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Certified Organic Farms & Ranches in Texas (75)

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Millberg Farm

Farm & Ranch in Kyle -

Millberg Farm stands as a testament to sustainable farming practices under the stewardship of Tim Millberg. Eschewing tractors in favor of an eco-conscious approach, he tends to his 5-acre plot using a bike plow. Tim's dedication to hardy heirloom plants and dryland farming techniques minimizes water consumption and supports Texas aquifers. This commitment translates into remarkable yields that outshine those of irrigated farms. Join his renowned CSA program or discover his fresh produce at local farmer's markets.

Monarch Meadows Local Honey

Farm & Ranch in Mesquite -

How Monarch Meadows Local Honey sustains itself is a perfect example of a harmonious relationship. Bees are raised for honey. At the same time, the bees pollinate the organic produce. This gives them the ability to sell a variety of products, which sustains the business. The money that comes from it pays for the costs of maintaining an apiary. This is important especially in the early days of the business. Thankfully, everything looks promising for Monarch Meadows Local Honey and we can expect them to have more buyers and followers in the coming days. By the way, the honey here is really good!

My Father’s Farms

Farm & Ranch in Corpus Christi -

My Father's Farms was founded in November 2006 by Pedro & Dayana Schambon. Certified organic vegetable and herb farm with year-round production. They are also located on 52 acres in Seguin, Texas. You will have a "great experience helping out in this farm" and you "would definitely come back". You can join and do your "first act of citizenship at Seguin" through their "H.O.T. Dogs of Service. (Helping Others Together)" program. Their commitment is providing customers with excellent quality organic produce which they also provide through responsible agriculture sustainable practices. They are also found on Pearl Farmers Market in San Antonio on Saturdays. You can visit their farm on an appointment basis. They haven't updated their CSA page since August 2012, contact them directly for more information.

Onion Creek Farm

Farm & Ranch in Dripping Springs -

Onion Creek Farm in Dripping Springs, Texas is home to certified organic produce, farm-fresh eggs, Luna, PeepPeep, Emmylou, Bonnie and Clyde. This is a certified organic vegetable and herb farm. Also, direct sales to stores, farm stand, farmers market. They also grow heirloom sorghum to make sorghum molasses. Try their "organic, made-by-hand English Muffins baked fresh". This is "available at Dripping Springs Farmers Market". You can also find "leeks, green onions, fresh garlic, scapes, lambs quarters, cilantro, herbs, sourdough, baguettes, pecans & pickles". "Also gorgeous Italian basil, Thai basil, summer squash, new potatoes, arugula, garlic, shallots, lemon thyme & sweet melons" too. Check out their social media page and contact them for their products and updates.

Paidom Meats

Farm & Ranch in Nazareth -

In the quaint village just east of Nazareth, Texas, lies Paidom Meats, pioneers in grass-fattening since 1994. Building strong customer partnerships through over 50 buying clubs across Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, owners Heather & Alan Birkenfeld ensure source-verified meat—beef, lamb, goat, chicken, pork, & bison—that's "beyond organic," relying on the sun (Pai) and land (Dom). The name "Paidom" symbolizes their connection to the land and people. Their pasture-grown livestock not only offers abundant vitamins and minerals but also Omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acids (CLA's). From conception to consumption, Paidom delivers quality and service that surpasses supermarkets. Join their satisfied customers who appreciate healthy, delicious meals and the company's commitment to excellence. Paidom Meats delivers fresh grass-fed meats straight from their farm! Read more as they were included in Kim’s list of 9 Farms Providing Fresh Grass-Fed Meat Delivery in Texas!

Pure Luck Farm and DairyNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Dripping Springs -

Happy goats make happy cheese! Located among the rolling hills of Dripping Springs TX, Pure Luck Farm and Dairy has been producing nationally award-winning goat cheese for over 20 years. They specialize in making organic culinary herbs and “artisan goat cheeses” that are delicious and so fresh! Today, the farm has more then 100 goats with 70 of them producing milk. All the goats at the farm are either “Nubian or Alpine”, and recently, they added a “Saanen breed” to the family. All of the goat’s milk are combined to make these best-selling artisan goat cheeses. They are best known for their chevre, herbed chevre varieties, feta, and June’s Joy, the chevre mixed with Texas honey, thyme, and peppercorns.

Rainbow Greens

Farm & Ranch in ZZ No Location -

Rainbow Greens is a private farm of wheatgrass, sunflower and pea shoot located in Austin, Texas. They believe that "grass and sprouts are perfect foods". They also offer sprouting seeds such as Peas and Broccoli. Also, other premium sprouting seeds are available on their website. They use certified organic seeds in growing their wheatgrass and greens. "Fresh wheatgrass juice enlivens the spiritual in addition to nourishing the physical". These wheatgrasses and greens are also nurtured in organic composted soil with filtered water. And then, harvested also at their nutritional peak then packaged and delivered. You can also buy Kitchen Essentials including Juicers, Dehydrator, Sprouters, Grain Mill, and Fermenting Crock Pot.

RainWater FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Kosse -

Rainwater Farms also operates under the name Kenda Eckols. "A Christian owned family operation growing organic tomatoes that have unbelievable flavor". They have "been growing organic greenhouse tomatoes since it started operations in 2014". They also have "excellent large, full-bodied tomatoes". And, they also provide "excellent service" to their customers. You may contact them via their social media page or give them a call for more information because their "tomatoes are fantastic!"

Red Moon Farm

Farm & Ranch in Van -

Meet the farmers behind Red Moon Farm, Justin and Jessica Bullock, who cultivate chemical-free, safe, and clean fruits and veggies on their 38-acre land. With over fifteen years of organic farming experience and a genuine passion for sustainability, their produce is of the highest quality, as endorsed by their happy CSA members. Discover their certified organic produce, honey, and fresh flowers. Join their CSA or visit them at the Rose City Farmer's Market to savor their bounty. Jessica also crafts herbal products from locally-grown plants, including eye serums, shampoos, moisturizers, lip balm, arnica balm, pain massage oil, and healing ointments. Explore Red Moon Farm's natural goodness today!

Reimer Farms

Farm & Ranch in Bulverde -

Reimer Farms sells tomatoes, black-eyed peas, okra, cucumbers, melons, and much more. Come and buy their produce at Lubbock Downtown Farmers Market. "The tomatoes and squash we bought at the Farmers Market downtown were so delicious!" according to one customer. You "will continue to try more produce from ReimerFarms" because they have "the best vegetable" and "very tasty" also. You will also be thankful "that they are providing such excellent produce for folks in the West Texas area". This is a place with "sweet, funny folks and awesome produce selection". You "will definitely be back for more and spread the word".

Resaca Grove Farm

Farm & Ranch in ZZ No Location -

Resaca Grove is a small, family-owned farm located along the banks of Resaca del Rancho Viejo just outside of Brownsville, Texas. Their "grapefruit is wonderful". They are also a proud member of "Go Texan" and "Texas Citrus Mutual". They also have Texas pecan products. Fresh pecans, pecan pies and a flavored pecan assortment. They also offer a special grouping of three products that they call "Texas Heat". These are Jalapeno Jelly, Black Bean and Corn Salsa, and Fire Roasted Cantina Salsa. They also ship grapefruit as well as other gift items to customers nationwide. Contact them via their social media page and website or send an email for your orders.

Ribbonwire Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Dalhart -

Ribbonwire Ranch offers beef that is certified 100% organic grass-fed grain-finished for better flavor and consistency. The ranch is located in Dalhart, Texas. Ribbonwire Ranch practices organic farming operations and responsible ranching. They make sure the cattle are growing in low-stress pastures. For your convenience, they will make sure to deliver your order of beef - beef for grilling, beef for slow cooking, ground beef, ribs, roast, steak - directly to your doorstep. Check out their bundle offers and what's on sale too, to maximize your purchase.

Rising Kale Farms

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio -

Rising Kale Farms is the first to be certified organic in San Antonio. Founded in An organic farm producing seasonal-organic fresh produce, farm-fresh organic free-range eggs. This farm sells out duck and quail eggs at the New Braunfels Farmers Market. Quail eggs contain five times more phosphorus, 7.5 times more iron, 15 times more vitamin B2 and 6 times more vitamin B1. Duck eggs are higher in traceable Omega 3 fatty acids which improve brain health and healthy skin. Visit the farm and "just enjoy the ambiance and an amazing dinner cooked right there on the farm!" They are also now making their way into the world of Hydroponics, or soil-less growing.    

Scott Arbor

Farm & Ranch in Seguin -

Established in 1989, Scott Arbor's organic farming roots trace back to 1974. With continuous Texas Organic Certification, they've thrived in the industry for nearly 30 years. Transitioning from a thriving CSA program to the Buda Farmer's Market, the farm stays connected to the community. Elland and Clyde, the farm's previous stewards, have now retired, passing the reins to their children. Joshua heads the farm, with Tabitha lending a hand on weekends. Discover this family-driven, love-infused food source!

Shutt’er Down Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Farmersville -

Since 2011, Shutt'er Down Ranch has been providing pesticide-free products. Apart from growing all organic produce in their greenhouse, they also have imported Orpington Chickens and is now the largest distributor in the State of Texas. It all changed last 2016 when they bought Girty, a mini pig. Or so they thought. After weeks of caring for Girty, they realized that she's a full-sized potbelly. And they fell in love with sweet Girty, but she was taken from them and passed December of that year. But their love for her did not stop. It started something bigger, Girty's Haven. Helping those who can't help themselves, they are rescuing animals with medical needs, from broken bones, to neglect. Intending to rehab them, and once healed, find their forever home. Also, proceeds from their partnerships with the local farm-to-table restaurants go to help fund Girty's Haven. One of their happy customers said, "So thankful that this place is there. So many animals need help, with being vetted to new forever homes." Find them in Munzee Marketplace, and you can also contact them for farm tours! They haven't updated their CSA page since August 2015, contact them directly for more information.

South Tex Organics

Farm & Ranch in Corpus Christi -

Established in 1984, South Tex Organics is a leading organic wholesale and mail order shipper. They are "fast to load you up" with their products. They specialize in growing Rio Star grapefruit, several oranges varieties along with Meyer lemons, Texas SpringSweet 1015 yellow onions, red and white onions. There are also a variety of vegetables, beets, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, sweet corn, kale, and super sweet strawberries. Order online at their website and for sure, "can't wait to enjoy our huge box of citrus!" is all that you can say. You can also buy at their retail store, Earth Born Market, with three locations at McAllen, Texas. You can buy the freshest squeezed orange, grapefruit and tangerine juice here. Plus, a variety of locally grown vegetables, Texas pecans and local citrus blossom and wildflower honey. You can also find an assortment of jams, jellies, salad dressings, and other delicious sauces.

Southeast Texas OliveNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in ZZ No Location -

Located in Devers, Texas in a rural community about 9 miles north of Interstate 10. They have locally grown olive orchard. Also, their Koroneki and Arbequina olives are organically harvested and processed within 24 hours. This is also to ensure that high quality 100% organic extra virgin olive oil will be produced. "This is the best extra virgin olive oil I have ever tasted" according to one loyal customer. "Southeast Texas Olive oil is available at the Beaumont Farmers Market, Basic Foods, Seafood Lovers and at Thrif-Tee Food Center in Mont Belvieu". You can also buy their products online, at their website. "Real deal Texas extra virgin olive oil in the making!"

Steelbow FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Manor -

Steelbow Farm started in 2017. This is just their fourth year farming in Texas, and yet, the vegetables they produce are always sold out. This is definitely a testament to the quality of the products as a genuine, farm-fresh food. Their veggie box contains restaurant-quality produce, and if you didn't sign up to reserve for one, do not expect that there is anything left once these boxes are sent out and collected by locals who will definitely cook these as soon as they are home.

Tejas Dunes Dairy

Farm & Ranch in Muleshoe -

Tejas Dunes Dairy is a "dairy farm" that is a "good place" owned by "very helpful" people. Owned by Richard and Stacy Carter who uses organic farming methods. They have seen first-hand the benefits of the organic way of life. This includes better soil fertility, improved animal welfare and a healthier end product. They began farming in 2003, growing organic feed, then added organic dairy farming in 2012. Tejas Dunes Dairy is located at an altitude of 4,000 feet, on the high plains of West Texas. This is also an area where warm days encourage crop growth and cool nights provide optimal cow comfort. The farm also exceeds organic pasture requirements and is able to grow much of the feed the herds require, making Tejas Dunes more self-sustainable.  

Tenaza Organics

Farm & Ranch in McAllen -

Tenaza Organics farm, a local family farm in the RGV growing certified organic produce. "Everything is organically approved" including the "applications" on their "crops". The owner, Mark Miller, mentioned that "their farming cycle starts with 16 to 18 weeks of planting". This is also because "they grow their crops in stages to allow for a longer harvest season". And then, "the harvest runs from December through the third week in April, except for cucumbers which are picked from April through July". You can also avail of their weekly and bi-weekly CSA produce boxes. You may also check their social media page for more updates.  

Terra Preta Farm

Farm & Ranch in Edinburg -

In Edinburg, Terra Preta Farm is a "family farm serving the Rio Grande Valley area. They grow organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers". Juan, Shakera, Little Shake, Kanani, and Andres are the family members that manage it. Although they opened for business in November of 2011, they have been in agriculture since 1996. Moreover, they "see soil fertility as the core of successful organic farming", and that's why they work hard in keeping their soil very active and full of minerals. Also, they are offering weekly and biweekly vegetable shares. Check them out at McAllen Farmers' Market on Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm.  They haven't updated their CSA page since October 2014, contact them directly for more information.

Texas Best Organics

Farm & Ranch in ZZ No Location -

Texas Best Organics is owned and operated by the Slack Family, a fifth-generation of rice farmers. Texas Best Organics is considered as the largest organic rice producer in the Lone Star state. Texas Best Organics also grows and processes only pure 100% organic rice. All of their rice is also Non-GMO tested and is Gluten Free. USDA, KOSHER, and CCOF Certified. Also, Texas Best Organics guarantees that your rice is "100% organic from start to finish". And, for general information or questions, you may send them an email. Or, you can also contact them directly for Bulk sales ONLY.

Texas Farm Patch

Farm & Ranch in Pleasanton -

The Texas Farm Patch in Pleasanton, Texas, is a subsidiary of the Great Taste of Texas Inc. and Frericksburg Peach Commpany LLC. Texas Farm Patch is in the business of producing locally grown products for more than 80 years now. Also, it is an organic greenhouse of fruits and vegetables in Texas. Their goal is to bring the highest quality of organic fruits and vegetables to the community. In the next ten years, the farm is aiming to grow ten-fold and be able to maintain the high quality of its products. Come and visit their farm in Pleasanton. Texas! Check their website to know more about Texas Farm Patch!

Triple J Organics

Farm & Ranch in Mission -

In Mission, Triple J Organics, LLC is a family-owned USDA Certified Organic producer and distributor of fresh citrus produce. It started in 1995, and Jesse Lozano in Mission founded it. Currently, they have different varieties of citrus, primarily Marrs Oranges and Rio Star Grapefruit, but also few stocks of Navels, Meyers Lemons, Tangerines, and Tangelos throughout the harvest season. Moreover, food safety is their top priority. Their fruits are available in Whole Foods Austin, Lancaster Farm Fresh, Fresh Harvest GA, Lumi Juice Company, and Kroger, Safeway, Super Valu out of Wonderful Citrus. Also, they sell at H-E-B and Dallas Farmers Market. A delighted customer said, "Delicious citrus! Clean operation."

Weyrich Farm Organic PecansNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Eagle Pass -

Weyrich Farm Organic Pecans, which is located in Eagle Pass, Texas, is a 103-year-old farm. This farm has been growing pecans, from trees that came from Fredericksburg, Texas! As a farm known for its pecan trees and pecan harvests, Weyrich Farm Organic Pecans is the go-to for pecan food products. Here, they sell pecan halves, pecan pieces, and candied and roasted pecans. And you know what's the best way to eat pecans? Baked items, of course! This is why Weyrich Farm Organic Pecans is also selling Pecan Carrot Cakes and Pecan Pies. Lastly, they also sell Pecan Gift Boxes. Give these to family and friends who want a souvenir of your visit to the Weyrich Farm Organic Pecans.

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