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The breed of Texas Longhorns are direct descendants of the first cattle in the New World. It all started when Christopher Columbus brought over this species to the Caribbean island of Hispaniola in 1493. Two centuries later, Spanish descents transferred the cattle north, reaching the area of Texas towards the 17th century. Longhorns remained in the wild until Texans started to supply beef to the rest of America after the Civil War, when Texas Longhorns became close to being extinct. Americans eventually started to develop their palate for a well-marbled beef, yet Texas Longhorns naturally have a very low-fat content. So, ranchers then started to import European breeds that consist of a higher fat content while some ranchers continued to keep its herds. Texas Longhorns are still lean and grass-fed, which modern consumers appreciate due to its healthier benefits. Nevertheless, the state of Texas is a true home to the Texas Longhorns; the state commemorates this specie through museums, rodeos, and parades.


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