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American Grass Fed Association (AGA) Certified Texas Ranch in Texas (22)

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Bandera Grassland

Farm & Ranch in Bandera

Land to Market verified and a member of the Livestock Conservancy, the Bandera Grassland has been producting highly-nutritious meat since 2003. Their meat contains higher in protein, beta-carotene, vitamin-e, omega 3, and conjugated linoleic acid.They are able to promote superior taste and consistent tenderness through dry-aging, grass-feeding, and grass finishing. Each breeding step they do aligns with the American Grassfed Associations standards.Breeding one of the best American heritage beef, Bandera Grassland produces the best CertifiedTexas Longhorn beef.They also offer pasture-raised pork, lamb, and chicken egg. What's best is that all the pork meat they periodically sell are from feral hogs. These hogs offer much leaner meat that their bellies cannot pass for making bacon. On the other hand, their lambs are never fed any grain to promote highest omega-3 content. Check their sites for the number of chicken breeds they have.Bandera Grassland delivers fresh grass-fed meats straight from their farm! Read more as they were included in Kim’s list of 9 Farms Providing Fresh Grass-Fed Meat Delivery in Texas

(830) 562-3650

BFT Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Ben Franklin

BFT Ranch raises AGA-certified grass-fed red Angus cattle, Nigerian goats and pastured chicken for the Northeast Texas Area. It is part of a parcel settled in 1835 by Benjamin Simmons. Benjamin named the town after his son, Benjamin Franklin Simmons. They are proud to continue the traditions of historical ranching and restoring natural ways of raising cattle.

(616) 446-9125

BSAK RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Rochelle

BSAK Ranch is a cow/calf operation that raises Premium Grass Fed Beef in theTexas Hill Country just minutes from Brady, Texas. "Finding a good source of ‘certified’ grass-fed products can be hard in San Angelo, Texas" .You will "love the beef from BSAK". It is the "best all grass-fed beef with no hormones, antibiotics or who knows what from feedlots". The owners, "Will and Brad are honest ranchers you can trust!" You will be "glad there are still folks like them to do business with". You will be "so pleased to have their beef as part of our Farm-To-Table Organic Market!" Also, "get the recipes for their pot roast and short ribs!" It is very "yummaliscious!"

(325) 243-5515

Chuck Howleys Happy Hollow Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Wills Point

Chuck Howley established the Happy Hollow Ranch in 1977. Until today, it has continuously produced Happy Hollow Beef for everyone. The farm raises cattle meat and quarter horses that have grazed pastures all their life. In addition to that, they also ensure that all of their animals are 100% hormone-free. On a different note, the farm holds the titles 'Dallas Cowboys Linebacker and Super Bowl V MVP. Try their awesome beef today! Just visit them at Dallas Farmers Market every Saturday. Alternatively, you can try their beef at Chefs for Farmers Street Food Night Market! Have a fun chit chat with the farmers while you enjoy a fun evening!Chuck Howleys Happy Hollow Ranch delivers fresh grass-fed meats straight from their farm! Read more as they were included in Kim’s list of 9 Farms Providing Fresh Grass-Fed Meat Delivery in Texas!

(214) 233-6075

Circle H Angus Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Gonzales

You can buy the products of this ranch at the Braeswood Farmers Market. This ranch has been owned and operated by the Harrison family for over 25 years. They are located in Gonzales County, Texas. They exclusively raise Black Angus cattle using only humane ranching practices. You can buy Summer Sausage which is available in garlic and jalapeño and cheese flavors. They also have beef breakfast sausage. Aside from Ground Beef, you may be able to buy their stir fry, chuck roast, and small Brisket. Their products are also certified by the American Grassfed Association. You can also find them at the Memorial Villages Farmers Market. Visit their website for the updated list of products. You can also contact them at their website, send an email, or send a Facebook private message.

(281) 520-6024

Eagle Catcher Farm & Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Harlingen

Eagle Catcher Farm & Ranch raises certified grass-fed beef in Harlingen, in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Their goal is to supply delicious and healthy Angus-Brahman naturally grown beef, to their customers. They are certified with American Grassfed Association & Animal Welfare Approved. Although they are not yet certified organic, that is their long-term goal. They practice sustainable farming techniques & their animals have no exposure to growth stimulating hormones or antibiotics. Their small closed herd is maintained on 34 acres of grassland with no supplemental feeding except hay(alfalfa & Bermuda). Their herd thrives on low stress compassionate care. Their objective is to provide healthy, tasty, naturally tender beef, free of man-made chemicals and substances not of natural origin. Angus-Brahman beef, home grown, dry aged, vacuum packaged, from their freezer, sold directly to the customer.

(956) 423-6323

F Bar Springs Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Wichita Falls

In 1999, Diaz Murray purchased the Earl Springs Ranch in Clay and Montague Counties. He has a Texas heritage and forage management experiences. And it helped Murray shape his present Clay County ranch and herd of 400 mother cows and 300 yearlings. Murray is also a  2013 “Outstanding Rangeland Management Award” winner from the Texas Section Society for Rangeland Management (TSSRM). An award he received for the "successful management of his cattle and his efforts to preserve the land". Also, “the name F Bar Springs Ranch incorporates the Failing Family, Earl Springs and the faith that brought him back to his Texas roots.” This ranch is also home to 100% natural, grass-finished Black Angus. 

(940) 867-7079

Far West Texas Cattle Co.No Own Retail Location

Online Service in Alpine

Far West Texas Cattle Co. offers ranch-to-table beef subscriptions, hoping to make it easier for consumers to buy beef. The farm is located in Alpine, Texas. The business of offering a ranch-to-table beef subscription sounds like a smart idea. It makes it easy both for buyers to buy beef, and for them too, to sell beef. But that is not the best part of the story. It is the fact that 90% of the profit goes to helping people in need. They provide financial assistance to help refugees in Lebanon and starving children in the Democratic Republic of Congo. How they manage to sustain the business operating under this condition is nothing short of a miracle, financially. But they make do, and that is all that matters. Nothing is difficult or impossible to someone who is dedicated to helping others.

Green Acres Cattle Company

Farm & Ranch in ZZ No Location

Green Acres Cattle Company owns 410 Farms. The farm got its name because they are located on County Road 410 on 4th generation family farm and ranch land. And they also have a 4X brand name. This is from their farm name - 410 Farms - which is a creative combo of 4 and the roman numeral for 10, which is X. They raise some crops including rice and specialty hay for their cattle. But, their primary program is Green Acres Grass Fed Beef. This is an American Grassfed Association certified grass fed Angus influenced cattle operation. Green Acres provides both individual cuts direct to consumer as well as larger wholesale "beef share" orders while delivering in parts of Texas and Louisiana and shipping nationwide. They have "exceptional beef, from steaks to burgers". "Great quality and amazing delivery service" which is "only the best from 410 Farms!"

(979) 541-7810

Harral Livestock

Farm & Ranch in Fort Stockton

Harral Livestock Company raises all-natural, grass-fed Angus, Limousin, and Corriente Cattle. They do not use antibiotics or hormones. You can also see "wonderful photos" of their farm at their social media page. You will be amazed that their "land is beautiful". Their photos bring outs the the "diversity" of the land that they call "home". You can contact them directly if you want to know more about their farm.

(432) 395-2419

Heritage Lean Beef

Farm & Ranch in Rocksprings

Nestling in Rocksprings, you'll reach Heritage Lean Beef. They are a family operation that produces all-natural, grass-finished Criollo beef on 100% native pastures in Edwards County, Texas. Corriente cattle are a Slow Food Ark of Taste breed. Moreover, they do not use chemical fertilizers; their water is synthetic and chlorine-free, and use only natural methods in controlling any weed or brush. Aside from that, they are free of antibiotics and hormones. Their cattle are leaner than European breeds and have a rich-flavor, tender beef. Peaches and mohair are also for sale. A delighted customer said, "The rib eyes were lean, tender, and juicy. Excellent product!"

(830) 683-3131

Hickory Lake Beef

Farm & Ranch in La Vernia

Hickory Lake Beef was founded in 2012. In 2008, Jim Rackley had a quintuple bypass. His doctor advised him to quit beef. From that moment, he started studying why he cannot eat beef. It was at that moment when he discovered the benefits of grass-fed meat.In 2012, he finally decided to retire from coaching and teaching. Jim, along with his wife Tracey, established the ranch.With some knowledge in farming from his childhood, Jim started checking for the best cattle he can grow.  The farm now raises Devon and Devon/Angus cross for their tasted and tender meat.The couple stuck to holistic practices in raising cattle: no hormones, steroids, pesticides, antibiotics, nor grain.

(210) 659-5307

Holy Cow Beef

Farm & Ranch in Graham

In Graham, Holy Cow Beef produces beef that they grass-raise, grass-finish, and dry-age at the farm. Moreover, they manage an Angus cow or calf operation that offers only a superior quality possible. This means no growth hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides. Aside from that, they are a member of the AGA, which audits them annually. You can buy their meat at Sunshine Natural Living Market and Abundant Health Naturally health food stores. Also, they sell at the Debbie Seelig and Cross Timbers Food Co-ops. For delivery, they sell by cut with a minimum order of 10 pounds within 30 miles of Graham. If you get 20 pounds, they can ship within 75 miles in the area. Contact them for more details. 

(940) 550-4950

Lazy A Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Bellville

The Lazy A Ranch's foundation day dates back to the early 1820s. Several farm owners have run it. In 2008, Margot and Bill heard purchased the farm and have managed it since then.The farm now produces Akaushi and British White cattle. Their Akaushi or Japanese Red Wagyu Cattle comes in two varieties: F1 and F2. With their certified grass-fed beef, a lot of people choose their brand over the others."They are hands down the BEST grass-fed beef in whole Texas! The farm truly cares about animals and beef quality. You won't find a better ranch to source your meat!"One crucial step they do before harvest is to finish the cattle in alfalfa bales and the pasture. Most farms would finish cows in grains and still call them pasture-raised, but Lady A Ranch doesn't. Their steers naturally finish to a heavier weight for excellent marbling, flavor, and tenderness.They sell their beef on individuals and restaurant owners by the cut or by bulk. Ordering is just a few clicks on their site.Lazy A Ranch delivers fresh grass-fed meats straight from their farm! Read more as they were included in Kim’s list of 9 Farms Providing Fresh Grass-Fed Meat Delivery in Texas!

(979) 865-5337

Madroño Ranch

Farm & Ranch in ZZ No Location

Madroño Ranch is "both a ranch with Animal Welfare Approved bison and laying hens and a residency for environmental artists and writers". “A stunning Hill Country spread” with 1,500 acres of land. They are located about two and a half hours from Austin and an hour and a half from San Antonio. Also, this ranch is a “ruggedly beautiful” place. You may need to contact them in advance before visiting the place. They are also a proud member of the AGA and are Animal Welfare Approved.

ML Farms Texas – McCollum-Lemke Ranches

Farm & Ranch in ZZ No Location

ML Farms Texas - McCollum-Lemke Ranches hasbeen in continuous operation for more than 100 years. They currently raise beef, sheep, goats, and pigs to market through retailers in the Southwest and direct to consumers through on-farm sales. They do not use any growth hormones, injections, or unnecessary antibiotics. And, they have "fantastic all-natural and great tasting beef, pork and lamb". Most loyal customers "especially like the steaks and lamb chops". They are "good on the grill or broiled in the oven". Also, "to maximize tenderness and flavor, cook slowly!"

(325) 347-5183

Nurture Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Frisco

Rodney Mason and his family manage and own the Nurture Ranch. They became interested in 100% grass-fed beef when their doctors advised them to be extra cautious in consuming traditional beeves.Since then, they have tried grass-fed beef from numerous sources. However, they were concerned about the inconsistent taste and texture on beeves they tried. As a result, they have looked for the best farmers who can help them with their concern.That is when they met a 5th generation rancher who helped them understand how a cow can naturally develop flavor.Today, the farm is 'American Grassfed Association' certified. They are raising Black Angus cattle that people love! "I just wanted to say that I am amazed by how good your beef tasted."

(866) 467-2624

Oma Leen’s

Restaurant in Walnut Springs

Nostalgia plays an important part in how we experience food. At Oma Leen's, you can feel the deliberate effort of the owners/chefs to bring that old, Southern comfort vibe in the modern setting. And it is not just on choosing an old, rustic building or interior décor; more importantly, Oma Leen's offers its customers with a taste and flavor that harkens to genuine Southern-style cooking. It is neither pretentious nor overreaching. That is when you know they are cooking from the heart.

(817) 526-4443

Profound Foods

Store in Allen

Profound Foods delivers the absolute best North Texas Grown artisan produce, meats, and dairy to culinary-driven restaurants. Profound Foods was founded by two farmers in 2018 who came together to help each other and other local farmers with logistics and deliveries direct to Chefs and restaurants. They make it easy for consumers to purchase directly from local farms with an online shopping order and a single-invoice system that gathers all of their orders and ships them all together. 

(214) 808-5118

Rancho Viejo Farmers MarketNo Own Retail Location

Farmers Market in Olmito

The spirit of community and entrepreneurship is alive in Olmito, Texas, thanks to the efforts of Rancho Viejo Farmers Market. Local businesses come together and sell under one roof. It is bustling and alive with a warm, positive vibe from vendors and local customers alike. Rancho Viejo Farmers Market sells and promotes buying local, organic, and hand-crafted goods.  

(956) 466-7359

Sterling Ridge Village Artisans & Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Magnolia

Sterling Ridge Village Artisans & Farmers Market is where local area retailers and vendors sell their products. This is located in Magnolia, Texas. In here, you can find farmers, cooks and bakers, arts and crafts artisans, and other small local businesses. If you are hungry, there is fresh pasta sold here. If you are looking for new furniture, you can find one here. One of the vendors sells 100% American-made and high-quality furniture. Even those which can be difficult to find like gourmet mushroom are available here.Note: Market days can change due to holidays and other special events, for the latest update on their market hours and dates, do check out their social media pages.

(713) 898-2719

Watterson Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Bastrop

Since the 1850s, the Watterson Ranch has been producing local, natural, sustainable, grass-fed beef. Running on its 6th generation, they continue to provide the luxury that has only been available to them in the past. But today, they are ready to share their food on your plate. They commit to delivering honest food without shortcuts, fillers, hormones, antibiotics, nor additives. Therefore, the farm takes twice as long to raise cattle for harvest compared to commercial ones. Get your beef from a certified honest ranch today! Watterson Ranch is American Grassfed certified, and Animal Welfare Approved. Contact Tim Miller to learn more.

(512) 988-9429

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