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Certified Humane Farms & Ranches in Texas (12)

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Farmers Market Partners – Missouri City

Farmers Market in Missouri City

Farmers Market Partners is a farmers market selling fresh produce and locally-made products. The farmers market is open to the public every Saturday, from 10 AM to 2 PM. Farmers Market Partners is located in Missouri City, Texas. This farmers market started in 2018. Farmers Market Partners already has a lot of vendor partners but they are still looking for local farmers, small-business vendors, and community business partners to join the growing family.

(832) 347-3811

Green Gate Farms

Farm & Ranch in Bastrop

The Green Gate Farms was restored by Skip Connett and Erin Flynn. They left their corporate careers in public health and with little knowledge on community-supported agriculture. Despite this, they set out to restore the historic Green Gate Farms. Their mission/vision was to create “a community (food) resource for neighbors of all incomes” and to “cultivate an organic farm that feeds mind, body, and soul”.Today, the farm is a USDA certified organic farm with over 125 seasonal CSA members. In addition, they regularly provide educational classes and camp programs to community members. They also operate a farm stand three days a week selling organic vegetables, flowers, eggs, and meats. A Workshare Program allows community members to work in exchange for organic produce. It accepts SNAP and WIC food vouchers.The farm is a past winner of the Critics’ Choice Best of Austin award from The Austin Chronicle. “Excellent opportunity... for youth and adults to explore the world of farming. My kids did the farm camp and loved it!” – Facebook review

(512) 484-2746

Jolly Farms Chickens

Farm & Ranch in Alvin

In Alvin, Jolly Farms is a  chicken farm "offering free-range and pastured chickens" that are "organic and non-GMO". They are certified. Moreover, they never medicate their meat birds. "They locally raise and hand process their chickens" at a facility that the state has certified. The passionate owners started with a mission to raise chickens for their friends and family. But now, they are selling to everyone and getting much praise. Also, they "attend numerous farmers' markets all over Houston and surrounding areas. Moreover, they have gained loyal customers due to their chicken's superior taste and texture". Happy customers said, "Consistently fantastic!" and "Excellent chicken and wonderful people!"Aside from their listed phone number on the right, they can also be contacted through the following numbers:  281-824-0137 and 832-875-3661Find Jolly Farms chickens in Jolie Vue Farm CSA boxes.

(713) 922-3652

Leaning Cedar Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Brenham

Leaning Cedar Ranch raises registered Dexter and Texon cattle and registered Dorper sheep. The cattle in Leaning Cedar Ranch are dual-purpose, providing milk and meat. If you are thinking of starting a farm or raising cattle of your own, Leaning Cedar Ranch can help you because this family farm specializes in raising and selling registered Dexter and Texon seed stock. They also sell pasture-raised, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free meats like beef and lamb. Leaning Cedar Ranch is located in Brenham, Texas.

(979) 337-3103

Milk RunNo Own Retail Location

Online Service in Houston

Milk Run Online is an online organic grocery store that's based in Houston, Texas. It caters to all your basic essentials like farm-fresh milk, eggs, juices, bread, honey, kombucha, and more. But, that's not the best part yet.
All their products have no artificial preservatives or shelf-life extenders. No GMOs, no fructose syrups, no synthetics, no gimmicks, no shortcuts, no artificial anything. Their juice doesn't even have water in it – pure fruits! They also don't strip out the vitamin D from your milk to add a synthetic one. Their "milk is 100% pure and organic." Their cows don't do drugs; their fish eats in the wild; and, their hens are free-ranged too. "They source locally and" you'll "know who does the halal there. Fresh meats packed neatly delivered to" your "home." An accountability you’ll never find anywhere else!
"Easy, convenient, healthy, and FRESH! The service is phenomenal!! From browsing on website, to ordering, to delivery, everything was easy and straight forward!" When you order, "the milk, veggies, eggs, and juice" will arrive "in a cooler with ice packs" while "the bread and cookies" will come "in a jute bag... still smelling fresh of the oven!" Nothing could be better than this, folks. They're the best!
How it works is that you need to register as a member. The basic membership is free, though. But, you can also get the premium membership, which you can cancel at any time. Once you've become a member, you can then set the frequency of your order and delivery. Then, these farm products will be delivered right at your doorstep. You can have your orders by Sunday and have them delivered every Tuesday.

(832) 468-6455

Oma Leen’s

Restaurant in Walnut Springs

Nostalgia plays an important part in how we experience food. At Oma Leen's, you can feel the deliberate effort of the owners/chefs to bring that old, Southern comfort vibe in the modern setting. And it is not just on choosing an old, rustic building or interior décor; more importantly, Oma Leen's offers its customers with a taste and flavor that harkens to genuine Southern-style cooking. It is neither pretentious nor overreaching. That is when you know they are cooking from the heart.

(817) 526-4443

Pederson’s Natural FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Butcher in Hamilton

Pederson's Natural Farms has been producing fresh and smoked natural meat products since 1992. They're headquartered in Hamilton, Texas, but their products are being showcased anywhere from grocers and stores to restaurants and caterers. Bacon, hams, sausages, and so much more are all being offered here. The best part is, they're committed to making real food using natural meats that are raised with humane and environmentally safe practices. Thus, their products are Certified Humane, grass-fed, and made without the use of artificial ingredients or preservatives.
On top of that, they also offer products that are nitrate-free, MSG-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, lactose-free, and reduced sodium. Not to mention that they also "make some meat options with no onions, garlic or other high Fodmap ingredients!!!! A lifesaver for someone on a low Fodmap diet!" But, mind you, though their products have dietary restrictions, the flavor and quality were never compromised. "Bacon and kielbasa are both excellent" but their "uncured no sugar bacon was really good" as well. It's "one of the best tasting sugar-free bacon. All it takes is one slice that and you're hooked for life." We highly recommend this source!

(254) 386-4790

R&L Smith Farms

Farm & Ranch in Sinton

"Robin and Loren, owners of R&L Smith Farms have an amazing farm". "They take great care of all of their animals they are healthy and happy". Their "farm is very neat and well-tended, as are the brooders". Also, "you will feel very comfortable buying chickens, guineas, or turkeys here". A farm owned by "great people raising beautiful animals". They also have a "large variety of ages and breeds". So many "excellent quality chicks, ducks, and goats" here. And, they offer Easter Eggers, Olive Eggers, Rhode Island Reds, Speckled Sussex, Blue Swedish Ducks, Narragansett’s Turkey, Incubation Eggs, Farm Fresh Chicken & Duck Eggs, and African Boer Kids when available.

(361) 727-7516

Rancho Viejo Farmers MarketNo Own Retail Location

Farmers Market in Olmito

The spirit of community and entrepreneurship is alive in Olmito, Texas, thanks to the efforts of Rancho Viejo Farmers Market. Local businesses come together and sell under one roof. It is bustling and alive with a warm, positive vibe from vendors and local customers alike. Rancho Viejo Farmers Market sells and promotes buying local, organic, and hand-crafted goods.  

(956) 466-7359

Sterling Ridge Village Artisans & Farmers Market

Farmers Market in Magnolia

Sterling Ridge Village Artisans & Farmers Market is where local area retailers and vendors sell their products. This is located in Magnolia, Texas. In here, you can find farmers, cooks and bakers, arts and crafts artisans, and other small local businesses. If you are hungry, there is fresh pasta sold here. If you are looking for new furniture, you can find one here. One of the vendors sells 100% American-made and high-quality furniture. Even those which can be difficult to find like gourmet mushroom are available here.Note: Market days can change due to holidays and other special events, for the latest update on their market hours and dates, do check out their social media pages.

(713) 898-2719

True Texan Beef

Farm & Ranch in Edinburg

One of the reasons why we want to buy from local sources is because it is easy to trust them and their product. Take beef, for example. Locally-produced beef is made in ranches we can easily visit. The ranch owners are always happy to give us a tour because they have nothing to hide. On the contrary, they want us to know everything. Take for example True Texan Beef. They are proud to say that they are selling Texans with beef made from Texas-raised cattle. They sell 100% grass-fed and finished beef. It is all-natural and free-range. Beef produced here is US-inspected and has passed the standards for health and safety set by the US Department of Agriculture. It is a great-looking beef that tastes great too, not to mention nutritious and very good for your health and well-being. True Texan Beef is a good reason why it is best to go for locally-sourced beef.

(956) 373-3069

Vital Farms

Farm & Ranch in Austin

A great source of delectable butter and eggs from pastured cows and chicken, Vital farms has been bringing ethically-produced food from farm to table since 2007. They go beyond free-range and cage-free chicken as they allow their chickens to live in pastures for their whole lives. They regularly rotate the chickens on different areas in the field to keep the grass supply fresh and clean. The farm is Certified Humane and Certified B-Corporation. Happy customers are willing to pay the price for such a quality product! "Pay a little bit more; Yes, but the eggs are delicious. Try to d  a side by side taste test yourself at home, you’ll see."

(877) 455-3063

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