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Green Industry Podcast: Shifting Practices for a greener future

by Stephanie Phelan
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There are many things we can learn from watching the Green Industry closely. What new technology and practices are advancing? What issues are becoming apparent? What companies & individuals are making big moves?

Are we doing enough?

Host Paul Jamison of the Green Industry Podcast chats with Green Industry leaders to discover best practices and practical strategies to maximize profits. Each episode offers meaningful information and answers to questions landscaping professionals and business owners have been looking for.

‘Tis the season

Even through the holidays, there are several episodes that offer some insight. Roger Villalobos from Texas and Chase Lawn from Oklahoma both own a lawn and landscape company. As a way to bring in more revenue for the holidays, they also offer Christmas Light installations. Host Paul encourages professionals to get into new markets that are profitable – and he invites people on the podcast that try new things and are able to achieve more by getting out of their comfort zone.

Be can all benefit from getting out of our comfort zones, through the new year especially. In another episode about winter projects, Paul shares some insights he recently learned from Chris Hogan. Hogan explains that if we try to do to much at one time, we won’t get much traction. But, if we focus on one thing at a time, then we can really crush it. What’s on focus? What’s on deck? What’s on hold.

If we’re able to organize our thoughts, slow down, and grow as a community – we are able to conquer much more than we have in the past. One episode I found particularly interesting, is about community over competition. Teamwork makes the dream work, and Paul explains the benefits of being apart of a healthy, generous community.  This podcast resembles Thriving Farmer and Hothouse in a way that helps encourage local farmers and talks to community members on a personal level.

Keeping up to date 

More recently, Paul shares a preview about his upcoming new book! From the writing process, to the finishing touches, Paul explains what is happening right now in real time until the book release in January of 2021. On our recent Lone Star Plate episode, Patrick interviews MasterChef contestant Michael Silverstein, who just wrote his new cooking book. We love to showcase individuals making progress in the food & agriculture industry. I’m sure Paul Jamison’s book will be a great read and offer insight on the green industry and landscaping.

What can you do? In Texas, we can support our community members through the holiday season by shopping and hiring locally.  More than ever, this makes a huge difference.

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