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High-quality juicy barbecue at the Cattleack Barbeque

Kevin Caro

May 16, 2022

Todd David started smoking meats as a hobby and eventually established Cattleack Barbeque out on Gamma Road in Farmers Branch north of Dallas, Texas. With his passion for grilled and smoked meats, Todd has grown his hobby to one of the best barbecue joints in the Lone Star State and even made it to the top 10 on Texas Monthly’s The 50 Best BBQ Joints of 2021

Recently, Patrick and the Lone Star Plate covered how Cattleack Barbeque has made it this far in the business. It starts with his pure attention to detail when it comes to smoking and grilling meats the Texas way. Todd starts with the variety of spices he uses to add a popping taste to his barbecues, ‘We make everything from scratch and even the rubs, the barbecue sauce,’ Todd said.

Sourcing the best meats is also what makes Cattleack Barbeque able to pull off its magic at the restaurant’s chopping boards. Owner Todd emphasizes how important it is for them to source their meats from the best, ‘All the beef in this building is Akaushi…what we find with the Akaushi is [fat] marbling that goes within…the fat that’s in this, because of the genes, is similar to the fat like in salmon – it’s actually healthy fat,’ Todd said. This makes the barbeques at this joint healthier and can be even good for you. 

At the back of the joint and in the kitchen, Catteack Barbeque is equipped with smokers and burners that can supply the long line of people at the front with briskets, ribs, sausages, turkey, and some of their occasional offerings. ‘There’s nine smokers here. We typically will fill two or three of these with briskets. We will then put on the other ones anything from beef ribs, pork ribs, sausages, turkey and most of that stuff gets rotated,’ Todd said.

Todd David’s hands-on approach to the whole barbecue experience of his customers. ‘As you can see from the folks, most of them would say it’s incredible, great, outstanding. We don’t hear any good or it’s fine. I’d be disappointed and ask what was wrong?,’ Todd said. 

Of course, learning how to make meats overnight and Todd went around the state and beyond to learn from the best. ‘Sam Jones is in North Carolina. This is where I learned how to do whole hogs…Mike Mills passed away a year ago and I knew him since before I even thought I would have anything to do with barbecue and taught me so many things,’ Todd recalled.

When it comes to slow-cooked meats, Cattleack Barbeque brings top tier quality that’s akin to the automobile brand Cadillac. I myself would even drive across the state to try their Holy Trinity meat platter with some of that mac and cheese that our Lone Star Plate host Patrick tried at this established bbq joint – Cattleack Barbeque.