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Moore Cajun Smokehouse: Home To The Best-Tasting Authentic Cajun & Creole Dishes

Jem Guinto

December 10, 2020

If you’re looking for a place to get your Cajun and Creole fix to heat your upcoming holiday meals, do yourself a favor and grab your orders from Moore Cajun Smokehouse before it’s too late!

Moore Cajun Smokehouse serves delicious, authentic Cajun and Creole dishes along with their extensive lineup of hand-crafted sauces and seasonings. Try their ever-special dishes ranging from Gumbo to Jambalaya, and simply let your taste buds enjoy the richness of their flavors.


The inspiration behind

Moore Cajun Smokehouse

Mitchell Moore grew up between Texas and Louisiana. He aspired to learn more of his Cajun/Creole heritage and patterned his cooking style after his family and ancestors. While he was working full-time as a refrigeration technician, he made sure to prepare home-cooked delicious bowls of Gumbo, Chili, Jambalaya, Crawfish, and Boudin for his wife (Kate Moore) and their four children.

Back in 2010, the couple flew to Britain to be with Kate’s family during a difficult time. Mitch would cook for everyone every week. Eventually, people began requesting him to also cook for their families.

“Before we knew it, we were holding weekly barbecues and in-home dinners — giving family, friends, and acquaintances a real taste of Southern cooking and Cajun/Creole influences,”

Seeing the demand grow, their oldest daughter (Mahaya) and their youngest son (Callum) would often make comments about how running a restaurant would be such a wonderful adventure for their family.

The couple took their kids’ suggestion and sought to make the restaurant a reality while they were still in Cornwall, Britain — where Cajun food was a new concept and exciting for the locals.


How the business was formed

Moore Cajun Smokehouse

Just about when they were to put up their smokehouse in Britain, Mahaya’s health took a terrible turn. Mitch and Kate hurriedly placed their plans on hold and decided to return to Texas for their daughter’s intensive treatment.

When they got back in 2017, with the absence of their family and friends, they only cooked for themselves and during the holidays. The kids were still pushing for them to start a restaurant, and the couple found themselves finally acknowledging the very idea of starting the business in Texas.

“We had no idea where to begin, how to start, or where to open the business in a small town of Wolfforth where we are not known or heard of. October of 2019, we sat the children down and unveiled a list of pros & cons to debate with the consensus. In the end, still being, we absolutely must open a smokehouse,”

Knowing this could never happen without getting acquainted with their new home, the couple decided to venture through town to get to know the area better. They came across a small Farmers Market open year-round. 

They ventured through the farmers market as a family, purchased lots of treats, and spoke with small business owners. They met incredibly polite vendors and a set-up that seemed unlikely of any other markets they have visited.

“We returned three more times and by Christmas, spoke to the owners about the possibility of opening small and serving a very light menu of authentic Cajun cuisine and true British desserts. They agreed and welcomed us with open arms. We set the date for January 25, 2020. It was then a mad rush to obtain what we needed. Never have I felt more unprepared,”


On penetrating the Wolfforth market


When their opening day finally came, Moore Cajun Smokehouse sold out their products within 3 hours. Not to mention the monumental welcome response and reaction their social media accounts have received — which, honestly, is not what Kate had expected.

“I truly believed we would close up that month. I had no doubt in our cooking and baking abilities. I had zero doubt about my marketing and business skills. But opening a pop-up smokehouse in a 6×10 barn at a Farmers Market didn’t seem entirely ideal.

I wondered if it would put the public off despite us having an all industrial food line inside where the public is mostly kept away from. Our nerves were wrecked, and I’m certain I cried a few times before opening out of fear of public rejection. I thought for sure no one this far West of Texas would be interested in Cajun cuisine or have any interest in British desserts,”

On sourcing their ingredients

Moore Cajun Smokehouse proudly made an effort to get to know the community they now reside in. They also proudly source their ingredients from local farms and local stores (which are also being catered to by local farms), including but not limited to Alcove Farms for their eggs, Country Farms for their produce, and All Hale Meats for their meats.


On their future plans

They want everyone, of all ages and abilities, to be able to step into the smokehouse the same way they step into their homes — finding comfort and happiness in dining at Moore Cajun Smokehouse. 

The couple’s biggest goal is to grow into a brick and mortar smokehouse (still in Wolfforth) with playground structures suited for all children and individuals with special needs. But because of the pandemic, they had to adjust their timeline a bit.

“We wanted to break ground in the Summer of 2020. Unfortunately, with lenders not lending and institutes closing down because of the pandemic, we placed a hold on this plan until our economy and times look better,”

Mitchell and Kate have opted to grow into a food truck and travel their town, neighboring towns, and state for now, at least until their smokehouse is completed and functional. And more than ever, they are just as excited about breaking ground and being the first Cajun Smokehouse Wolfforth has ever seen!


The Moore Cajun Smokehouse menu

Moore Cajun Smokehouse

Mitch had always been highly confident in his cooking ability, but his biggest concern was how the public would react to the actual spice and/or the heat index of some of his foods. While they were still residing in Britain, he designed, created, and handcrafted their food in house seasonings and sauces.

“These very seasonings are all used in the various dishes we create, from our business to our home. We started our opening month with Slow Smoked Creole Pulled Beef for sandwiches, our very own Fais Do-Do Chili, Frito Pies, stuffed baked potatoes, and our own recipe for Creole Maque Choux,”

Their products are very much loved by the public because they usually ask for their clients’ absolute and honest feedback. They usually ask if anything needs tweaking, reducing, upping, or adding — exactly how they learned that they didn’t need the potatoes and that they needed to really go all-in on Cajun. 

In response to their customers, Mitch added his very own Gumbo and Jambalaya recipes, as well as brought in Specials of Shrimp Etouffee and Voodoo Chicken. As of today, their specials are still growing and evolving.


The bestsellers

Believe it or not, every item on their menu sells out quickly. Although, their main bestsellers include gumbo, jambalaya, Maque Choux, Fais Do-Do Chili, and Creole pulled beef slider. On the dessert side, their Victoria sponge cakes and peach cobbler muffins are in high demand. If you’re one who wants to try a little bit of everything, I highly recommend that you get their Lagniappe Platter in the Spring!

Moore Cajun Smokehouse constantly gets raving reviews on their gumbo routinely, mainly about how it is the best gumbo from this side of Louisiana. Locals have always sought them with fun duels and challenges as to whether it will pass their well-accustomed gumbo palette — all to pass with flying colors!


Their Gumbo recipe

Moore Cajun Smokehouse’s gumbo starts with a thick, dark roux — slow-smoked meats of chicken, boudin, and pork that are all blended with their handcrafted Cajun seasonings, simmered with a blend of the trinity (vegetables).

They omit Okra for the sole reason that much of the community aren’t into it in their gumbo. Every vegetable they use is always guaranteed fresh. And with Okra being seasonal, they just didn’t wish to freeze or store them until at least someone wishes to add it on theirs. 


An insider: Things you need to know about making Gumbo

The roux, specifically getting it to the right consistency, is what will kick off the perfect gumbo. Some prefer a light roux, others a dark, chocolate to coffee-colored roux. The meats and what vegetables you add come second. And, of course, the perfect blend of seasonings to ensure that your gumbo pops.


Where to get Moore Cajun Smokehouse foods

Moore Cajun Smokehouse

If you want to book Moore Cajun Smokehouse for your holiday meals, you will have to combat the possibility of stocks running out as the holidays come to a close. I highly recommend for you to place your orders now by calling their mobile 806-559-4074 or by visiting their website.

Although if you prefer to give them a visit, you can find them at the Wolfforth Farmers Market in Wolfforth (adjacent to Lubbock), every Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm — and hear Mahaya say, “Welcome to Moore Cajun Smokehouse. All food is Louisiana Style!” (or as she pronounces it, Loosiana staahl)