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Bee Friendly Austin

Farm & Ranch in Austin

Off 290 West, near Circle Dr. between Austin and Dripping Springs, you can find Bee Friendly Austin – a small "certified naturally-grown apiary" in Southwest Austin. Furthermore, it is a working bee yard of Tanya and Chuck Phillips with live bees and beekeepers. They are "passionate and informative beekeepers" that offers "the best honey ever". Moreover, they "sell bee nucs, beehive boxes, and equipment, beeswax, and apothecary items". Aside from that, they also have "natural raw honey, wax, pollen, handmade soaps, lip balm, lotion bars", and more. Also, they have "ongoing classes" and "give consultations to become a better beekeeper or help you with AG Exemptions". Before going there, please call to schedule a visit to make sure they are available. Reminder, there are always bees on site and dogs on patrol, so please drive carefully on your way there.

(512) 560-3732

Capra Premium Dorper Lamb

Farm & Ranch in Goldthwaite

The owners of Capra Premium Dorper Lamb started the business in March of 2009.They believed that real food starts with a real rancher. Therefore, they take care of their lambs seriously. They only produce premium-quality lamb. In fact, out of the 150 ranches in Texas producing lamb, only them is certified and verified.Fresh and all-natural, their lambs are 100% pasture-raised where no antibiotics or growth hormones were ever used to support the lamb.A lot of local restaurants and chefs now get lambs from them, and everyone is slowly catching up. Now, this is what they call lamb revolution, and if you want to be part of it, go to their website now to inquire.

(888) 472-5552

CD&J Mini Ranch

Farm & Ranch in San Benito

CD&J Mini Ranch is in the Rio Grande Valley which is in deep South Texas. It is close to the Southern border and South Padre Island. They have Kunekune pigs, Nigerian dwarf goats, miniature cattle, miniature donkeys, mini rex rabbits, and turkeys. The farm started in 1998 when the farmers moved to San Benito. They just retired from a 24-year service in the military. With a 34-acre land, the couple created a homestead. On this farm, they also provide educational experiences for everyone who wants to enjoy a day at the ranch. Besides their offerings of meats, CD&J Mini Ranch have farm fresh, free range eggs, small batch sugar free and regular jellies & jams, freeze dried vegetables, fruit & smoothie mixes, premixed mixes, and goat milk & lard oatmeal soaps. They are founding partners of 5 Food Farms, which is a collaboration between farms and ranches in the area.

(956) 399-7146

Dalusa Organic Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Point

At about 70 miles east of Dallas near Emory, Point, Dalusa Ranch is a small operation on a 120-acre ranch. It is offering 100% organic beef and persimmons. Their start in organic food came from necessity due to illness. Moreover, they want to help others to eat healthily, too. Therefore, they don't use hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, or chemicals on the property. Additionally, their beef is dry-aged for 21 days and wrapped in cellophane to help avoid contamination of dioxins and phthalates from plastic wrapping. With their butcher in Kaufman, he will meet your desired meat cuts and packaging. Nevertheless, beef cuts available for sale. Call them now to reserve.

(903) 598-6822

Dragons and Unicorns CoffeeNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Spring

Dragons and Unicorns Coffee is a coffee shop located in Spring, Texas. They sell unique coffee flavors like rum coffee and whiskey coffee. Dragons and Unicorns Coffee is active in partnering with other businesses and setting up shop in events because this helps them reach more and more customers in need of the "magic of coffee". If you haven't tried Dragons and Unicorns Coffee, maybe today is a good day to do it. Customers are raving about it. Sip a cup and weigh in. You can order online and avail of their coffee subscription.

(346) 331-3010

East Texas Aquaponics

Farm & Ranch in Mineola

East Texas Aquaponics offers Certified Naturally Grown greens, herbs, edible flowers, specialty produce, and duck eggs. The owners are "exceptional people" and they have "a very interesting place". Also, "they are very knowledgeable and willing to share that knowledge with others". And, they use Aquaponics system. They are also committed to donating at least 10% of their produce. They also give to those without consistent access to healthy food. They also maintain partnerships with Grow North Texas. They also provide provide freshly harvested produce free. And, they also offer them at reduced prices each week to multiple East Texas entities.

(903) 569-5789

Falster Farm and Cattle Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Winnsboro

'Falster Farm and Cattle Range' has been raising excellent cattle breeds since 1998. They carry Mini Hereford Cows, Red Angus, Mini Jersey, and A2A2 Dairy cows and bulls.Nancy and Karl are the farmers behind the success of the farm. They offer organic food, cattle breeding services, and educational events.Whether you are new in farming or someone looking to add cattle in your farm, the couple offers an on-farm consultation. They are ready and willing to share their knowledge and answer all questions related to starting a cattle line on your farm.They are one of the registered breeders of Herefords in the entire USA so you can be sure they will give all the information you need.They also offer on-farm processing as well.They haven't updated their CSA page since October 2019, contact them directly for more information.

(903) 629-3034

Floating O Farms

Farm & Ranch in Bogata

In Bogata, you can find Floating O Farms that is the first commercial and organic elderberry farm in Texas. Since April 1, 2015, Jason & Dani Morris has been running and operating the farm. Their elderberries have Vitamins A, B and C, iron, potassium, and antioxidants. Moreover, they practice sustainable farming methods for the cultivation and growth of their produce. Their goal is to offer local organic nutraceuticals fresh from their farm for your health supplement needs. Also, they are happy to share their knowledge in the expansion of elderberry alongside other farmers, cooperatives, and manufacturers. A satisfied customer said, "High-quality elderberry wellness syrup! They won't disappoint."

(903) 366-3790

GrassField Farm

Farm & Ranch in Hondo

The Bendelle Family owns and operates the GrassField Farm. The husband and wife Fohn and Jana founded the farm twenty-five years ago.The American Grassfed Association annually audits and certifies the farm for maximum quality assurance. In addition to that, the farm is Animal Welfare Approved. Therefore, rest assured that all of their animals are treated humanely.The farm is well-known for its ground steak. People love it because they mainly because they do not use a lot of meat trimmings. Instead, they put prime cuts of meat to the ground meat. These cuts include round steaks and cutlets and briskets.They haven't updated their CSA page since April 2019, contact them directly for more information. 

(830) 426-1987

Green Country Farm

Farm & Ranch in Floresville

Sitting in the sandhills of Floresville, outside of San Antonio, TX, Green Country Farm is a small farm "providing the most delicate, natural blackberries". In the beginning, the owners have grown berries for their friends for 30 years. However, recently, they put a pick-your-own operation on a half-acre land. Moreover, these berries are "free of harsh pesticides and chemicals". They are harvested in the ripest condition during late spring and early summer months from May to July. Other products include "blackberry honey, sweet corn, burr oaks, red oaks, and live oak trees". Additionally, they will offer a children's maze for their customers if weather permits.

(830) 391-1544

Green Gate Farms

Farm & Ranch in Bastrop

The Green Gate Farms was restored by Skip Connett and Erin Flynn. They left their corporate careers in public health and with little knowledge on community-supported agriculture. Despite this, they set out to restore the historic Green Gate Farms. Their mission/vision was to create “a community (food) resource for neighbors of all incomes” and to “cultivate an organic farm that feeds mind, body, and soul”.Today, the farm is a USDA certified organic farm with over 125 seasonal CSA members. In addition, they regularly provide educational classes and camp programs to community members. They also operate a farm stand three days a week selling organic vegetables, flowers, eggs, and meats. A Workshare Program allows community members to work in exchange for organic produce. It accepts SNAP and WIC food vouchers.The farm is a past winner of the Critics’ Choice Best of Austin award from The Austin Chronicle. “Excellent opportunity... for youth and adults to explore the world of farming. My kids did the farm camp and loved it!” – Facebook review

(512) 484-2746

Harmony Hollow ApiariesNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Richardson

In Richardson, you can find Harmony Hollow Apiaries. The owner, Rex Smith, is a Texas master beekeeper and opened his bee yard in 2010. Moreover, the farm offers hive products such as pure honey, beeswax, scented Potpourri wax melts, leather conditioner, and wood conditioner. Not only they sell items, but also they provide local education about their natural resources and pollinators. Besides, they hold a permit with the State of Texas for transporting and performing live honeybees removals. Also, their bees are on several local organic farms, in Farmersville, Forney, Ponder, and more. Satisfied customers said, "Top-notch, best honey!" and "Honey is divine. Organic awesomeness."

(469) 251-2233

Jolie Vue Farm

Farm & Ranch in Houston

Jolie Vue bought and established the Jolie Vue Farm in 1989. She dedicated all of her work on the restoration of the land's flowers, grass, and plants for over ten years to become a self-sustaining farm. She believed in becoming a land healer first before becoming a real, sustainable farmer. Today, she grows pastured pigs, heritage cattle, and free-range chicken eggs.She would always say, "Buy our clean and chemical-free meats now or buy prescriptions later."They offer a pretty flexible CSA option where you can choose to sign up on alternating months or skip certain months anytime you like.The farm also offers free farm tours to all of their CSA members.Jolie Vue Farm delivers fresh grass-fed meats straight from their farm! Read more as they were included in Kim’s list of 9 Farms Providing Fresh Grass-Fed Meat Delivery in Texas!

(713) 839-8610

Jolly Farms Chickens

Farm & Ranch in Alvin

In Alvin, Jolly Farms is a  chicken farm "offering free-range and pastured chickens" that are "organic and non-GMO". They are certified. Moreover, they never medicate their meat birds. "They locally raise and hand process their chickens" at a facility that the state has certified. The passionate owners started with a mission to raise chickens for their friends and family. But now, they are selling to everyone and getting much praise. Also, they "attend numerous farmers' markets all over Houston and surrounding areas. Moreover, they have gained loyal customers due to their chicken's superior taste and texture". Happy customers said, "Consistently fantastic!" and "Excellent chicken and wonderful people!"Aside from their listed phone number on the right, they can also be contacted through the following numbers:  281-824-0137 and 832-875-3661Find Jolly Farms chickens in Jolie Vue Farm CSA boxes.

(713) 922-3652

Kearley Seeds & Pepper Co.

Farm & Ranch in Pearland

Kearley Seeds & Pepper Co is a family farm that offers a variety of the world's rarest, super hot pepper seeds, plants & dried pods. They have a certification for growing produce naturally. The certificate means they don't use genetically modified organisms, pesticides, or fertilizer. Moreover, Jalapeno, Habanero, Serrano, and Bell are just few of the pepper plants that they produce. Furthermore, they added Seed Starting Kits, organic fertilizers, and Mycos to help their customers grow successfully. Additionally, you can drop a line on their email address, [email protected] Ask them for the complete list of seeds and herbs that they are currently offering. A satisfied customer said, "Great Texas company that to spreads the spicy stuff."

(713) 487-7886

Leafers Microgreens LLCNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio

Leafers Microgreens LLC grows microgreens with the goal of producing microgreens for homes and restaurants in San Antonio, Texas. The business prides itself of growing locally-grown, sustainable, and high-quality microgreens. Today, many consumers still lean towards traditional green, leafy vegetables, but there are benefits in including microgreens in one's diet. The goal of Leafers Microgreens LLC is to see the local community eating more microgreens. That is not a bad plan.  

(210) 569-9974

Legend MeatsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Gorman

In north-central Texas, you'll find Legend Meats. Larry Barton, the owner, is a purveyor of the finest meats with a passion for animals and outdoors. It is a private family-owned ranch specializing in gourmet-quality Red Wattle pork. Moreover, they are advocates for food from farm to table. Aside from their specialty, they have USDA-approved elk, red stag, axis deer, fallow deer, blackbuck antelope, wild boar, and Red Wattle hogs (limited supply.)Furthermore, celebrity chefs and connoisseurs recommend their all-natural, pasture-raised cattle for being very red, marbled lean, and juicy meat. Also, all of their animals are free from hormones, steroids, and antibiotics. Currently, they seek to sell to high-end restaurants and select individuals. A gourmet chef Michael Vignola said, "Never have I come across a superior product than Larry Barton's Red Wattle pigs. From head to tail, the meat is amazing. The fat is a pearl white so pure and delicious. Larry's Red Wattle pigs are truly an amazing heritage breed of pork."


McAllen Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Grand Prairie

McAllen Ranch is a blend of traditional and new ideas that opened in 1791. The McAllen Ranch, in Edinburg, Texas, is one of the oldest properties in the United States. They cherish its history, but at the same time, they always look forward to the future with modern challenges. Their goal is to sustain the land through many generations by caring for its resources. And part of their mission is to deliver the best beef McAllen Ranch that they can offer. Through the years, the Ranch supplies fajitas, flank steak, porterhouses, NY strips, rib-eyes, T-bones, tenderloins, etc. in restaurants and markets. Find them, and try the most favorite McAllen products! Visit their social media page for more details! 

(956) 383-1960

Milk RunNo Own Retail Location

Online Service in Houston

Milk Run Online is an online organic grocery store that's based in Houston, Texas. It caters to all your basic essentials like farm-fresh milk, eggs, juices, bread, honey, kombucha, and more. But, that's not the best part yet.
All their products have no artificial preservatives or shelf-life extenders. No GMOs, no fructose syrups, no synthetics, no gimmicks, no shortcuts, no artificial anything. Their juice doesn't even have water in it – pure fruits! They also don't strip out the vitamin D from your milk to add a synthetic one. Their "milk is 100% pure and organic." Their cows don't do drugs; their fish eats in the wild; and, their hens are free-ranged too. "They source locally and" you'll "know who does the halal there. Fresh meats packed neatly delivered to" your "home." An accountability you’ll never find anywhere else!
"Easy, convenient, healthy, and FRESH! The service is phenomenal!! From browsing on website, to ordering, to delivery, everything was easy and straight forward!" When you order, "the milk, veggies, eggs, and juice" will arrive "in a cooler with ice packs" while "the bread and cookies" will come "in a jute bag... still smelling fresh of the oven!" Nothing could be better than this, folks. They're the best!
How it works is that you need to register as a member. The basic membership is free, though. But, you can also get the premium membership, which you can cancel at any time. Once you've become a member, you can then set the frequency of your order and delivery. Then, these farm products will be delivered right at your doorstep. You can have your orders by Sunday and have them delivered every Tuesday.

(832) 468-6455

Moon Dog FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Santa Fe

Bordering the Gulf of Mexico, 40 miles outside Houston, Moon Dog Farms is a small "family-owned vegetable farm and fruit orchard in Santa Fe, Texas". The owners Alex McPhail and Casey McAuliffe. They started their venture in the winter of 2013, on a piece of borrowed family land. Moreover, they use "farming practices that are beyond organic using age-old natural methods" to grow food and maintain our fields. Primarily, they have pears, blackberries, muscadine grapes, citrus, and apples. On the other hand, their vegetable fields produce everything from salad mixes to carrots. Also, they sell to a few select restaurants and at local farmers' markets.

(512) 635-4912

Moss Gathers Farm

Farm & Ranch in Celina

Moss Gathers Farm is a micro-farm nestling on 4-acre land in northern Collin County, Celina. Moreover, they are certified naturally-grown, taking care of produce without the use of harmful chemicals. They have been growing heirloom varieties of tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, greens, squash, melons, pears, cucumbers, beans, okra, winter squash, and herbs for their Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) members since 2004. Also, they are offering a limited number of work shares for the 2019 season. They are preparing beds for spring farming. Furthermore, they are mulching, tarping, broad forking, planting, and can use a few extra hands. Since they deal directly with their customers, contact Carol Moss for more information.They haven't updated their CSA page since March 2020, contact them directly for more information.

(972) 837-5057

Nurture Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Frisco

Rodney Mason and his family manage and own the Nurture Ranch. They became interested in 100% grass-fed beef when their doctors advised them to be extra cautious in consuming traditional beeves.Since then, they have tried grass-fed beef from numerous sources. However, they were concerned about the inconsistent taste and texture on beeves they tried. As a result, they have looked for the best farmers who can help them with their concern.That is when they met a 5th generation rancher who helped them understand how a cow can naturally develop flavor.Today, the farm is 'American Grassfed Association' certified. They are raising Black Angus cattle that people love! "I just wanted to say that I am amazed by how good your beef tasted."

(866) 467-2624

Oma Leen’s

Restaurant in Walnut Springs

Nostalgia plays an important part in how we experience food. At Oma Leen's, you can feel the deliberate effort of the owners/chefs to bring that old, Southern comfort vibe in the modern setting. And it is not just on choosing an old, rustic building or interior décor; more importantly, Oma Leen's offers its customers with a taste and flavor that harkens to genuine Southern-style cooking. It is neither pretentious nor overreaching. That is when you know they are cooking from the heart.

(817) 526-4443

Piney Woods RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Winnsboro

Piney Woods Ranch started serving people with their drug-, chemical-, and hormone-free meat in 2010. Since then, they have been raising slow-growing heritage breeds of chicken, pigs, and turkey.The farm allows their animals to freely roam in the sun and enjoy fresh air, just like how nature intends it to be. Today, the farm has a certification for Naturally Grown livestock and produce.You are going to love their blueberries, asparagus, elderberry plants, zucchini, and rhubarb. Moreover, they do not use fertilizers, herbicides, or any other chemical on their pastures and garden.Try their fresh eggs, produce, and meat at Winnsboro Farmers Market between April to October.

(903) 629-3332

Pixel GardensNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Austin

Pixel Gardens grows fresh, sustainable, and nutritious food - carefully cultivated microgreens using organic soils, balanced water, and non-GMO seeds. Pixel Gardens is located in Austin, Texas. If you are here or resides near Austin, Pixel Gardens is your source for broccoli microgreens, green kale microgreens, and other microgreens such as kohlrabi microgreens, red radish microgreens, speckled pea shoot microgreens, and sunflower shoots microgreens. They also have spicy salad mix microgreens and salad mix microgreens. They also cook and prepare foods using microgreens. Follow them on their social media or visit their website to know more about their latest recipes!

(512) 986-3488

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