September 29, 2023

National Coffee Day Run/Walk and Coffee Tasting, Fri, September 29, 2023 at 6:30 AM | TexasRealFood


Celebrate National Coffee Day with a double shot of fun! On Friday, September 29th, kickstart your morning at 6:30 am by joining us in The Westin lobby for a refreshing Run/Walk. Whether you're a seasoned runner or prefer a leisurely stroll, our Westin Wellness and Running Concierge, Sandra, will guide you through a 5k run or a 2-mile walk. It's a fantastic way to energize your day and stay active while soaking in the fresh morning air.

But the caffeine journey doesn't stop there! At 7:30 am, head over to the Starbucks in the lobby for a special coffee tasting experience led by our Westin Starbucks Manager, Heather. Imagine it as the morning version of a wine tasting, but with the delightful aroma of freshly brewed coffee filling the air. There will be giveaways and petite pairings to enhance your coffee adventure. Whether you lace up your running shoes or simply want to savor the rich flavors of coffee, join us in celebrating National Coffee Day with this unique and delightful event.

Remember, you're welcome to attend the coffee tasting even if you decide not to participate in the run/walk, and vice versa. Plus, keep those smiles ready because we might capture some great moments for social media. So, come on over, sip, savor, and celebrate the bean on this National Coffee Day! It's an event that promises a brew-tiful ending to your week.


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