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Farms & Ranches in Texas Using Conventional Methods (29)

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Alexander Blueberry Farms

Farm & Ranch in De Berry

In East Texas in Panola County, De Berry, Alexander Blueberry Farms is a "family farm offering top-quality, locally grown berries". Moreover, they have blueberry acreage in Northwest Louisiana and East Texas. Aside from that, they offer low prices on sweet and juicy fresh and frozen blueberries. "Fresh blueberries are available during harvest", typically from early June through late July. Meanwhile, "frozen blueberries are also available year-round", depending on availability. They "pick, grade, process, and package their fruit in a grading facility" at the Texas location. Other than that, they sell frozen grade A and B blueberries ($1.50 per pound) and blueberry juice in the off-season. Contact Amanda at 318-609-3960 for more information.

(903) 263-7803

B&M Farms Blueberry Patch

Farm & Ranch in Armstrong

B&M Farms Blueberry Patch is a family farm established in 1989 has a Country Farm Store with Picnic Tables. There is also a Fishing Pond. You can also join the Farm Tours and even avail of the School Field Trips. The owner already won several awards for his soil conservation methods. All of his blueberries are drip irrigated and most are hand-picked to give the highest quality fruit with the longest shelf life. They "always wait for the sun to ripen" the "blueberries to their sweetest potential before they are harvested". Contact them if you want to visit their farm which is located in Silsbee, Texas, just north of Beaumont. It is an "awesome place to enjoy a day with the family" and a "very well run farm with great treats as well".

(409) 385-1200

Berry Best

Farm & Ranch in Silsbee

Blueberries, strawberries are two of the bestsellers of Berry Best Farm.At this time, they do not offer a U-pick program on any of their berries. But, rest assured that anytime you get berries from them, you will get the very best quality as they are always freshly-picked. Aside from that, they only pick the berries that are fully ripe for maximum sweetness and flavor!Berries available at groceries are usually pickled two or three days early. Therefore, they did not get the chance to ripen at the tree.You'll know the difference when you get a hold of their berry goodies.Check them out at Beaumont Farmers Market or EastEastside Farmers' Market. Usually, they are selling their berries on either every Saturday.

(409) 659-0225

Bill’s Organic Garden

Farm & Ranch in Longview

Bill's Organic Garden is a CSA or community-supported agriculture. People support the farm by paying in advance to get a part of its upcoming harvest.In their 25-acre land, they can grow a lot of plants. If you are interested in being a member, you can get any of the plants they grow.The farm plants 30 different types of vegetables. Out of these 30, they have about 100 different varieties to plant every season. Therefore you never really get sick if the healthy options they can offer. Check their website to find out more information about this.While the Bill, the owner, only moved to Texas in the 90s, he has been farming since 1971. He now manages the farm with his wife, Donna. Facebook reviews from satisfied members are generally happy about what they get from the farm!

(903) 738-9130

Blessington Farms

Farm & Ranch in Wallis

Blessington Farms is just 40 miles west of downtown Houston, so get ready to have some fun! They offer a relaxing atmosphere, best in creating memories.Blessington Farms offer a fun-filled experience of picking strawberries, blueberries, and thornless blackberries.
Aside from berries, they also grow pumpkins. In October they host a Pumpkin Patch and a harvesting festival.If your family loves fishing, they also have a beautiful pond where you can do just that. Just bring your bait and tackle to enjoy it for free.For more adventures for kids, checked their Funland. Lots of options to play around and plenty of picnic areas for the adults to chill. They also host birthdays, field trips, and corporate events.

(832) 444-8717

Childress Agricultural Enterprises

Farm & Ranch in Cross Plains

Visiting Childress Agricultural Enterprises will be a "super friendly old fashioned fruit picking experience". You will surely "love it" and "will definitely be back". There are "even a few farm animals to see". Their "products are great and this family is amazing". "They are so sweet and treat you just like family when you go to the farm". "The peaches were the best I've ever had!" is what you can say about their peaches. They also have their most important product, the pecans, which comes in both native and paper shell varieties. They sell this directly to consumers and wholesalers either in-shell, cracked or shelled variety. You can also have pick-your-own freestone peaches, blackberries, sweet corn and black-eyed peas. A small herd of purebred Red Brangus cattle are also found and they also sell coastal and Tifton 85 Bermuda hay.

(254) 725-4321

Cleaton’s 4E Farms

Farm & Ranch in Kempner

There is something about cultivating a sense of optimism and hope when you start growing things. The owner of Cleaton's 4E Farms relates to this. As a disabled veteran, the owner didn't wallow on his unfortunate circumstance but instead, he focused his energy to cultivate the land. Now, Cleaton's 4E Farms has vegetables, flowers, succulents, fruit trees, and an overall wide expanse of green. It is a feel-good story, the same feeling you get after having your fill of the fresh food you get from this farm. They also just got their Go Texan Membership so you're sure everything they offer is 100% local!

(254) 415-5206

Dewberry Farm

Farm & Ranch in Brookshire

Dewberry Farm opened for people in 2002. Sitting in the backyard of Houston, the farm is famous for its fall attraction. Families, especially children, love going to the farm attraction to experience fun like no other.Currently, there are over forty family-friendly activities on the farm. The crowd's favorites are pumpkin picking and maze exploring. With an 8-acre pumpkin patch and 8-acre corn maze, 11 eateries, and lots of attraction, it is easy to forget about city life.They also have a zip line, a 40-foot slide, haystack swing, wagon rides, and train rides.Check their page for the schedule of activities and festivities!

(281) 934-3276

East Texas Homestead Farms

Farm & Ranch in Mineola

Vic and Cynthia Savelli are the proud owners of the 58 acres East Texas Homestead Farms. It's not only known for being the homestead of one of East Texas's first naturalist, but also for being the top-selling breeder of Black Hereford Cattle. Apart from their ranch raised, lean registered Black Hereford ground beef, they also produce a wide variety of vegetables. They have green leafy vegetables, such as kale, swiss chard, broccoli, spinach, cabbages, and Brussel sprouts, to name a few. You can contact Vic on this number (214) 728-6963 if you have questions about the farm. One of their satisfied customers said, "So so relaxing! We had a wonderful time, and it's a perfect location! Fishing was great!!"They haven't updated their CSA page since February 2, 2012, contact them directly for more information.

(214) 728-6963

Fiddlesticks Farms

Farm & Ranch in Midland

A family farm, Fiddlesticks Farms in Midland Texas is an 80-acre playground that is perfect for all ages. The farm is "selling vegetables, honey, flowers, etc". Every fall, the farm "offers an exhibit of humorous adventures" that will fascinate people about the world of agriculture. They have a maze that they assemble into a 13-acre cornfield, and most of the people who visit Fiddlesticks farm are excited to experience this incredible maze. Moreover, the farm is open from Monday – Friday from "9:00 am to 2:00 pm for school field trips and private parties". You can visit their website for appointments and reservations. They assemble private picnic areas for events and parties. Reserve your slot now!

(432) 687-6293

Glover Farm Vineyard

Farm & Ranch in Winnsboro

In Winnsboro, Texas, you can find Glover Farm Vineyard. It specializes in growing Scuppernong grapes, Muscadine grapes, Black Spanish grapes, and Blanc Du Bois grapes. Also, they have Red Lane, Supreme, Noble, and Cowart varieties. Their grapes are ripe mid-July, and winemakers usually make reservations. Aside from grapes, they also have fresh eggs and some seasonal vegetables. Moreover, the grower uses synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Potted one-gallon Muscadine plants are available year-round and ready to pick beginning in August.Furthermore, they make award-winning jelly, grape cider, and wine vinegar. From Agust through October, You Pick vineyard is in season. For availability, reservations, or directions, you can call, email, or check their Facebook page.

(903) 243-3410

Gold Ring WagyuNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Waller

Gold Ring Wagyu specializes in raising high-quality, home-grown, nutritious Wagyu beef. Gold Ring Wagyu is located in Waller, Texas. They are currently the source for Wagyu beef of restaurants in the area that is opting for locally-sourced meats. But Gold Ring Wagyu is also selling to consumers who want to buy Wagyu beef and cook it at home. This business is proudly family-operated. And they are just as proud that the Wagyu beef they are selling is hormone-free and antibiotic-free.

(281) 220-9123

Gulf Breeze Alpaca & Sheep Ranch & Lodging

Farm & Ranch in Lake City

Gulf Breeze Alpaca Ranch sits on a 40 acre of sloping hillside overlooking Lake Corpus Christi. It is a working ranch owned and operated by Lyn and Mark Christoph since 2007, and their goal is to breed quality alpacas. They feed their alpacas with a specially formulated feed, the Coastal Bermuda Hay, that they source locally. Moreover, they continuously add and rotate pastures to keep their forage fresh. PPPeruvian Royal, 4Peruvian Legacy, 6Peruvian Dona Ariana, SA Peruvian Black Epic, Peruvian Bueno are few of the fantastic bloodlines available on their ranch. These bloodlines are not readily available in Texas. They also offer tours to the ranch and cabin rentals! You can call Lyn at 361-537-0503 if you have questions about the ranch. One of their satisfied customers said, "This place is great! When we visited, there were beautiful lavender fields, turkeys, alpacas."

(361) 537-0503

Jersey Girls Milk

Farm & Ranch in Winnsboro

In just five miles east of Winnsboro, Texas, you will find the Jersey Girls Milk Company. It is inside the premies of C-Tex Farms.The farm sells the best raw unpasteurized and unhomogenized milk from wholesome Jersey cows. Jersey cows make the best source of dairy milk as they produce the creamiest milk out of all the dairy cattle breeds. All of their farm cows are completely rBGH and rBST. No artificial hormones included.The farm also sells yogurt, cheese, whey, cream, and more.Facebook Reviews generally praise their dairy product quality. "The best milk in Northeast Texas! The creamiest milk and the most heavenly yogurt! It is the only kind my family can tolerate!"

(903) 365-2449

Kelumac Christmas Tree Farm Bed and Breakfast

Farm & Ranch in Bryan

Kelumac Christmas Tree Farm Bed and Breakfast planted their first one thousand trees in 1988 and started selling in 1993. They have been "doing the 'Go Green' campaign since the beginning". Now, they have approximately "two thousand five hundred trees in the field and will have at least four hundred in the Choose and Cut area". They also have "one hundred containerized live trees and precut Frasier Fir Trees from North Carolina for the Christmas Season"This Bed and Breakfast is on a "twenty three-acre Christmas Tree Farm in Bryan, Texas". Here, you may enjoy the smell of nature and the aroma of pines as they spill out their fragrance. You may also catch a catfish out of the pond. Squirrels, Whitetail deer, and Songbirds may come into sight when you visit this place. Make it a family tradition to visit Kelumac Christmas Tree Farm Bed and Breakfast! You can find them on the left side end of Taylor Road.

(979) 279-3931

Law Ranch Cattle Company

Farm & Ranch in Houston

Ray Law's dad founded the Law Ranch Cattle Co. in 1952. While Ray continued a path in teaching, he is still helping his dad on the farm. Later, he decided to choose farming over a teaching career, and he hasn't looked back since then.He and Amy (his wife) are both committed to producing beef that does not sell in groceries anymore. They wanted meat that is pasture-raised, organic, beefy, tender, dry-aged, and state-inspected at a reasonable and competitive price! Aside from raising cows, they also raise laying chickens. And oh, they want their products to be the most healthy meat available!They have not failed on this goal as many customers from around the world tell them this. "Your chicken and beef are the best on the planet!"

(713) 492-4804

Millard Farms and Garden Fresh Produce

Farm & Ranch in Nacogdoches

In Nacogdoches, you can find Millard Farms and Garden Fresh Produce. It is a family-owned ranch that provides "various locally-grown seasonal produce". Also, their "main crop is strawberries with 25,000 plants", and the owners have been growing them for 18 years. Aside from their fresh produce, they also "sell homemade preserves such as strawberry jam, blackberry jam, and plum jelly" using their home-grown produce. Furthermore, you can buy their tasty vegetables at the farm and "weekly at the Farmer's Market" locally just in the same area. Happy customers said, "The best in Nacogdoches. Good stuff is always available." and "They have the best of everything!"

(936) 554-4694

Miller Farms

Artisan Food Producer in LaCoste

Miller Farm Raw Milk is a family farm with Jersey and Jersey cross cows located 15 miles west of San Antonio that sells “Raw Milk”. If you love drinking milk, this is the spot to go to! Their milk is always fresh and delicious! Their cows are grass-fed and given absolutely “no hormones” and “no antibiotics”. The milk is packaged in plastic jugs, just like in the store, so you don't have to lug around a box of empty containers! Yay! They also have chocolate milk that comes in half-gallon jugs, regular whole milk in half gallon or full gallon jugs. They also have delicious dairy products like free-range eggs, some kind of Irish soda, local honey, and random goodies of the type you'd expect to find on a farm.

(210) 508-1733

Morath Orchard

Farm & Ranch in Wichita Falls

Morath Orchard started as a small family farm in 1981. Since then, they have expanded their small peach orchard to include a greater variety and quantity of fruits and vegetables. They have "very fresh and good fruits". They are also excited to feature their favorite recipes along with news and updates from the farm. They also donate "a portion of their sales to" the "various programs" of  Hospice of Wichita Falls. With "beautiful veggies and fruit, lovely friendly ladies who work so hard to bring them to Farmer's Market!" You will have a "great experience with friends and new friends" because "everything that comes from Morath Orchards is wonderful!"

(940) 544-2223

Oliver Pecan Co

Farm & Ranch in San Saba

The Oliver Pecan Company, founded in 1970, is a family-owned company in San Saba, Texas. The farm has "40,000 pecan trees and offers fresh new crop pecans". They are one of the few pecan companies that grow, harvest, process, and make pecan products. Also, they operate their pecan shelling plant, candy factory, retail stores, mail order, and even wholesale and fundraising. The farm is selling "Chocolate Pecans, Pecan Pies, Pecan Honey Butters, and Pecan Pie in a Jar, Pecan Oils Chocolate Caramel Armadillos, Snacks, Trail Mixes, Gift Tins, Jams, and Jellies". Moreover, tours of their plants are available during fall and winter. Call Shawn Oliver at (800) 657-9291 for inquiries and have an appointment for plant tours.

(800) 657-9291

Orion RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Bertram

At Red River Station Rd, Nocona, you can find Orion Ranch. At Orion Ranch, they raise registered Longhorn cattle. All of their cows graze in rich pastures of Nocona all-year-round. If you want natural and healthy beef, be sure to check them out! Moreover, they also take care of goats and eggs. When it comes to their farming practices, expect to see a good combination of conventional and grass-fed and pasture-raised. If you want to know more information, please contact Machael Foegelle. On the other hand, if you have a plan to visit their farm, please note that visits are by appointment only

Picha Farm

Farm & Ranch in Robstown

Picha farm is small in size, but it is relatively enough to plant winter plants. The farmers generally plant out of a hobby, so most of their harvests are given away.They usually begin harvesting their crops in mid-May and continues to July. Sometimes, their harvest even extends up to August.During harvest season, they sell several vegetable varieties like squash, onions, green beans, okra, peas, cucumbers, sweet corn, potatoes, and tomatoes. They also grow cantaloupes and watermelons. "Amazing tomatoes! Watermelons are sweet as can be. Sweet onions are far and away! Some of the best fruits and veggies I have ever had."They also allow pick-your-own veggies and tours. Just message the if interested.

(361) 877-6937

Royalty Pecan Farms

Farm & Ranch in Caldwell

Royalty Pecan Farms is admired and respected for its fertile soils and abundant water of the bottomlands of the great river of Texas, the Brazos. It's been a labor of love since then, growing one of nature's most healthful foods, the pecan. But this is not just a farm but also a tourist destination. This farm nurtures over five hundred acres of lush pecan trees. It has has a covered veranda and plenty of space for lawn games and picnics. Their attractions include orchard tours, wine tasting, dinners, concerts, and other free and ticketed events throughout the year. But of course, their signature Pecan delicacies are always a must. Only quality ingredients are used to enhance their naturally nutritious pecans without adding preservatives, artificial flavoring, or trans-fats. They only use sustainable practices to grow and prepare heart-healthy pecans. Royalty Pecan Farms shares its place with those who appreciate healthy living and enjoy the goodness of natural foods. Also, they educate, share the experience, tell of the goodness of pecans, and the beauty of God's blessing. They believe that God created their place, and thus it is of eternal importance how they manage it. Visit them and make sure to bring your friends and family for a day of shopping, sampling, wine tasting, and more! Their regular store hours are every Wednesday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

(979) 272-3904

Southspoon Farms

Farm & Ranch in Yantis

Being in the goat dairy business for many years in Yantis, Southspoon Farms is a goat and cow dairy farm that sells raw goat and raw cow milk. Besides, their cattle are pasture-based, and their A2/A2 tested jersey cows produce raw milk for sale to the public by the gallon. Other products from their store are free-range eggs, pastured-based beef, and farm-raised pork. Moreover, they offer goat milk soap using their goat milk.Furthermore, they sell their milk to two cheese processors, Mozzarella Cheese Company in Dalla and Haute Goat Creamery in Longview. Additionally, farm tours are available on request. A happy customer said, "They sell the highest quality milk. It is great for yogurt, cheese, and drinking."

(903) 348-2345

Sunburst Market

Farm & Ranch in Lubbock

For more than three decades now, the Sunburst Market continues to provide high-quality products in Lubbock, Texas. They are using perfect "practices like crop rotation", IPM (Pest Management), drip irrigation, and pesticide-free to maintain the excellent quality of their products. The farm is making an effort to be a "one-stop vegetable shop". One that can keep on providing quality fruits and locally grown vegetables. Furthermore, they "also offer tomatoes, squash, okra, black-eyed peas, and French cantaloupe". You can visit their farm to check their products and call Cynthia Thiel at for more details. All product on this farm is fantastic!

(806) 445-0212

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