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Permaculture Farms & Ranch in Texas (24)

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Andalucian Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Bellville

The Andalucian Ranch is a family-owned business. The ranch produces farm-fresh, homegrown vegetables and fruits which they sell to the community, like vegetables and eggs. This ranch hopes to promote a healthy and sustainable partnership between local farmers and local consumers. They have an online presence - a Facebook account and an e-commerce website where you can buy different products. They sell cucumbers, goose eggs, and even potted young olive trees. The Andalucian Ranch is located in Bellville, Texas.

(713) 305-4861

Animal Farm

Farm & Ranch in Cat Spring

The Animal Farm in Cat Spring, Texas, is a Permaculture Center and a Certified Organic Produce Farm. They usually supply in Farmers Markets and specialty restaurants with their most excellent and most nutritious vegetables, fruits, and herbs, such as arugula, broccoli, cilantro, chard, collard, greens, florets, spinach, spring onion and many more! Also, they have a farm tour for the public at least twice a year during spring and fall. Furthermore, they organize retreats for holistic practices such as yoga and open up their facilities to others. One happy customer says: "The animal farm can transform a property into an artistic haven. The products are of high quality and also have a fantastic flavor and variety. We highly recommend the farm." Visit Animal Farm and try their delicious organic products! Visit their website for more details.

(979) 992-3038

Black Sheep Meadows

Farm & Ranch in Leonard

Black Sheep Meadows Farm is a "sheep farm" in Northeast Texas. Their five-acre farm, "integrates bio-dynamic practices, permaculture, and sustainable farming traditions".  Black Sheep Meadows "produces fruit, vegetables, chickens, eggs, sheep, and honey, concentrating on heirloom varieties, and forgotten Old World cultivars". They also "provide lamb meat, wool, and their specialty, hays, and straw". This farm aims to "nourish their community with local, tasty, nutritious food while replenishing the soil". They treat their animals with dignity and love. They allow them to "feed naturally", providing them with fresh water, good feeds, shelter, and the freedom to express themselves freely.

(973) 879-5427

Bouldin Food Forest

Farm & Ranch in Rogers

Ben McConnell is the steward of Bouldin Food Forest. He practices organic and permaculture methods at the farm. In his 150-acre land, Ben grows several kinds of greens, herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Since he founded the farm in 2015, it has always been a catalyst for organic methods in central Texas. Currently, the farm sells lettuce, strawberries, eggplants, and more, however, they aim to be the biggest permaculture farm in Texas. Therefore, they will be planting more trees in the coming years. Cherries, limes, figs, oranges, apples, pomegranates, and nuts are just some of the plants on their to-plant list. Join their CSA program today! A happy customer of Ben says, "A fantastic source of beautiful sustainably-grown produce. Farmer Ben is a true champion of land care." 

Chef Driven Produce

Farm & Ranch in Kountze

An urban farm who follows permaculture principles, Chef-Driven Produce grows 100% organic produce. This is not your ordinary farm. They are a combination of four farms in different locations, specializing in different crops. One is in the suburbs of Spring. It is nesting ins a 1/8th land with baby veggies, petite greens, mushrooms, and edible flowers. Another is in the woods of Porter. With a 3-acre land, they can plan several permaculture plants in the area. Their newest location is in Spring where herbs, bok choy, and lettuces thrive. Get your supply of hard-to-find produce at the farm today! just visit their site for more info!

(832) 785-2152

Counter Culture Farms

Farm & Ranch in Nacogdoches

Counter Culture Farms in Nacogdoches, Texas offer you intimacy with the land, food, and healing through their products. In a world where everything comes in a super-fast pace, the farm revels in the fact that they raise their meats in the way that time has almost forgotten. They invite you to come and be part of the sacred ways of this life, the land, and our ancestors. A visit to their farm will show you where your food is coming from, not from a factory, but from nature itself. Send them a note, see the cows moo, the goats bahh, and the eagles soar. There is so much more to life and food than what groceries can offer.

Elemental FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Silsbee

Elemental Farm is a permaculture-based farm located in Sinton, Texas, Growing produce using organic methods. They use permaculture and organic methods in producing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. "Love you both, and so grateful for gifts you share with the rest of us, from your precious land" will be your words for the owners when you buy and taste their fresh and local produce. Their lettuce bowls are known around town and also sought after. Taste what lettuce should taste like. Without GMO's without chemical herbicides and pesticides. Watch how long it lasts in your fridge because it's fresh and local.

Elizabeth Anna’s Urban Farm & Garden

Farm & Ranch in Fort Worth

Elizabeth Anna's Urban Farm and Garden have been producing local organic produce for the last twenty-eight years.They offer a CSA program so people can enjoy their produce through weekly harvest baskets. Aside from that, the farm partners with other farmers so they can provide different types of food that they do not grow or sell at the moment.Rest assured that they are still keeping their carbon footprint low as they only partner with farmers within a forty-mile radius. Thus, transporting these goods only take a minimum amount of fossil.The farm also offers workshops and classes to promote Earth care and permaculture to everyone.

(817) 922-0930

Green Bexar Farms

Farm & Ranch in Port O Connor

Green Bexar Farms works on building a farm that follows all the sustainable permaculture principles. Ultimately, they want to bring fresh and organic produce for the whole local community to enjoy. The farm offers the best combination of salad mixes and veggies for their CSA members. Check out their Facebook page to know how to register! You'll love what they have to offer on their CSA box! The farm also has a 5000 square feet greenhouse with a double-barrel wooden stove that they have handmade for the art of planting. The greenhouse has over seven hundred tomato plants inside. Visit them today! 

(512) 216-0033

Hood Family Farms

Farm & Ranch in Bullard

Hood Family Farms mainly provides humanely harvested and “great pasture-raised eggs,” poultry, grass-fed beef, and lamb while focusing on regenerative farming and permaculture. It is indeed “an amazing place! It’s wonderful to see the animals so cared for.” But why pasture-raised? Pasture-raised eggs, especially when it’s chemical-free, pesticide-free, and herbicide-free, is a healthier and tastier option for everyone. It’s lower in saturated fat and higher in omega 3’s and vitamin A. Plus when you add to it the superior flavor that comes from the chickens enjoying their days as nature intended, it’s really the smartest choice to make. They also sell jams and pickles that are made in small batches along with their homemade baked goods such as bread, coffee cakes, jam bars, and muffins. The combination of their “bread and jams are delicious,” and their “GF blueberry coffeecakes” can be “thoroughly enjoyed with coffee” on any given day.

(903) 570-3729

Hope Farms HTX

Farm & Ranch in Houston

The Hope Farms in Houston, Texas, is a 7-acre urban agricultural operation. It was a project of Recipe for Success Foundation organized in 2005. Hope Farms "wants to lessen the number of people in the US who are suffering from health problems". These problems include obesity, heart disease, diabetes, by changing their eating habits. They want to "provide fresh, affordable food and promote a healthy diet to the Americans, especially to the young ones". Please like their Facebook page to keep you updated about Hope Farm's volunteer opportunities. Moreover, they post information about special events and open farm stand days on the account too.

(713) 520-0443

Josephine’s Gardens / Cosmic Community Cultivators CSA

Farm & Ranch in Dripping Springs

In Dripping Springs, Josephine's Gardens is a small "10-acre farm that offers naturally-grown various vegetables, fruits, and herbs". Moreover, the ranch focuses on "community development and education through the community-supported agriculture (CSA) model" since 2007. In growing their produce, they utilize "organic and permaculture methods". Also, they host music and dance workshops and events. Moreover, they have arugula, broccoli, cantaloupes, cauliflower, Chinese greens, cucumber, eggplant, fresh herbs, green beans, hot peppers, kale, lettuce, mustard greens, okra, pumpkins, salad greens, spinach, summer squash, swiss chard, tomatoes, watermelons, winter squash, and zucchini. Through their CSA, they have a total number of "10 shares where it costs $250/year (monthly payment is optional)". Contact Jody Karr-Silaski for more information.

(512) 264-8938

L’Cajn Farm

Farm & Ranch in Fort Worth

L'cajn Farm brings a touch of Cajun and Creole farming to Texas. Cecil Woods and April Goss-Clark have been farming since 2000, and their families have three generations of farmers. In 2011, they finally decided to establish a farm.In 2012, they started a CSA program called 'Farm box,' and it has boomed since then. They grow 35 different crops and have two harvesting seasons in a year. Some of the specialty fruits and veggies they include on the box are heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, and peaches.If you wanna be a part of their CSA program, be sure to sign up now as they only accept up to 100 members.Amy Kelly, an L'cajn Farm customer, said, "We've been buying produce, fruit, CSA boxes, honey, pickles, and chickens from them for five years now! Cecil and April and two of the hardest working people I know." 


Laughing Frog Farm

Farm & Ranch in Hempstead

The Laughing Frog Farm is a small farm in Waller County, Texas. It is a 21-acres farm that is sitting in a partially wooded land. Since then, the farm is using permaculture methods and organic principles in raising their trees, vegetables, and gulf. They are mostly raising heritage breeds like Coast, Native Sheep, and Freedom Ranger chickens. Also, they are producing red wattle pigs, tomato starts, and microgreens. Contact them directly to order CSA boxes.

(713) 542-6615

Munkebo Farm

Farm & Ranch in Manor

Germaine Swenson is the founder of the Munkebo Farm. She named the farm 'Munkebo' as a tribute to her great-grandma. 'Munkebo' is the birthplace of her great grandmother from Sweden. Upon learning about her roots through spending time in Sweden in 2009, she founded the farm in the same year.The 80-acre farm practices permaculture methods. Currently, the farm raises pigs, Angus cows, Piedmontese cows, guinea, chickens, and ducks.Facebook reviews generally commend their meat and eggs. "For years, I've been buying duck meat and eggs from Germaine. Such amazing meat cuts with rich smell and flavor. When I saw their selection, there was barely any fat in the meat."Catch them at Mueller Farmer's Market in Austin and Republic Square Farmer's Market.They haven't updated their CSA page since April 2020, contact them directly for more information.

(512) 940-5228

Penny’s Pastured Poultry

Farm & Ranch in Eustace

Penny's Pastured Poultry is on 8 acres near the Cedar Creek Lake area. Their practices in farming are "organic and permaculture". Right now, they "produce broilers that are pasture-raised with all-natural, whole grainsThey raise their chickens on the grass with non-GMO and non-soy feed". They process and pack their chickens so it is always ready for cooking! If you are an individual or a family who is seeking for a healthy option, Penny's  Poultry is the right place to be! They offer pastured broilers and eggs in Athens, TX, and surrounding areas. Moreover, "they supplement their chickens with all-natural whole grains". You can have peace of mind knowing that you are serving your family the best chicken on the market. Penny's Pastured Poultry's chickens are stress-free, foraging, and healthy. And those health benefits transfer to you because you are what you eat!

(903) 451-5001

Permaculture PasturesNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Karnes City

Permaculture Pastures is owned by a "fantastic family with a real passion for wholesome food that everyone can enjoy". They offer pasture-raised products. Eggs and meats. Their pigs till up the ground for garden plots and go behind the cows cleaning up the pasture, reducing flies and all of the problems that come with them. While the chickens are allowed to hunt insects, scratch the ground, and forage for greens. These chickens fertilize the pasture, greatly reducing cattle pests, and eliminating weeds allowing more desirable grass species to thrive. Buy from them because you will "love their products". You can also shop online on their website and pick up your orders at a designated location. Check the details on their website.

Reverse Pioneers

Farm & Ranch in Blanco

Reverse Pioneers is owned by people describing themselves primarily as “permaculturists and holistic management practitioners”. Their main goal is to reverse the damage on their dry and brittle temperate grassland while providing for human needs. They studied permaculture design in Thailand and have been implementing those practices on their 12 acres, and it shows. Both of them hope to incorporate art, culture, education, and entertainment into the farm to reconnect people to their natural landscapes. It’s these sort of reverse trends they’re after that give them their name. Some of their products include different types of microgreens, pea shoots and quail eggs.  You may email them or contact them via phone to know more about their farm produce.CSA Boxes available through Central Texas Farmers Coop.

(318) 347-6725

Savvy Organics Farm

Farm & Ranch in Red Oak

In 155 Tom Driver Road, Red Oak, Texas, you'll find Savvy Organics Farm that sells organic produce, honey, and farm-fresh pasture-raised eggs. Moreover, it started last October 15, 2018. It endeavors organic gardening, heirloom vegetables, permaculture, small-scale farming, and advocating healthy foods and natural products. Also, they are finding the best ways to deliver their products to their family, friends, local chefs, and others whether through a green stand, pick your own, farmers' markets, online store, or combination of two. Contact David Selman, and he can give you a tour. Happy customers said, "I love visiting and learning so much about methods used and products helpful for home gardening. Great vegetables and eggs!" and "Great tasting and safe to eat! Best eggs ever!"

(469) 644-8821

Singleton Farms

Farm & Ranch in Pilot Point

Lisa and Andy established Singleton Farms in 2013 and won Pilot Point’s Chamber of Commerce “New Business of the Year” since then. Three generations of family members live on and run the 5-acre farm that produces, among others, twelve varieties of tomatoes and various types of herbs. They also keep grass-fed humanely raised animals on the farm. They strive to be a sustainable and organic, permaculture-based farming operation.The farm currently sells their products at their farm stand. They are open from Wednesdays to Sundays to serve the community of Pilot Point where the farm is located. Watch out for the launch of their online shop that they are planning to activate soon!

1(214) 693-6207

Stonebranch Microfarm

Farm & Ranch in Celina

Two of the best soil farmers in Texas, Alan and Erin Robbins follow a permaculture approach in growing Stonebranch Microfarm to create a better sustainable land. This approach means that they do not plant by the category of crops. They let seeds grow where they want to grow to promote heartier and healthier produce. Aside from a beautiful randomly planted land, the micro-farm also sells handmade soap, fresh chicken and duck eggs, flower bouquets, rabbit meat, and pigeons. Customers love meeting the two, and you would love them too! "I had a pleasure meeting Alan and Erin at McKinney Farmer’s market. They were sweet and welcoming (even when the heat was unrelenting). I'd love to do Farm tour sometime!

(469) 735-0735

Talking Tree Farm

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio

Talking Tree Farm is a permaculture project in Converse, Texas. They sell at the Pearl Brewery Farmers Market on Saturdays 9-1 pm and Sundays 10-2 pm. Not only involved in vegetable farming but they also assist in humanitarian services including helping foreign exchange students find their host families. Their posts regarding these are found on their Facebook page. Buy "some greens" from them and if you "didn't get to eat them till 3 or 4 days later", they are "still fresh". They may have their own style of keeping "them in the balloon bags" which makes them "still fresh". Updates on their farm are available on their Facebook page too.

Texas Micro FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Keller

Texas Micro Farms is a small urban backyard farm located in Keller, Texas. Texas Micro Farms is promoting the use of permaculture in farming. The goal of Texas Micro Farms is for agricultural ecosystems to naturally grow and develop in the backyard. Texas Micro Farms is growing new plants. Another goal is to continue raising and harvesting microgreens as well as mushrooms. It will also produce pickles, kombucha, and cheese. Texas Micro Farms is showing the community how it is to be one with nature and the natural world.

(817) 901-2322

The Hour Farm

Farm & Ranch in Weslaco

Since 2011, The Hour Farm has been producing haybales in Weslaco. The Hour Farm grows different vegetables such as romaine lettuce, carrots, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, peppers (jalapeno and poblano). Although they are not Certified Organic by the USDA requirements, they assure that they use only naturally-grown farming practices. Moreover, they have been collecting their seeds for some vegetables and venturing permaculture methods and techniques. Because they are in an experimentation process, the owner loves to call this "a research investment in time." Soon, they will be offering seeds the moment they perfect their lands. Check their available products and contact Thomas Padilla. 

(956) 684-2819

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