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Biodynamic Farms & Ranches in Texas (6)

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Black Sheep Meadows

Farm & Ranch in Leonard

Black Sheep Meadows Farm is a "sheep farm" in Northeast Texas. Their five-acre farm, "integrates bio-dynamic practices, permaculture, and sustainable farming traditions".  Black Sheep Meadows "produces fruit, vegetables, chickens, eggs, sheep, and honey, concentrating on heirloom varieties, and forgotten Old World cultivars". They also "provide lamb meat, wool, and their specialty, hays, and straw". This farm aims to "nourish their community with local, tasty, nutritious food while replenishing the soil". They treat their animals with dignity and love. They allow them to "feed naturally", providing them with fresh water, good feeds, shelter, and the freedom to express themselves freely.

(973) 879-5427

Counter Culture Farms

Farm & Ranch in Nacogdoches

Counter Culture Farms in Nacogdoches, Texas offer you intimacy with the land, food, and healing through their products. In a world where everything comes in a super-fast pace, the farm revels in the fact that they raise their meats in the way that time has almost forgotten. They invite you to come and be part of the sacred ways of this life, the land, and our ancestors. A visit to their farm will show you where your food is coming from, not from a factory, but from nature itself. Send them a note, see the cows moo, the goats bahh, and the eagles soar. There is so much more to life and food than what groceries can offer.

Doodle Farms Legacy Hall

Farm & Ranch in Plano

The Doodle Farms Legacy Hall in Dallas, Texas, is one of the pioneer urban farming that integrates technologies with traditional holistic practices. They produce products that are free from chemicals and 100% natural. Moreover, they design and operate sustainable farms in restaurants around the city. In addition, Doodle Farm encourages communities to have a healthy lifestyle by eating high quality and healthy food. The farm always wants to provide refreshing and biodynamic food. Visit their farm or contact them via phone, email, or Instagram account. You can place also place your order through their social media accounts!

(214) 808-5118

Pendleton Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Gainesville

Ron Plis and Kathey DeOrnellas started ranging in the Pendleton Ranch in 2014. Since the ranch itself has been around for over a hundred years, the two began by keeping themselves busy in restoring the land.To bring back the land's former beauty, they have cleared invasive plants. Their efforts ultimately lead to the meat and fiber producing animals that they are raising now.Currently, they have CVM/Romeldale sheep which they raise for lamb meat and wool. They also have heritage hogs, Dexter cattle, and free-range chicken.The California Variegated Mutant sheep is an endangered species, and Pendleton Ranch is the only breeder of the line in Texas. Because the sheep come in different colors and fine wool, the farm also sells roving, yarn, and fleece. And oh, they also have the same products made from Angora goats and alpacas.Catch them at Denton Community Market between April to November.

(214) 793-3099

The Medina Farm

Farm & Ranch in Wharton

On four acres of land, the Medina Farm is a small biodynamic and sustainable farm in Wharton, Texas. The owners Noe and Debra Medina combine conventional concepts. These concepts encourage natural and self-sustaining practices. Moreover, they offer homegrown pasture-raised chicken & beef and seasonal organically-grown produce. Also, they sell select products for healthy eating. These products include goat milk soaps, lotions & essential oils. Also, their poultry is guaranteed non-GMO, soy-free, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free. You can buy their merchandise and farm products at Provisions Bistro & Market in downtown Wharton from Mondays to Saturdays, 10 am to 6 pm. Farm visits during nights and weekends by appointment are available as well. Contact Debra Medina for more information. 

(979) 253-0220

The Sanctuary Blueberry Farm

Farm & Ranch in Montgomery

Off of 2854 in Montgomery, about 12 miles west of Conroe, you can find Sanctuary Blueberry farm. It is a family-owned, all-natural farm that uses organic and biodynamic practices (not certified) in growing their blueberry plants. They have planted 7300 plants on the ground. Therefore, the owners Tom and Evangeline Reed opened it to the public in May 2018 after planting its first berry bushes in 2013. Moreover, it is a family-friendly farm where you can pick your produce. Currently, they are famous for their big sweet berries. They nourish all their berries with a natural mineral-rich pond or well water and organic fertilizers. A satisfied customer said, "The blueberries were so easy to pick and taste spectacular," and "They are the healthiest, sweet berries."

(832) 510-6207

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