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Blog Review | Local Milk

by Caroline Grape
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This is a journal devoted to beautiful images, chronicling author Beth Kirby and her family’s life, cooking, travel, and slow living. The considered, beautifully introspective images of Beth frame the background for a truly stunning reading experience. Her recipes are incredibly well-developed and mouth-wateringly delicious. She is a prolific and exquisite writer – she is clearly in her natural habitat when painting the perfectly simple mundane aspects of everyday life.

Credit: Beth Kirby www.localmilk.com

Beth Kirby is a Tenessean, by way of the New Orleans, the Netherlands, California, and back to Tennessee. A restless soul who has found a nest, she revels in the uniqueness of everyday. This is apparent through her incredible photography that celebrates the mundane, the simple, and the true – the messes of a kitchen, the process of cooking, and the best parts of eating together. She has worked with Kinfolk, has won several Saveur Awards, hosts retreats and business courses, and writes about each with impeccable flair and personality. Her recipes and photographs have been featured in Bon Appétit, Food & Wine, and Better Homes & Gardens. She hosts retreats all over the world, and is a seasoned pro at creating experiences that will shape and change the way you create and make a business. Her retreats have taken place across the world, in Japan, England, across the U.S., Italy, France, Mexico…just about anywhere that sounds like bliss.

Credit: Beth Kirby www.localmilk.com

Alongside many recipes for gorgeous cakes and feed-all, one-pot meals, the lifestyle and travel sections features tips on travelling with family, how to feel at home even while abroad and general thoughts and ruminations Beth has on life, love, and everything in between. She features interviews with artists, guest posts by city-lovers from all over the world, gift guides, lifestyle tips, and thoughts on slow living. There is nothing here, though, that she glosses over or shies away from. She is honest, direct, fragile, vulnerable, and yet incredibly strong, intuitive and clear-headed. She writes about grief, she writes about messy kitchens, about screaming matches, drunken mistakes, heartbreak, but also kindness, gentle embraces, the beauty of children, about maturing, settling down, and becoming your own person. This is not a glossy, Martha Stewart blog that intimidates its readers into imitation – this is a blog to encourage you to be more yourself, to also be open and honest about your experiences in life, and the beauty found in the moments in between.

Read this for the connection, for the truth about all our lives, and to feel affirmed in our efforts to make life just that little bit more beautiful.

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