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Magic Foods: Your Ticket off of the Sugar Train

by Stephanie Phelan
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Designed to help readers get off the blood sugar roller coaster – without strict eating regimens or crazy rules to follow. Magic Foods features easy to prep recipes that can help restore energy, help restore the brain, and protect against disease. This Reader’s Digest book by Robert A Barnett was casually suggested to me by someone close as the “book that changed my life!”. And frankly, the book doesn’t hold much information that we haven’t heard in some form before. But it relays the information in an easy to read and inspiring format.

There is an ongoing food crisis happening today – and it involves sugar – and lots of it! Especially during the holidays, it’s important to consider the consequences of your food choices.  There are many traditional diets being researched, from areas of the world that achieve higher than average life expectancy rates. The common factor linked between these ancient diets is balance – there’s no elevated protein intake, no artificial sugar, and minimal processing being done to the food. Whole foods, Clean foods, Magic Foodsthey give us the nutrients we need directly from nature, Because that’s how it should be. You can check out series like Down to Earth or Somebody Feed Phil to see food culture from around the world.

Finding solutions  

 Simply by immersing themselves in a straightforward high-value whole-foods philosophy, there are many testimonials online showing how people are living their best lives thanks to eating healthy. Blood pressure, total cholesterol and triglyceride levels being impacted by poor eating habits leave people feeling fatigued and unmotivated. The book helps readers understand the importance of carbs for body fuel, so we can feel motivated each day and live our best lives. 

Admittedly, what my personal diet consists of isn’t necessarily ideal according to Magic Foods. As a graduate student living in St. Petersburg, Florida – I do choose natural foods over processed, and organic over conventional. But there is also limited access to what is available in my area. Being in an urban peninsula, the closest large farm is miles away! This brings the importance of urban agriculture and homesteading into our local community. There are many homes in my neighborhood on large pieces of land – just enough room for a small food farm given the right time, money and energy. 

 Support your community

Many communities nationwide can benefit from food farms, locally sourced produce, and education on sustainable agriculture. In order to benefit from the foods that help heal us, we must have access to them first. Local farmers are doing the best they can to provide fresh produce to the community & the meat and dairy industry is right alongside them. Our perceptions of these industries isn’t ideal given the evidence that has been exposed in the past. But there is change occurring, and it’s important to support what & when we can for the future we all need. 

In Texas, you can use our tools to search for local farmers markets and restaurants. You can also learn about food staples such as sugarcane and what a world of pesticides would look like through our website.


Found this review helpful and looking to learn more? You can purchase the book on Amazon here. 

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