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The Best Texas Christmas Gift Guide For Every Food Lover In 2020

by Fariya Khan
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With Christmas less than four weekends away, by now you have browsed though plenty of Gift Guides. But the TexasRealFood Christmas gift guide is special for more reasons than one.

TexasRealFood Gift guide for 2020 focusses on the present that is most close to our hearts. In the midst of the Pandemic looming its shadows over our beloved holidays, many friends and families haven’t been able to eat festive dinners together as a unit. With this gift guide, you will be able to share the act, closest to having an actual meal with them.

We at TexasRealFood believe in being earth-conscious, ecofriendly, and sustainable. Our gift guide reflects just that. The businesses featured here are sustainably produced, with organic materials.

You will find that we also love supporting the local economy and our sense of community is strong. From artisanal chocolate bon-bons to gourmet oils, this specially curated Christmas gift guide is exclusively Texan.

Other features that make our Texan Christmas gift guide 2020 unique are:

Every gift on this list is sustainably made. In line with TexasRealFood principles, all products are sourced organically, and made locally.

All gifts are affordable. Sustainable gifts don’t need to break your bank!

None of this is paid advertising: We only want you to get familiar with our local Texan food producer’s community.

A bunch of these products dedicate profits, or give back to worthy causes in amazing ways.

These businesses are our friends. Each of these businesses offer something distinctive and special that we thought you should know about!

Let’s begin!

Texas Christmas Gift Guide


Cacao And Cardamom Chocolatier

Cacao and Cardamom Chocolatier is a gourmet chocolate shop that specializes in sensory provoking confections. Handcrafted in Houston, with ethically sourced chocolate from all over the world, Cocoa and Cardamom chocolatier uses no preservatives and only natural spices to give you that flavorful and rich chocolate experience. Check out their many tempting festive gifting options here.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate

Dude, Sweet Chocolate is a whimsical chocolate brand that offers interesting and unusual flavors. You definitely have to try the Crack in a box, Chubby Nuts and the Whistle Pig! With a collection that also features specialty items like spreads and ‘potions ‘, you’re going to have an exciting time picking out a gift here!

Migaloo Chocolatier

Migaloo Chocolatier is a unique fine chocolate brand that has quite the opulent taste! With bars, truffles, chocolate bark, cookies and more, this chocolate maker is the perfect choice for adding to your Christmas list! Check out their specially created ‘tis the season’ collection just for gifting!

Tea & Coffee

Angie’s Gardens

Angie’s Gardens is a new local business offering hand-crafted herbal products and homegrown, organically sourced herbal tea. They have a whole range of caffeinated and non-caffeinated herbal tisanes, with something for everyone. You will find CBD tinctures as well as rejuvenating lotions and salves. Check their individually made gift sets here.

CatSpring Yaupon

cat spring tea

Born out of desire to rediscover the lost American resources of Yaupon tea and under-served Texans, CatSpring Yaupon sustainably harvests “Yaupon”, the only caffeinated plant native to America. CatSpring Yaupon collaborates with Texas organizations that offer support for individuals fighting poverty, addictions, and other personal obstacles. Their gift collections are beautifully created with eco friendly materials. You can’t skip one of these teas for your Christmas gifts this year!

Local Leaf

Applying traditional Japanese matcha techniques to Yaupon, Local Leaf has designed a finely ground powder from locally foraged Yaupon. This powder is ready to dissolve in your beverage, hot or cold, as well as ice creams, baked treats and more! This Christmas gift a busy mum a Local Leaf Yaupon Matcha style tea!

Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Artisanal Vinegars

Texana Brands

Texana Brands produces Extra Virgin Olive Oil and infusions from the olive tree, straight to the bottle. They have 150 acres of olives planted in Artesia Wells, TX on heritage land. Their infused oils include smokey mesquite, zesty lemon, fresh jalapeno and more. For a true Texan Christmas gift, this premium olive oil set is quite the showstopper.

olive oil

Grapevine Olive Oil Company

Grapevine Olive Oil Company offers the best selection of “small farm olive oils, artisan vinegars, spices,” and a fantastic selection of “locally roasted whole bean coffee, and specialty foods” that you won’t find at the local grocery store. Their gift sets are a careful selection of oils, honey and other artisanal products.

Central Texas Olive Ranch

This 6th generation olive ranch features extra Virgin olive oil, infused olive oils, oil infused bath and beauty products and more. Their specialty are interesting flavors such as garlic infused, basil infused, and roasted onion infused olive oils. Apart from the best olive oil in town, check out their other offerings here.

Healthy Artisanal Snacks And Treats

Park Lane Pantry

Park Lane Pantry has that “premium gluten-free snack” which is low in sugar, locally made in small batch production with all-natural nutrient-rich heart-healthy oats, coconut oil, fruits and nuts. The brand entails quality “top-of-the-line” ingredients, like whole grain gluten-free rolled oats, Medjool Dates, fruits and nuts with no color, flavors or preservatives. For that friend who is an eternal snacker, this Christmas gift will be everything! Psst..You can even get a 20% off on your order with the code, ‘TexasReal20’ ! You will also be able to find Park Lane Pantry at all Central Market locations across Texas!

Crunchy Girl Granola

granola christmas gift

Besides the fact that this is “absolutely the best granola” you’ll ever eat, Crunchy Girl Granola is more than just a snack. It’s actually the ideal cereal. The original recipe granola has pecans and walnuts that are fresh and soft, yet crunchy. They are made with gluten-free oats, sweetened with agave, and contain no animal by-products. Customize your granolas with their fun mix-ins such as chocolate chips, dried fruits, toffee, S’mores, and marshmallows. Order from their festive, seasonal granola here.

Jake and Jubi’s Snack Company

Jake and Jubi’s Snack Company offers radically simple, fruit sweetened snacks for mindful people. All products are a blend of wholesome, grain-free and dairy-free ingredients. They have “Date Bites” made from wholesome ingredients, and the “Granola Nut Butter”, is a delightful spreadable blend made from pecans, pumpkin seeds, and almonds.

Gourmet Gifts

Mozzarella Company

The Mozzarella Company is a high quality, award-winning name in Cheese. It is an artisanal cheese factory established in Downtown Dallas that produces a wide array of handmade cheeses with farm-fresh cow’s milk and goat’s milk. They have a wonderful selection of aged cheeses like the Deep Ellum Blue, the Formaggio, and more. With mouthwatering festive gift sets, Mozzarella Company is perfect for adding to your favorite aunt’s wine and cheese collection.

Desert Creek Honey

food Christmas gift

At Desert Creek Honey, the honey is “raw, unfiltered, and 100% real”. The honey they sell is from their own hives and has not been cooked, pasteurized, altered, added to, or modified in any way. Check out their exotic gift collection here. For the friend who believes in the real health benefits of raw honey, this Christmas gift will be truly valued.

Pedernale’s Winery

This 6th generation winery, sustainably produces 100% Texan Grown Spanish and Rhone style wines. Their Holiday Celebration Bundle includes five stellar wines. The pack is a priceless gift for a wine lover – whether they already love Texas wines or are new to what Texas has to offer. The pack offers a bottle each from,

Bending Branch Winery 2017 Tallent Vineyards Tannat
Brennan Vineyards Winemaker’s Choice Vol. VI
Duchman Family Winery 2016 Oswald Vineyard Aglianico
Pedernales Cellars 2018 Viognier Reserve

Spicewood Vineyards 2016 Good Guy

Rancho Loma Vineyards

Rancho Loma Vineyards combines the best viticulture and classic winemaking techniques to create 100% Texan wines that are true to their classic identities. You can choose to gift a wine club membership to your loved one, or a Holiday pack from their collection.

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