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Local Artisan Food Producers near El Paso, TX (10)


El Paco

Artisan Food Producer in El Paso - 0.00 mi

In Texas, we all know that chips and salsa are good duo! Good thing, El Paco’s offers both “chips and salsa” that are as close as the tortilla chips that you can get from restaurants. They are light, crispy, salty, and slightly spicy. El Paco’s is a snack company out of Arlington that produces tortilla chips, chile lime wheels, and spicy beer fries. Their tortilla chips are “gluten free” and come in original and picante for those who wants extra kick. El Paco’s can be found at most Kroger locations and some Spec’s throughout Texas. Next time you see a bag do yourself a favor and try them out!

Sane Treats

Artisan Food Producer in El Paso - 0.00 mi

Sane Treats is a home bakery that crafts vegan treats to satisfy all your sweet needs. Prepare to be “blown away” by “how tasty these treats are! They are so tasty,” you “would have never guess they were vegan.” Their “brownies and doughnuts were exceptional” and “they taste so much better than the non-vegan counterparts.” If you like sweets, “do yourself a favor and order the coconut or the pecan cupcakes. They are to-die-for!” Besides their “amazing vegan donuts,” their “cinnamon rolls and conchas” are a “huge hit” too! It’s “moist” and “absolutely decadent.” On the other note, their “customer service was great” and hassle-free. “The owner is very sweet and professional” and “always goes out of her way for her customers.” We “cannot recommend this business enough.”

(575) 201-3464

La Esperanza Beef Jerky-Carne Seca

Artisan Food Producer in El Paso - 3.07 mi

Open Now!

La Esperanza Beef Jerky-Carne Seca creates “delicious and nutritious top-quality beef jerky” to satisfied customers throughout the region. They are using only the choicest cuts of meats prepared with special seasonings. At La Esperanza Beef Jerky, they process “high quality meat.” only approved by the high standards of the “United States Department of Agriculture.” With 30 years of experience in the breeding and meat selection, La Esperanza produce the best meat product for every taste. They are not just a snack but a real protein and low fat meal for your health. They have all kind of meats, dried products, with USDA quality control. The premium jerkies of La Esperanza are excellent by themselves or as a part of a meal.

(915) 412-8316

Salsas Mi Alma

Artisan Food Producer in El Paso - 7.39 mi

Closed Now!

Salsas Mi Alma is an artisan food vendor that specializes in gourmet salsas from mild to fiery hot. Their products are prepared fresh daily, using “fresh ingredients,” and are ready to ship asap. Indeed, this is the most delicious and “authentic Mexican salsa” in town. “The japapeño salsa is a must-have” and the chile de Arbol salsa is extremely hot. “The seed/nut salsa is fantastic” and it “goes great on chicken” and other grilled meats. But, if you want to taste a 55-year old recipe, take the Mole from Scratch, which is a fine blend of sweet and spice that is delicious to the core! On the other note, “the gentleman who runs this stand is great; he was very helpful” and he always smiles – such a “great service” in general. 

(915) 691-4192

Madre Nostra Kombucha

Artisan Food Producer in El Paso - 8.07 mi

Day Off!

Madre Nostra Kombucha is a local small batch “Organic Kombucha” company located in El Paso, Texas that sell and fill growlers of Kombucha. The brewers at Madre Nostra are friendly and fantastically creative when it comes to making the yummiest pro biotic elixirs in town. Their tap room is great to visit for a “mid week fill up,” and they're often at local farmers markets with kegs full of delicious kombucha. If you are not sure if you like kombucha or if you're just getting into it, this is the best place to start. Their kombucha is never overly fermented or vinegary. They have a lot of flavors that you can choose from! The “hopped passion fruit” is a favorite as is the “seasonal watermelon,” You can't go wrong with any flavor they put out there!

(915) 497-6804

Bldg6 Coffee Roasters

Artisan Food Producer in El Paso - 9.95 mi

Open Now!

Located in El Paso Texas, BLDG 6 Coffee Roaster is a green coffee bean micro-roastery that focuses on producing small batches of crafted coffees that are selected by a number of techniques, such as cupping, that ensure taste and quality in every single batch. Roasting is what sets them apart from other companies and coffees. Their passion for coffee is what made the owners open a business that would do coffee justice, never forgetting that their local supporters are the ones who help them to do what they do, and are the ones who create local jobs. This coffee roaster in El Paso is a must-visit place for any coffee enthusiasts.The coffee here is absolutely delicious and the hot chocolate with almond milk too!

(915) 629-2021

Portillo’s Artisan Jerky

Artisan Food Producer in El Paso - 10.84 mi

Closed Now!

All beef and locally made, Portillo's Artisan Jerky has got you covered with their “unique line of 5 flavors” for you to choose from, They have Jalapeno, Pimienta Limon, Mesquite, Todo Terreno, and the Original flavor that can be enjoyed in a prepared drink or a clamato. Portillo's Artisan Jerky is made with the “best and freshest ingredients,” carefully selected for the best quality. Every meat is sliced by hand, meticulously seasoned, and every piece of jerky is inspected, and every bag is handpicked and packaged. All of their Jerky are 100% beef, has high protein, low in fat and made in El Paso. So every time you come in to enjoy some with your clamato, beer or on its own, you know you can feel good about it!

(915) 407-2719

Claude’s Sauces

Artisan Food Producer in El Paso - 12.37 mi

Closed Now!

Claude’s Sauces began their operations in the 70’s as maker of the original ”Claude’s BBQ Brisket Marinade” made by their parents Joe and Glenda Castaneda. From there, they have grown to include “Claude’s Fajita Marinade,” a staple necessity in many homes. They remained a family run business up to this day, offering a full line of BBQ, Steak and Hot & Spicy Sauces, wood flavored marinades along with their Casa Corona line of dehydrated instant beans, enchilada sauces and their signature bar stock, ”Tank’s Bloody Mary Mix!” Grown in El Paso, they are proud of their footprint locally and support the community.

(915) 858-4299

Licon Dairy

Artisan Food Producer in San Elizario - 16.39 mi

Open Now!

Licon Dairy has been providing quality products since they opened its doors in the 1950s. They strive to provide you with friendly service, great family fun, home-made products and the best cheese! The best seller is the best tasting "Azadero" cheese that is made fresh daily and sold at the store to many local customers and even out of town customers. Hundreds of people visits their farm to also enjoy our petting zoo and fishing pond. Just recently, they opened their very own “western style saloon & grill” where they serves unique foods with their own cheese products. The eatery is located inside the dairy and you can expect to find local products on the menu, including the famous Licon Azaderos!

(915) 851-2705

Patriot Pecans

Artisan Food Producer in Fabens - 24.85 mi

Patriot Pecans is a family-owned and operated farm and business that specializes in nothing but the “best pecans.” They offer three varieties of shelled and in-shell pecans, pecan oil, and hand cracking tools for, guess what? – pecans. Since their family has been working together for over 30 years caring for and nurturing their trees, rest assured that what you’re going to get is the “tastiest pecans on the planet.” They’re just “delicious and oh so fresh!” We bet you “can’t seem to get enough of them,” like we do. The “salt and butter flavor” is amazing, but the other variables like the green chili and cinnamon pecans are also lovely. After all, you can mix and match the flavors any way you want to.

(915) 525-8874