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2Knight Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Goldthwaite

In Goldthwaite, Texas, you'll find 2Knight Ranch that raises superior, grass-fed and Omega3 beef.  Their meat is free from preservatives, hormones, and antibiotics. With their products, the owners Charles and Nancy Knight offer the health benefits of an optimum Omega 6:3 ratio like grass-fed beef and has excellent flavor. Moreover, through their beef cattle program, they focus on retaining and enhancing natural Omega 3 content. Besides, based on their research, Omega 6 and Omega 3 are necessary for our diet, but Omega 6 is inflammatory, while omega 3 is anti-inflammatory. On their farm, you can buy 1/4, 1/2, and whole beef. A beef half is about 160-210 pounds of packaged meat. Call them if you want to inquire, and they will be happy to answer your questions.

(512) 924-9011

7 Fat Cows FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Hempstead

In Hempstead, 7 Fat Cows Farm "sells bulk pasture-raised pork & grass-fed beef". Besides, their livestock goes under a strict management intensive grazing program to provide the highest quality pork and beef possible. Currently, they are "raising Brangus cattle", and "their pigs are mainly Red Wattle" crosses either with Large Black or Berkshire. Moreover, they "grow a limited amount of Dwarf Nigerian goats" for their egg and milk needs. To schedule a tour or place an order, contact them via email or website. A few delighted customers said, "The uncured bacon is the best!" and "We purchased different cuts of pork, and everything was wonderful".

A & E Cattle Co.

Farm & Ranch in De Kalb

A & E Cattle Co., which is located in De Kalb, Texas, raises quail, cows, chickens, and pigs. They also grow vegetables and blackberries. This is a small family ranch, and their inspiration is to be able to help the community by providing healthy food options produced locally. Pick which is more convenient for you - farm pickup, home delivery, or local drop-off to a specific location. You can also shop online to purchase pasture-raised beef, different cuts of pork, and seasonal produce, which are hormone-free, pesticide-free, and GMO-free. If you are near the area, you can even schedule a visit so that you can pick berries on the farm. That's a great activity for the family and friends. Or you might see them selling meat at the local farmers' market, like the Texarkana Farmers Market. Customers are very pleased with the products they've bought from this farm. They said the beef is delicious and you know by the taste of the meat that it is fresh. They also praised the excellent customer service provided by the farm to customers buying meats.

(903) 277-6701

Agarita Creek Farms

Farm & Ranch in Fredericksburg

Agarita Creek Farms is at the heart of Texas Hills Country, in Fredericksburg. They are famous as a breeder of two heritage breeds of sheep— Jacob and Navajo Churro. They also "specialize in unusual varieties of produce", including many "rare heirloom varieties". Other products they offer are herbs, flowers, and vegetables such as beets, cabbage, Chinese greens, and collard. But, this farm is not just your typical farm. It also "offers luxurious farm-stay accommodations" on a bluff overlooking the farm and the City of Fredericksburg. So, if you are looking for a "farm-stay vacation" in the Texas Hill Country, contact Thomas Carnes at (830) 896-9140. You may also visit the Agarita Creek Farms Facebook page and website for more information.

(830) 992-5283

Aitken Farm and Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Tomball

Are you dreaming of savory beef for your meatballs and burger patties? Search no more as the Aitken Farm and Ranch allows you to make your dreams a reality.What is unique about this ranch is that they allow an up-close encounter with their animals. Please do keep in mind that they don't offer this service during summer days. It is mainly because it gets scorchingly hot in the petting pen.From Angus beef to Charbray/Jersey beef, rest assured that every cut you get is exceptional. You can instantly tell the difference between store-bought meat and a grass-fed one once you try them.‘No grease, tender steak, fantastic taste, great-quality, and impressive beef’ are just some of the words their customers used to describe their products.Furthermore, satisfied customers shared (on Facebook reviews) that the owners are knowledgable and passionate, not to mention, fabulous and sweet during visits.Aside from beef, they also carry free range eggs and raw honey.

(832) 422-5164

Alford Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Emory

The farm opened in 2013. The Alford Family farm offers a diverse number of sustainable and organic crops. They have blueberries and blackberries (close to 4000 trees). Additionally, they grow muscadine grapes, peaches (150 trees), and pecans (370 trees). Moreover, they have a variety of vegetables (cucumbers, onions, peppers, tomatoes, squash, zucchinis, and more).Although they seem pretty new in the farming business, they have already received multiple awards with their outstanding effort.What people love about this farm is their U-Pick project. They allow everyone to experience farm life by picking and interacting with animals. Some of the animals you can spend time with are oreo-cookie cows, red waddle pigs, and Cornish corn chickens.A patron even described it as ‘A beautiful slice of heaven on earth!’If you are up for a countryside farming experience, be sure to mark May to July on your calendar and visit them!

(903) 474-7629

Andrews Farm

Farm & Ranch in Georgetown

The Andrews Farm in Georgetown Texas provides a pasture-raised lamb, goat, beef, and locally grown flowers. All their products are free from antibiotics or growth hormones. The farm raises livestock in a year-round on coastal Bermuda. The place is rich native grasses and herbs. The vast supply of natural greeneries is beneficial for livestock health. Also, they are using processors that the USDA approved, which guarantees you that they humanely treat their animals.Moreover, the farm striving to produce the highest quality meat, and they maintain pastures healthy livestock. One of their customers says, Everything. We buy all our beef from Andrews Farm, and it is some of the best. Visit Andrews Farm in Georgetown, Texas!

(512) 659-6167

Appleby Community Farm

Farm & Ranch in Nacogdoches

Appleby Community Farm is a nine-acre farm that produces organic vegetables in the Nacogdoches/Lufkin area. Initially, they wanted to run a bed and breakfast when they purchased their land last 2007. However, they had an unexpected detour and directed their attention to farming. When Appleby Community farm started, they wanted to promote organic vegetables and products. They want to leave the environment better than when they found it. Their crops include beans, broccoli, cucumbers, herbs/spices, melons, onions, peas, to name a few. One of their happy customers said, "Cindy and Bryan at Appleby Community Farm are some of the kindest, hardworking folks you'll ever meet. Beautiful farm, excellent produce and chicken, and la-la-loved Cindy's kombucha class!"They haven't updated their CSA page since 2018, contact them directly for more information.


As Nature Intended Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Peaster

Are you finding "the cleanest fruits and vegetables and pasture-raised meats", especially for pregnant women and to your family? Then, Nature Intended Family Farm is the perfect farm for you! They began with "pastured chickens for tasty eggs". Later on, they had a garden that follows organic practices. And since they are on the extra acreage of Heart's Desire Midwifery Care, their first clients are the midwifery. Their most productive aspect at this point is the "pastured meat chickens". And, they will soon have "an orchard for fruit production. As of the moment, this farm is not yet certified but is already in the process. Check out their Facebook page at to stay up to date!

(817) 597-1945

Ash Acres Dairy Farm

Farm & Ranch in Belton

Ash Acres Dairy Farm is located in Belton, Texas, a farm that produces what they proudly claim as the freshest and best-tasting Grade A milk in Bell County from their herd of Jersey cows. If you live in the area, why don't you go ahead and try and see for yourself how the milk is. The farm is a certified Tuberculosis-free and Brucellosis-free herd. The cows here come from an esteemed bloodline trusted to produce great quality milk. They also sell cheese and ground beef.

(254) 718-1722

Augustus RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Yoakum

The Augustus Ranch waas founded in 1890, Augustus Kaspar moved to Gonzales county to be a ranch hand. He later bought a 100-acre land. After four generations, his business continues. Today, it is being managed by his great-grandson, Dennis Kaspar. To date, Augustus ranch is nearly 5000 acres. The huge land allows them to 'pasture-raise' cows and pigs.Augustus Ranch meat has been sought-after in markets and restaurants in Texas. Now, they allow online order so you can enjoy restaurant-quality meat for less all-year-round.Facebook reviews claim that they are the beef is the best in town. Skirt steaks make the best fajitas. Cowboy steaks are irresistible when smoked to perfection. For more recipes, be sure to check their website!They also offer butchery classes. For as long as you are over 13 years old, you can join the fun! 

(361) 293-2777

Axis & Angus

Farm & Ranch in Jacksboro

Axis & Angus, located in Jacksboro, Texas, specializes in selling USDA-certified natural, free-range Axis deer and Angus cattle meat products. Axis & Angus believes that Axis meat is a healthy choice because it is high in protein but low in fat. This low-calorie meat has zero carbs and low in sodium too. Axis meat is rich in vitamins and minerals. If you are interested to try Axis meat, Axis & Angus has in stock some popular cuts, including ground meat and backstrap. French rack is also available, so are tenderloin and roast. If life is about trying new things, it wouldn't hurt to try Axis meat from Axis & Angus. .

(940) 567-4030

B2 Ranch (Beall Ranch & Beall Beef)

Farm & Ranch in Buffalo

B2 Ranch Natural Pastured Veal is completely grass-fed and is harvested from 6 to 8-month-old calves. These calves have been raised by their mothers in grass pastures and have not been treated with antibiotics or hormones. They are truly all-natural. They also have pastured beef and chicken. Aside from providing great pastured-beef, they also have a lovely Lake Cabin that you can rent out if you're in the mood to get away from it all and experience a bit of farm life.

(830) 456-9519

Back 4T Farms

Farm & Ranch in Eden

Back 4T Farms is a regenerative farm. The farm is located in Eden, Texas. This is the farm to contact if you are looking for the following: organic, pastured eggs, and organic, pastured chicken. They are also getting ready to offer these items: grass-fed lamb; organic and grass-fed and finished beef; and pastured pork. This farm is owned by the Turnbough family. Their goal is to "provide whole nutrient dense foods to as many people." If you want to know more about them, you are welcome to visit the farm. They also set up shop at the Concho Valley Farmers Market in San Angelo. You can drop by their stall if you need anything, even just to say hi!

Bandera Grassland

Farm & Ranch in Bandera

Land to Market verified and a member of the Livestock Conservancy, the Bandera Grassland has been producting highly-nutritious meat since 2003. Their meat contains higher in protein, beta-carotene, vitamin-e, omega 3, and conjugated linoleic acid.They are able to promote superior taste and consistent tenderness through dry-aging, grass-feeding, and grass finishing. Each breeding step they do aligns with the American Grassfed Associations standards.Breeding one of the best American heritage beef, Bandera Grassland produces the best CertifiedTexas Longhorn beef.They also offer pasture-raised pork, lamb, and chicken egg. What's best is that all the pork meat they periodically sell are from feral hogs. These hogs offer much leaner meat that their bellies cannot pass for making bacon. On the other hand, their lambs are never fed any grain to promote highest omega-3 content. Check their sites for the number of chicken breeds they have.Bandera Grassland delivers fresh grass-fed meats straight from their farm! Read more as they were included in Kim’s list of 9 Farms Providing Fresh Grass-Fed Meat Delivery in Texas

(830) 562-3650

Bar CS Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Weatherford

In Jack County and Parker County, Texas, about an hour and a half north and west of Fort Worth, Bar CS Ranch, LLC offers pasture-raised beef with a taste of Jack County’s rich flavors. The Squire family, who owns the ranch, experiences various food allergies. Because of this, they realize that one diet does not fit all. Bar CS Ranch offers an alternative to conventional grain-finished beef. Moreover, their cattle do not receive antibiotics or growth hormones. Currently, they have packaged meat available for individuals who cannot use a whole or half beef. Call, email, or text them at 817-694-5571 for current prices and cut availability.

(817) 694-5571

Barnard Beef Cattle Co.

Farm & Ranch in Crawford

Barnard Beef Cattle Co. is owned by the Barnard Family, located in Crawford, Texas. They sell amazing steak. Steak lovers in Central Texas will validate that, for sure. Does this come as a surprise? No. The Barnard Family has been ranching for over 100 years. What they need to know about ranching, about taking care of cattle, about producing steak and other cattle products, they've learned by doing it firsthand and passing the knowledge to the next generation. They Currently offer both Pasture-Rasied + Grass-Finished beef, AND Pasture-Raised + Grain Finished Beef! They currently deliver all over I-35 corridor and down to Houston!

(254) 223-3297

Barnison Farm

Farm & Ranch in Austin

Jeremy, the owner of Barnison Farm, purchased the 10-acre land in 2004. While he did not have any agricultural experiences, the was full of motivation to start.On the first four years of farming, he learned a lot about organic and sustainable food production. However, his heart fell in love with cooking.Therefore, he pursued a career where can make healthy and delicious meals organically and sustainably.Barnison Farm still takes care of pasture-raised animals, but now, they also offer catering services. Jeremy prepares 100% locally-sourced meals for school children, private dinners, and parties.Follow them on Facebook to know which other local farms they source their ingredients from!  

(512) 964-3136

Bastrop Cattle Company

Farm & Ranch in Bastrop

Bastrop Cattle Company offers the highest quality pasture-raised and naturally-grown beef in Bastrop. Moreover, their humanely-raised meat is free of hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals. You can also have a custom butchery for free. Their business started in 2006 when Rancher Pati Jacobs took over their cattle trade intending to raise grass-fed beef. She decided to directly sell her meat to sustainable co-ops, restaurants, and families in the area. Delivery is available to both Austin and Bastrop. Also, you can get their beef in many Austin restaurants.  Give them a call or visit for online orders or any other specialty cuts.

(512) 537-6983

Belle Brook Farms Natural Beef

Farm & Ranch in Nacogdoches

Looking for an all-natural pasture-raised Belgian Blue Beef? Look no further as Belle Brook Farms' Natural Beef brings you 'The Beef Solution.'With meat lower in fat percentage, the lean and healthy beef they sell is top-notch! It is low in cholesterol, highly-nutritious, and juicyAccording to a Facebook review, while it is more muscular, the steak is still tender and juicy despite cooking it well-done.If you also want that lean but tender dream, be sure to check them out in Sunshine Health Foods, Bossier City or Shreveport.Oh, and don't forget to try their seasonings, sauces, and smoked products.You can also call to order or log on to their website.

1(800) 830-2354

Better Days Farm

Farm & Ranch in Burton

The Perry family takes pride in their passion and calling as farmers and beekeepers. If you visit Better Days Farm, which is located in Burton, Texas (halfway between Houston and Austin), you will see their flock of healthy, free-range chickens, even the chickshaw the chickens use so that they can enjoy free-ranging under the warm sunshine, and eggs of different colors - colored by nature, as they call it. If you are looking for organic, farm-fresh eggs and chicken, visit Better Days Farm. This business is a great partner for anyone looking to locally source fresh eggs and chickens.

(833) 388-9444

Beulah Land AcresNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Devine

Beulah Land Acres is in the business of raising cattle and producing beef. They are doing it in a patch of leased land. Cattle are raised on pasture from birth to butcher. This is an exciting enterprise, a shared interest of family and friends who are all committed to the mission to provide locals with healthy, nutrient-dense meat. Beulah Land Acres is ready to expand and reach more consumers. They are currently looking for more opportunities to sell quality, healthy beef aside from the local auction house.

(830) 538-8021

Big Oak Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Kilgore

Big Oaks Ranch is a ranch that specializes in grass-fed cross-bred goats. Aside from goat products, they also have a good selection of organic vegetables and pasture-raised chicken eggs. They also have hay available for sale as forage.Aside from being a source of farm goods, the big oaks ranch is also the home and training ground for ranch horses.

(903) 643-0530

Blackland Farm and Cattle

Farm & Ranch in Riesel

Blackhand Farm and Cattle offers pasture-raised chicken and eggs. They also provide grass-fed and grass-finished beef.With clean food and a farmer who can tell you how your food raised, you will never look somewhere else for your food. You can book a farm tour with Blackland Farm and Cattle, and they'll personally tell you their story.Occasionally, they also sell raw honey and turkey, which is excellent, especially if you struggle in finding real raw, unfiltered honey. According to the owners, their bees are close to by cedar, mesquite, and different kinds of wildflowers, allowing it to get all the nutrients to boost their honey naturally.Most importantly, they make it so easy to get their product. The farmers can personally deliver to selected zip codes if you cannot go to their farm to pick-up your order.

(806) 702-5116

Blackwood Educational Land Institute

Farm & Ranch in Hempstead

Blackwood Educational Land Institute in Hempstead, Texas, is a 33-acres non-profit organic teaching farm. The farm is on a mission to model and teaches the indispensable role of restorative, sustainable food systems. They provide programs for youth and adults alike. For youth, they facilitate tours, overnight stays, a farm school, as well as day and overnight camps. And for adults and families, they offer Blackwood, Bounty. They also offer a CSA program, classes and workshops, overnight and day retreats, and volunteer opportunities. Happy client says, “The Blackwood Educational Land Institute is a magical place portraying the 21st-century farm. A family would be happy to raise their kids on a farm that is a beautiful, productive, and very active place. This is how they can raise a set of new young farmers.” To know more about Blackwood Educational Land Institute, you can visit their website at  

(888) 741-7199

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