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Bali Family FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Llano -

The Bali Family Farm in Llano, Texas imbibes the goal of establishing a farm that gives importance to health, family, and nutrition. They employ the principles of permaculture when farming which is good for both the land and the animals. This ensures that all of the livestock that they raise on their farm are pasture-raised, and fed certified-organic grains while also taking care of the environment around them through rotational grazing.

Honey Doe Farm & Creamery

Farm & Ranch in Madisonville -

Honey Doe Farm started because of the family's quest to find alternative milk for their lactose intolerant daughter, Amanda. They learned that goat milk is more easily digestible for humans, but the ones available in stores had a powerful off-flavor. The good thing is they met a family with milk goats, discovered that goat milk is incredibly tasty. And that's when they started dreaming of having their fresh goat milk and homemade cheese. Said dream turned to reality when they moved to Idaho in January 2005 and purchased their first eight goats, 4 Nigerian Dwarfs & 4 LaManchas. With their continuous efforts to learn more about goat farming, their herd has grown to 100 goats. They are primarily raising two dairy breeds, LaMancha & Nigerian Dwarf goats and a market goat breed, Boer.  Going the natural route, they provide nutritious hay, minerals, and additional supplements such as dolomite, yeast, kelp, and bran to their goats as well as unlimited access to water. They sell some goat kids, and also branched out to producing beautiful hand-crafted goat's milk cheeses, lead by Lance Hays. He is deaf and communicates using American Sign Language, and is the primary cheesemaker and dairyman, joined by Frances Hays. A satisfied customer said, "My husband and I had a great time visiting! We toured the creamery, milked goats, and fed babies. So much fun! And so nice to be able to buy fresh goat cheese made in the creamery we had just toured. It's a great place to bring your kiddos to learn about life on the farm! Support local farmers!". You can reach out to Lance regarding your milk or cheese inquiries on this email, [email protected]!

Munkebo Farm

Farm & Ranch in Manor -

Meet Germaine Swenson, the visionary behind Munkebo Farm, named in honor of her Swedish great-grandma's birthplace. Founded in 2009 after her eye-opening journey to Sweden, this 80-acre farm practices permaculture. They raise pigs, Angus cows, Piedmontese cows, guinea fowl, chickens, and ducks. Facebook reviews consistently praise their flavorful meat and eggs, highlighting the rich aroma and quality. Don't miss Munkebo Farm at the Mueller Farmer's Market in Austin and Republic Square Farmer's Market for a taste of their exceptional products!

Nurture Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Frisco -

Rodney Mason and his family, proud owners of Nurture Ranch, embarked on their journey into 100% grass-fed beef after doctors' recommendations for a healthier diet. Their quest led them to sample grass-fed beef from various sources, but inconsistency in taste and texture left them searching for a better solution. Their search led them to a 5th generation rancher who unlocked the secrets of natural flavor development in cattle. Today, Nurture Ranch is certified by the 'American Grassfed Association,' and they raise adored Black Angus cattle. Taste the difference in our beef that has customers raving about its exquisite flavor and quality!

Renaissance Chicken

Farm & Ranch in Sealy -

Providing valuable information on free-range eggs, Renaissance Chicken is Houston's chicken guru! This place is also a hatchery, a breeder of rare and hard to find breeds, and a cage-free egg seller sitting on ten acres that have been organically maintained for over ten years. The owner, "Camille is professional and knowledgeable!!" Her farm offers Natural, Sustainable, Pasture-raised, Cage, Chemical, and Cruelty-Free source for exotic and hard-to-find breeds". You can also contact them via phone or their social media page if you want to pre-order from them. You can also see photos of their farm at their social media page. They haven't updated their CSA page since December 6, 2012, contact them directly for more information.

Rockin Bar B Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Cumby -

Bobbi Smith, a local military veteran farmer, runs the 113-acre farm, which he called Rockin Bar B Ranch. It is a diversified ranch, specializing in agro-tourism like deer, duck, and boar leases. Moreover, they also specialize in the direct marketing of grass-fed Angus beef. Options to purchase a whole, half, or quarter cow is available. You can also specify how you would like their meats cut. All-natural is what he takes pride in, naturally worming the animals with diatomaceous earth and lick a sulfur salt block to control insects. Glamping packages and other packages such as Ranch life for a day, weekend, or week will also be available in the future. Check their website through this link,, to be updated!

True Texan Beef

Farm & Ranch in Edinburg -

One of the reasons why we want to buy from local sources is because it is easy to trust them and their product. Take beef, for example. Locally-produced beef is made in ranches we can easily visit. The ranch owners are always happy to give us a tour because they have nothing to hide. On the contrary, they want us to know everything. Take for example True Texan Beef. They are proud to say that they are selling Texans with beef made from Texas-raised cattle. They sell 100% grass-fed and finished beef. It is all-natural and free-range. Beef produced here is US-inspected and has passed the standards for health and safety set by the US Department of Agriculture. It is a great-looking beef that tastes great too, not to mention nutritious and very good for your health and well-being. True Texan Beef is a good reason why it is best to go for locally-sourced beef.

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