Cider opened in October 2018 smack in the middle of craft beer territory. The owners aim to create a sophisticated hard craft cider that’s dry and crisp. 

They use local ingredients together with apples sourced from Washington. With about ten ciders on the menu, there are more things to celebrate about Trinity Cider. Their beverages are gluten-free, and most won’t have sugar added to the recipes. If you’re feeling brave, there’s a ghost pepper-infused cider that requires patrons to sign a waiver before trying.

2656 Main St, Ste 120, Dallas, TX 75226. Call (469) 708-5444. Visit Trinity Cider for more information.


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