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Blog Review | Green Kitchen Stories

by Caroline Grape
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Husband-and-wife team David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl are the brains and cooks behind Green Kitchen Stories. Their blog features whole-food, vegetarian recipes to savour. Beautifully photographed, it’s a dream to cook from their recipes, and read about their travels and life.

Luise is Danish, with degrees in Social Studies and as a Nutritional Therapist. She met David in Rome, who is a graphic designer, cookbook author, photographer and recipe developer. They started the blog together in 2009 and it has gone from strength to strength since. In the same vein of 101 Cookbooks (another great food blog), the main focus is on eating healthy, whole foods (e.g. unprocessed/refined, such as wholemeal flowers, full fat cheeses, lots of pulses, brown rice), but still cooking delicious, beautifully flavourful dishes.

Though all the recipes on the blog are vegetarian, both Luise and David are not preaching for the diet. Luise still continues to eat fish and organic, free range turkey and chicken when not cooking at home, while David has been vegetarian for 20 years. Their aim is to focus on balancing healthy nutrition as a family (they have three kids), discussing seasonality and locality of food, while sharing their life with their readers.

Their “World’s Greatest Vegetarian Lasagna” is just that – the world’s best. It’s become a staple in my household, and for good reason – it’s fresh, delicious; the paring of ricotta instead of the usual heavy cream sauce makes for a delicious, filling, yet wholesome dish. If you’re not a fan of mushrooms, it’s easy to substitute them for something else, or just leave them out entirely (which I do – it doesn’t compromise the dish one bit). And that’s the beauty of many of the recipes in this blog, they’re easily adaptable to suit your own taste, yet still taste wonderful and work just as well. Everything is genuinely smack-your-lips-delicious, so even if you’re not vegetarian, this is definitely worth cooking from just to expand your repertoire or if you’re simply looking to incorporate more vegetables into your diet.

Alongside their boon of a recipe section, you’ll find travel guides and more lifestyle posts, giving you an insight into their extraordinary life. Luise and David travel extensively with the kids in tow, from New Zealand to Sri Lanka, across the US, to finding the best places to eat in Barcelona.

Their blog has become so successful that they are now bestselling authors of not one, but five cookbooks. Their first book, The Green Kitchen – Vegetarian Everyday features 100 simple, basic and unfussy recipes that can easily be incorporated or adapted to fit your lifestyle. This book is a great source of inspiration for learning how to cook with whole foods, as well as a sure-fire way to get hooked on seasonal and local ingredients. They’ve followed up with four more cookbooks: Green Kitchen Travels, Green Kitchen Smoothies, Green Kitchen at Home, and Little Green Kitchen.

Increasingly, their recipes and recommendations are focused on getting kids to eat more vegetables and ensuring they get all their necessary nutrition.

Inspiring for home cooks, environmentally-conscious eaters, as well as families just looking to make vegetables more tasty, bakers, and those who want to eat their vitamins – this is a great blog to follow with a vast recipe index – you’re sure to find something you like!


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