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Slow Food USA: Good, Clean and Fair Food for All

by Stephanie Phelan

Seeking to create dramatic and lasting change in the food system, Slow Food USA reconnects Americans with the people, traditions, plants, animals, fertile soils and waters that produce our food.

The online network aims to inspire individuals and communities to change the world through food that is good, clean and fair for all. Slow Food USA explains their history with one simple story:

Over thirty years ago, a large group of Italians gathered in Rome for a protest. Why? A fast food franchise was opening at the base of the iconic Spanish Steps. Instead of throwing rocks and yelling, the activists brought in a big bowl of penne pasta and shared it with the crowd that gathered, chanting We don’t want fast food. We want Slow Food !”

That gathering was the birth of the Slow Food movement. Today, this movement is still progressing quickly and we are still ‘fighting’ the fast food industry. Slow Food international is in over 160 countries, with 150 chapters in the United States.

Food represents a common language and universal right. Slow Food USA envisions a world in which all people can eat food that is good for them, good for the people who grow it and good for the planet. In essence, food that is good, clean and fair.

Good: believe in delicious nutrition as a right for everyday life, cultivate joyful connections to community and place, and advocate for diversity in ecosystems and societies

Clean: protect natural resources for future generations, help people and the environment depend on each other, and promote food that is local, seasonal, and sustainably grown.

Fair: build local cooperation and global collaboration while respecting all laws, require no prerequisite or credential for participation, and fight for dignity of labor from field to fork.

Slow Food USA exists to facilitate and grow individual engagement in the movement, organize gatherings of the Slow Food network, direct campaigns to spread the Slow Food message, and build solidarity through partnerships. Among many other articles and resourceful tools, you will find that the current Slow Food campaigns are:

  1. Ark of Taste – a living catalog of delicious and distinctive foods facing extinction. By identifying and championing these foods, we keep them in production and on our plates.
  2. Plant A Seed – the campaign invites school garden educators and individuals to bring biodiversity, flavor and history into their gardens.
  3. Slow Fish –  an international campaign and series of gatherings that bring together fish harvesters with chefs, youth, farmers, and seafood eaters.
  4. Slow Meat – an international campaign that brings together diverse people to turn the herd away from the tyranny of an overworked, hyper-industrialized food system.
  5. Meatless Mondays – students, home cooks, chefs, friends, civic leaders, farmers and neighbors can influence the community around them by becoming a Meatless Monday Ambassador.

Snailblazers Unite!

This is the term Slow Food USA gives its members and donors. They consider these members and contributions to be the lifeblood of their organization. Memberships are the best way to connect with the local, national and global Slow Food network.


Members get discounts on local and regional Slow Food events. They will send you digital publications and resources, plus early access to national campaigns and projects like the spring Plant a Seed kit.

Under resources, you will find many different books recommendations to explore. Similar to our TRF book guide on regenerative farming, there are some great reads to help you expand your knowledge. The Slow Food network reminds me of the Sustainable Table blog, and both are promoting sustainability using powerful campaigns.

As you continue on your journey to obtain more information about sustainable food practices, TexasRealFood is here to help! Bringing you the best resources regarding a wide variety of  farm-to-table food topics. As well as an online directory for local Texans to find the most sustainable food sources. Check out our Discover section if you would like to learn more. 

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Audry January 14, 2021 - 9:24 pm

Are you against meat

Stephanie Phelan January 15, 2021 - 1:38 pm

No, I eat meat a few times a week! Just try to choose sustainable choices.


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