Restaurants in El Paso, TX

Local Restaurants in El Paso, Texas

Discover local Restaurants in El Paso, Texas. We’ve made every effort possible to list only true farm-to-table restaurants in this listing page. Every entry is hand-curated to ensure that only restaurants that sourcetheir ingredients from local producers are included here. No matter what the cuisine, you’re guaranteed to get a meal that’s not only tasty, but sourced from the freshest local ingredients as well.

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Aurellia’s Bottle Shop and Brewhouse

Restaurant in El Paso, Texas

The ultramodern brewing system in Aurellia’s Bottle Shop and Brewhouse gave it its name. Quite the mouthful, AURELLIA is actually an acronym that uses an artificial intelligence-based system. It makes the brewing process energy efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. The electric system also helps owner Justin Gibson overcome his physical limitations, a result of an […]

ELEMI Restaurant

Restaurant in El Paso, Texas

Elemi Restaurant describes its cuisine to be “inspired by El Chuco culture” as they continue the ancestral tradition of processing maiz to be made into fresh masa daily to showcase “the unique flavors, quality and spirit of native maiz from Mexico.”  Drop by Elemi Restaurant for a “lovely experience and exquisite food” that will “take […]

Ripe Eatery

Restaurant in El Paso, Texas

Ripe Eatery is a firm believer of “homemade” and it is committed to making everything from scratch, in house daily. That also means that there no packaged and processed items on the menu and that chicken and produce are always delivered fresh daily, never frozen. They source locally to support the community and to ensure […]