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How to Vacuum Seal Food Bags Without a Machine

by Liam Williams
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There are a ton of reasons why you should vacuum seal produce in a bag whether or not you’re freezing it. Some of the obvious reasons are preventing freezer burn, more storage space, better marinades, better sous vide cooking, and most importantly, suffocating any pathogens that may survive the cold of the freezer.

You’ll only need a couple of things for this easy trick: 

  • A deep, wide mouth pot or container (like a sous vide container)
  • Freezer bags
  • Cold water
  • Meat or vegetables you’re storing

Start by placing your meat, or vegetable, or fruit, or whatever else into the zip lock bags and seal around 75-80% of its length. Fill the container you’re using up with water, although not so much that it overflows when you add something to it. Lower the bag into the water slowly until everything is fully submerged except for the little open piece of zip. Force any of the remaining out of the small corner then seal the bag and pull it out of the water. 

Vualá! A perfect vacuum-sealed Ziploc bag ready to freeze, marinade, or store anything for longer. No special tools required.

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