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DeadBeach Brewery

Craft Brewery in El Paso

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Gabe Montoya, Jason Hunt, and Justin Ordonez, the three owners of DeadBeach Brewery, are all local El Paso natives. Gabe was a former master brewer at another brewery, El Paso’s lone local brewery then, until it closed down. Joining forces with restaurateurs Jason and Justin, they established DeadBeach in 2013. The trio formally opened the brewery to the public in November 2015. Currently, they have about a dozen beers on tap, which they rotate constantly. They specialize in “big, bold beers (that) doesn’t hold back on the flavor”. The brewery’s beers are available in “over 300 taps across the city”. Appropriately enough, their slogan is “(beers) for El Paso, by El Paso”. Production is currently limited mostly for the El Paso beer market. Eventually, though, they hope to be able to distribute their beers nationwide. DeadBeach Brewery is listed as one of the 4 Best El Paso Breweries for Local Beer and Food. Check out the link to read more!

(855) 915-2337