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The Great Grape Stomp of 2021! Make Wine the OG way

by Fariya Khan
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Grape Stomping Events in Texas

Texas vineyards are nearly rounding up on their harvest seasons.  Wine festivals are in full swing, and families are making the most of them (yes, even kids can get involved!). These festivals are known for the numerous exciting games, activities, and winemaking demonstrations they offer. Still, the most entertaining step of the winemaking process has to be the grape stomping, hands down.

While grape stomping used to be a key element of winemaking, the development of modern machinery has reduced this method of maceration with bare feet down to entertainment and photo-op purposes.

What is Grape Stomping?

Grape stomping (or grape treading) is a kind of separation, where grapes are trampled on barefoot, in vats to release the grape juices and begin fermentation. It’s a traditional method of winemaking that was more or less forsaken in the US towards the end of the twentieth century, and the more efficient mechanical press came into play.

Should you want to get your feet “wet” this season, here are several local Texan vineyards and wineries hosting grape stomping and wine festivals. However, before you visit, make sure to:

  •       Check the winery’s website and social media to be updated on times and any other important notifications.
  •       Wear suitable clothing because sloshing grapes will get you messy!  Bring what you may need to clean up after you stomp.

Grape Stomping Events in Texas

Messina Hof Hill Country, Fredericksburg

Grape Stomping Events in Texas

Messina Hof has a month-long harvest carnival you can bring your family to. Join Messina Hof for a fun-filled day of picking and stomping the same grapes that go into making their award-winning Ports. Visitors receive a souvenir “Harvest Crew” t-shirt signed with their very own purple footprints. After stomping, guests are treated to a tour of the Estate and a tasting experience.

This is a pet-friendly venue, so your fur baby can enjoy sitting on the patio with you. You can also stay for a few days since there are cabins available, or for the RVers, there is a ‘Harvest Host’ site. The Messina Hof Hill Country grape stomping festival is scheduled for Saturday, August 28th, from 7:30 AM – 10:00 AM. Tickets are getting taken soon, so visit their website and book your spot today!

To get in touch, contact:

Phone: 830-990-4653

Email: [email protected]

Hye Meadow Winery, Hye

Grape Stomping Events in Texas

Hye Meadow Winery is a quaint winery located between Johnson City and Fredericksburg at Hye. They serve incredible wines, mainly dry, but also some on the sweeter side. The place also has swings, live music, and farm animals for families to enjoy. They are also pet friendly.

Hye Meadow will be doing their Grape Stomp every Saturday in August. This will include a production tour, a souvenir item, tasting, and of course, getting your feet wet in the grapes! Visit here to book now!

For further info, contact:

Phone: 830-308-8551

Email: [email protected]

Windy Winery, Brenham

Grape Stomping Events in Texas

Windy Winery is a picturesque winery right outside of Brenham. There is live music, a beautiful patio, and the inside bar is spacious too. They have at least 20 selections of wines, from very dry to very sweet. Animals are not allowed here because this is a working vineyard.

Come out to the winery on Aug 28th & 29th Saturday & Sunday 11 AM– 4:30 PM for the 2021 Harvest Grape Stomp and enjoy creating happy memories with your family and friends. Start in the vineyard, pick grapes, pour grapes in the barrel, step in, squeeze & squish! You can learn more about this event here. For more details, contact:

Phone: 979-868-3252

Pedernales Cellars, Stonewall

Grape Stomping Events in Texas

Make a reservation for your group to tour the production facility of Pedernales Cellars during the most wonderful time of the year: Harvest!  You will love the patio and scenic views at Pedernales Cellars that provide a chill vibe to enjoy a glass of wine. In addition, they are a family and pet-friendly establishment. The grape stomp and harvest festival at Pedernales Cellar will be held on the 4th and 5th of September.

Visitors can walk through the crush pad, tank room, barrel hall to learn all about the art of turning grapes into wine!  What’s more, a full flight of five different wines is included in this grape stomping experience! So hop into a harvest bin full of grapes, stomp around, then put your juice-soaked footprint onto your Grape Stomp t-shirt!  For more details, contact:

Phone: 830-644-2037

Email: [email protected]

Texas Hills Vineyard, Blanco

Grape Stomping Events in Texas

Texas Hills Vineyard was the first to grow Pinot Grigio in Texas. The property is magnificent and features a covered patio. Their wines are made with Texas grapes, locally sourced and from North Texas.

The Texas Hills Vineyard 21st Annual grape stomp festival is on the 28th and the 29th of August 2021. Stomping begins at noon and continues until 4 PM on both Saturday and Sunday.

Stomping is free, and you can personalize a t-shirt with your footprint.

For more details, contact:

Phone: 830-868-232

Email: [email protected]

Grape stomps are fun and social events, but grape juice will NOT come out, so dress accordingly. However enticing it may sound, whites are a no-no! And most importantly, purchase your tickets in advance; most grape stomps sell out quickly. Have a stomping great time!

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