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Dish Society currently operates on 5 branches and 4 of which are located in Houston, Texas. The Dish Society in Houston Heights is one of them. The restaurant itself has multiple concepts. It provides a counter service for breakfast, brunch, and lunch while it offers full service during dinners and social hours.

Moreover, it offers American and Tex-Mex food specialties that are locally-sourced from nearby farms, ranches, and artisan producers. It offers an extensive menu that varies depending on the season. Still, it covers anything and everything from the classic favorites to the most creative ones. They have steaks, seafood, tacos, salads, snacks, and even all-day-breakfasts! And if you’re not planning to munch on these goodies and just wanted to chill out, you can also enjoy their great beverage selections. From coffee and nutritious juices to local craft beers, wines, and handcrafted cocktails, they’ve got it all for you! Sky’s the limit here, folks! You can’t go wrong here at Dish Society!

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