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Local Craft Breweries near El Paso, TX (5)


El Paso Brewing Company

Craft Brewery in El Paso - 0.21 mi

Closed Now!

The trivia behind El Paso Brewing Company is quite interesting. According to a feature on the brewery, only one of the five owners drinks beer. That would be Carlos Guzman, the brewer. Carlos and his business partner Larry Walter originally set out to build a biodiesel plant, and Carlos brought in his uncle Jorge for Jorge's engineering background. Evelyn Vigo met Norma Reed and the other owners because she worked next door to the biodiesel plant. So it wasn’t beer that brought these friends together. It was biodiesel! Biodiesel, and their love and pride for El Paso. This is why the brewery takes its name from the city that binds them together. Coincidentally, it’s also the name of an old brewing company that existed in the city at the early part of the 20th century. With eight year-round beers and a few seasonal offerings, the brewery aims to “become a recognized regional brewery”. El Paso Brewing Company is listed as one of the 4 Best El Paso Breweries for Local Beer and Food. Check out the link to read more!

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DeadBeach Brewery

Craft Brewery in El Paso - 0.63 mi

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Gabe Montoya, Jason Hunt, and Justin Ordonez, the three owners of DeadBeach Brewery, are all local El Paso natives. Gabe was a former master brewer at another brewery, El Paso’s lone local brewery then, until it closed down. Joining forces with restaurateurs Jason and Justin, they established DeadBeach in 2013. The trio formally opened the brewery to the public in November 2015. Currently, they have about a dozen beers on tap, which they rotate constantly. They specialize in “big, bold beers (that) doesn’t hold back on the flavor”. The brewery’s beers are available in “over 300 taps across the city”. Appropriately enough, their slogan is “(beers) for El Paso, by El Paso”. Production is currently limited mostly for the El Paso beer market. Eventually, though, they hope to be able to distribute their beers nationwide. DeadBeach Brewery is listed as one of the 4 Best El Paso Breweries for Local Beer and Food. Check out the link to read more!

(855) 915-2337

Aurellia’s Bottle Shop and Brewhouse

Craft Brewery in El Paso - 9.78 mi

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The ultramodern brewing system in Aurellia’s Bottle Shop and Brewhouse gave it its name. Quite the mouthful, AURELLIA is actually an acronym that uses an artificial intelligence-based system. It makes the brewing process energy efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. The electric system also helps owner Justin Gibson overcome his physical limitations, a result of an accident caused by a drunk driver. To reduce Aurellia's carbon footprint further, there are plans to maximize the use of solar energy. Justin has worked in different aspects of the beer industry. He was an avid home-brewer, and worked in "brewing, brewery operations, bartending, front of house management, distribution, sales, brand acquisitions, and logistics. Aurellia’s just opened in March 2019, and he says he just works there because it's really AURELLIA who runs the place. Eventually, Justin hopes Aurellia's becomes a one-stop shop that offers “quality, variety, (and) a truly unique experience”. Aurellia's Bottle Shop and Brewhouse is listed as one of the 4 Best El Paso Breweries for Local Beer and Food. Check out the link to read more!

(915) 996-9051

Blazing Tree Brewery

Craft Brewery in El Paso - 9.92 mi

Closed Now!

Visitors and locals of El Paso have a standing invitation from Blazing Tree Brewery to join them at East El Paso. The brewery specializes in “full-bodied, bold, great-tasting beers” and they affectionately call fans of their great beers “BTB flame heads”. Established in 2017, the brewery says that each beer they create passes through their “ardent quality assurance taste tests”. This brewery is “centrally located and easy to get to”, and brews have names like Peanut Butter Brown Ale and Medusa Hazy IPA. You will be "obsessed with this place. A definite El Paso gem". It has "super friendly staff and customers" and you will feel "like a regular the minute" you walk in. Although it is just a "small place off the beaten path" but it is "much bigger on the inside!" Really "friendly staff, big and always changing selection of great beers!" Blazing Tree Brewery is listed as one of the 4 Best El Paso Breweries for Local Beer and Food. Check out the link to read more!

(915) 307-3627

Sun Brewing Co

Craft Brewery in Canutillo - 12.61 mi

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Serving craft beer and comfort food, Sun Brewing Company started its journey back in the garage of the owner. Through a lot of hard work and passion, they continuously make process improvements to create original and seasonal craft beers for people who love trying new things. Their highest priority is to satisfy the customer through their “Borderland Avant-garde style,” infusing the flavors of the region, creating beautiful styles of Indigenous beer. Sun Brewing Co strives to deliver beer innovatively and to more customers, but always keep Sun Brewing's culture. Sun Brewing Co always goes to the farmer’s market to find new local ingredients around town and whenever they can, they get seasonal organic produce, and spices to give a unique regional flavor.

(915) 433-3048