Review of Downtown Food Truck Park & Farmers’ Market by TexasRealFood

The Downtown Food Truck Park & Farmers market aims to give Amarillo a permanent market where they can buy locally produced food and help local farmers, ranchers, and producers get their products to the public. "Such a cool location" because it is just "walking distance of Hodgetown". "The bays being used for the vendors are so cool". You "can’t wait to see what else they do with the spot and for this area to grow". It is a fabulous market with "vendors from Amarillo selling their amazing foods here". You can find "meat, produce, micro-greens, tomatoes, and other locally grown garden items" and even "Food trucks: Tacos & Coffee". They also "have all local artists selling original works, prints, jewelry, paintings, and other unique gifts like handcrafted soap and crochet". It's"great food (inexpensive), location and wonderful atmosphere!!!" So, "check it out!"