Craft Breweries in El Paso, TX
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Local Craft Breweries in El Paso, Texas

Discover local Craft Breweries in El Paso, Texas. If you like beer, then you’ll love our listing of craft breweries. These are the best breweries in Texas that aren’t afraid to experiment with local ingredients and tastes. These craft brewers constantly strive to produce not only unique beer blends, but more importantly, delicious and refreshing brews without resorting to marketing hype.

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Aurellia’s Bottle Shop and Brewhouse

Craft Brewery in El Paso, Texas

The ultramodern brewing system in Aurellia’s Bottle Shop and Brewhouse gave it its name. Quite the mouthful, AURELLIA is actually an acronym that uses an artificial intelligence-based system. It makes the brewing process energy efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. The electric system also helps owner Justin Gibson overcome his physical limitations, a result of an […]

Blazing Tree Brewery

Craft Brewery in El Paso, Texas

Visitors and locals of El Paso have a standing invitation from Blazing Tree Brewery to join them at East El Paso. The brewery specializes in “full-bodied, bold, great-tasting beers” and they affectionately call fans of their great beers “BTB flame heads”. Established in 2017, the brewery says that each beer they create passes through their […]

DeadBeach Brewery

Craft Brewery in El Paso, Texas

Gabe Montoya, Jason Hunt, and Justin Ordonez, the three owners of DeadBeach Brewery, are all local El Paso natives. Gabe was a former master brewer at another brewery, El Paso’s lone local brewery then, until it closed down. Joining forces with restaurateurs Jason and Justin, they established DeadBeach in 2013. The trio formally opened the […]

El Paso Brewing Company

Craft Brewery in El Paso, Texas

The trivia behind El Paso Brewing Company is quite interesting. According to a feature on the brewery, only one of the five owners drinks beer. That would be Carlos Guzman, the brewer. Carlos and his business partner Larry Walter originally set out to build a biodiesel plant, and Carlos brought in his uncle Jorge for […]