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Farmer’s Footprint: Forging a path to food independence

by Stephanie Phelan
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This short documentary is filled with knowledge about regenerative farming, food culture, and finding nutrition through farming and soil. Dr. Zach Bush is the producer of Farmer’s Footprint and explores the family farm of Grant and Dawn Breitkreutz. Their farm is home to 4 generations of farming advocates (that keeps growing!). They believe they never owned their land in the first place, it was given to them by previous generations. This farm practices regenerative farming and a traditional food culture that we can all transition into our home.

The truth behind our practices

Something terrible occurred during the years 1996-2007 that the film describes as ” similar to Chernobyl, causing an explosive rise in cancer”. The wide distribution of Glyphosate, an herbicide, is “not likely to be carcinogenic to humans” according to the EPA. Yet other scientific organizations have found it easily traceable to many cancers in humans, mainly lymphomas. This chemical kills everything in its path, and is easily water soluble. Where crops were located in the past has led the Mississippi river to help the spread of this harmful antibiotic.  Today, our food is nutritionally depleted and 46% of our children are suffering from chronic disease. Only 4% of the entire population suffered from chronic disease in 1965!

The mission of Farmer’s Footprint and its movement is to create “a path to soil health and food independence”. Dr. Zach Bush believes in minimalist medicine.  He sees the number of people interested in regenerative practices is growing rapidly.  Dr. Bush is interviewed by Alison Morrow, a reporter who quit in 2019 to live off the grid and run her YouTube channel about sustainable living.  He also talks on the Rich Roll Podcast about soil health and planetary evolution. It’s evident, in much of his work, that he is extremely passionate about the future of farming and the health of our planet. Shockingly enough, farmers have the highest rate of suicide among any industry in the U.S. What could possibly cause this?

Whether you’re in the city or the country, we should all have access to the proper food choices.  The stress and debate between keeping our population fed and providing adequate nutrition – is becoming harmful for people in the agriculture industry. Current global news shows that farmers everywhere are suffering from new agriculture laws and their dependency on farming. It shouldn’t be that way.

Farmers shouldn’t have to protest for their livelihood in India. Americans shouldn’t be poisoned by carcinogens.  And children shouldn’t suffer from an environment they haven’t experienced yet. According to Dr. Bush, our society has severe infertility issues and chemical toxicity is to blame for this. At this rate, we only have 70 years left of humans on this planet. If we’re not able to nourish our bodies and sustain life, could this be true? Are we battling an “Arm’s Race” – making extraordinary breakthroughs while risking our environment to perform well in annual reports?

If you enjoyed reading this article, make sure to watch Farmer’s Footprint. You can find similar articles on our website, like our review on Kiss the Ground or The Magic of Soil. You can also stay up to date with local Texas agriculture news through the Lone Star Plate Podcast. 


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