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Texas Farms & Ranches Practicing Regenerative Agriculture (174)

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Ramblin’ Rodarosa

Farm & Ranch in Coleman -

Ramblin' Rodarosa is a Grass-fed Livestock Producer in Coleman, Texas. Proudly serving central and west Texas. Their cattle are free-ranging and grazing on native grass pastures free from hormones. Ramblin’ Rodarosa wanted to integrate livestock in our long-term management toolbox, and after years of improvements to include brush management, cover crops, native grass plantings, and livestock water development, they are ready to start raising baby calves to provide wholesome and healthy food to their community. They are a small cow-calf operation with a goal to provide direct to families and restaurants local, grassfed beef raised year-round on grass pastures, not just grass-finished, but grass-fed from birth to butcher. If you're looking to stack your freezer with some of the best grass-fed beef in the county then this is the place to go. Their beef is available as one-fourth, one-half, three-fourths or as a whole.

Reeves Family Farms

Farm & Ranch in Princeton -

Meet the Reeves family, proud owners and operators of Reeves Family Farm since 2006. With their sustainable farming practices, they've expanded from an 8-acre okra farm to an impressive 50-acre plot, proudly GAP Certified. While okra remains abundant, they offer a diverse array of fruits and veggies including radish, beets, peppers, pumpkins, squash, turnips, carrots, and greens. Supporting local farmers, they also provide watermelons, berries, plums, peaches, milk, honey, cheese, and more. Taste their farm-fresh goodness today!

Reviving Real Foods, LLCNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Bowie -

Reviving Real Food, LLC was founded with a love for real food and a passion for regenerative agriculture. With their sustainable farming practices, they are currently producing nutrient-rich food like their pastured lamb, beef, and seasonal turkeys. They also have a farm-to-table food trailer that can be enjoyed by visitors of booked events at the farm. And by 2023, they're launching Heardshare where their customers will have the chance to obtain their shares of raw goats' milk.

Rhineland Farm

Farm & Ranch in Glen Rose -

Rhineland Farm, which is located in Glen Rose, Texas, is a small farm, bed and breakfast, and farm store in Somervell County. The owners of Rhineland Farm have been in Glen Rose for nearly three decades now - 27 years of being part of the community. They know that this is a great place for a farming business, and the surroundings make it a great bed and breakfast place! Through their farming business, they are able to act upon their belief of eating good, locally-raised meat that is safe and healthy. If you want to buy local and fresh products, simply ask the locals about The Freckled Hen Farm Store. This is where Rhineland Farm sells meat, eggs, and other products.

Roam RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio -

Roam Ranch was founded by the co-founder of Epic Provisions, Taylor Collins. Now the CEO of Roam Ranch and also owner of Force of Nature brand of bison cuts. Their American bisons "are so majestic". They have an "extra layer of insulation" that "keeps the animal nice and cozy during these Texas cold fronts as well as makes them look extra prehistoric". You can also join their ROAM Ranch trail race. They also have a challenging course guaranteed to be the adventure of your year. They have 10k and 30k distances, post-race meat from the ranch, and amazing awards also.    

Roman Heritage FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Sunset -

Roman Heritage Farms is a picturesque family-owned establishment nestled in the heart of picturesque Sunset, Texas. Surrounded by lush green fields and rolling hills, it offers visitors a unique experience of regenerative agriculture, and farming traditions that is in-line with the rhythm of nature. The farm provides educational tours and hands-on activities, showcasing how food production can go hand-in-hand with nature.

Rook Pastures

Farm & Ranch in Navasota -

Rook Pastures offers pastured chicken. They are located in Navasota, Texas. You can visit the farm or you can order online. Here are your choices: Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts, Bone-In Chicken Thigh, Chicken Drumsticks, Chicken Tenders, Chicken Wings, and Whole Chicken. If you are planning to have turkey for an important event or celebration, make sure to reserve an order for one whole turkey for you here at Rook Pastures. The address, email, and contact number are all posted on the website if you have any concerns and you want to get in touch with the farm. If you live in or near Navasota, you can avail of the free local home delivery on orders over $75.

RR Wilderness Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Bonham -

Motivated by the scarcity of quality food, Marty and Stacy Rauchwerger established RR Wilderness Ranch with land, fences, and three heifers. Over time, they expanded their herd, now totaling 70 and growing. Their sustainable ranching approach, inspired by Joel Salatin's Polyface Farms, prioritizes humane animal treatment. Explore their offerings, including black Angus beef, pasture-raised poultry, and eggs, with limited-time availability of lamb, all grass-fed without hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. A satisfied customer raves, "Tender, mouthwatering beef at reasonable prices. They prioritize livestock and customers." Visit their website for online pickup/delivery or call 903-647-7875 to order. Experience quality, ethical ranching in action.

Rural Reverie LLC

Farm & Ranch in Carthage -

Rural Reverie LLC is a first-generation family farm providing the community with agricultural products. The farm specializes in providing meat - beef, pork, and lamb.  They offer a wide selection, including options for wholes and halves. They also have discount boxes which you might want to check out. The family that owns and manages Rural Reverie LLC is open to visitors who want to tour the farm and stop by for a chat. Rural Reverie LLC is located in Carthage, Texas.

Sanctum Tree Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Bowie -

Sanctum Tree Family Farm is a family farm that produces non-GMO, corn-free, soy-free pastured chickens. It is located in Bowie, Texas. The farm is owned by Clint and Sarah Fortner. The farm is managed with the help of the family. Clint and Sarah make time to participate in public selling venues, like the Wichita Falls Farmer's Market. The vegetables they sell are farm-fresh and organic. They also sell tasty treats and handmade items. They also sell chicken. You can order via their website. They have a whole chicken and cut-up chicken. They also offer a Family Box and Basic Box (Monthly) for members. One of the customers loved the banana bread - moist and flavorful. Because of the positive experience, the customer is buying again from Sanctum Tree Family Farm.

Sevenfold FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Aledo -

Sevenfold Farms takes pride in our commitment to raising free-range animals using time-honored techniques and nourishing them with organic grains and feed. This dedication results in some of the purest products you can find. Serving the Dallas and Fort Worth areas, we provide a range of offerings, including top-quality grass-fed beef, pastured pork, and free-range eggs. If you're in search of heritage pork, look no further – just a quick 20-minute drive from downtown Fort Worth will bring you to us. Join us in supporting sustainable, ethical farming practices for your family's table.

Shady Grove RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Jefferson -

In 2008, Matt and Jerica Cadman founded Shady Grove Ranch for reliable access to pastured meat. Matt's quest for healthier living led to sustainable farming. By 2011, he was medication-free and thriving. Customers rave about our beef. One Facebook review says, "Just cooked your sirloins tonight! Great-quality, super tender meat. I won't buy beef elsewhere!" As our farm flourished, so did our family's health. Today, we offer the juiciest meats, golden-yolk eggs, home-harvested honey, and fresh, nutritious veggies. Join us in savoring the goodness of Shady Grove Ranch.

Shudde Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Sabinal -

Shudde Ranch is renowned for its naturally lean Longhorn and Devon cross beef, a tradition that has delighted meat enthusiasts since its founding in 1897. Today, the ranch is expertly managed by Janelle and Gerry Shudde. While they've transitioned away from retail sales, they maintain a partnership with Parker Creek Ranch, where Mandy and Travis Krause oversee the cattle for harvest. Both the Shuddes and the Krauses share a common commitment to producing healthy, nutritious meat through grass-fed practices. If you're craving an extraordinary culinary experience, Shudde Ranch Beef should be your top choice.

Slow Food Farm

Farm & Ranch in Thorndale -

Nestled just outside Austin, Slow Food Farm is your friendly neighborhood source for premium meats. Meet Jennifer and Harry Huf, the dedicated farmers who pour their hearts into every aspect of their farm. They wholeheartedly encourage you to come and visit, especially if you're a first-time customer, to experience the transparency of their operation. Their expertise lies in the art of pastured poultry, but depending on the season, you might also find a selection of pork, rabbit, and beef. While they are in the process of obtaining organic certification, they remain committed to using natural farming methods. Your visit is not only welcomed but adored by both the farmers and their animals. Come and explore the wholesome goodness of Slow Food Farm!

Smart Growth Farms

Farm & Ranch in Devine -

Smart Growth Farms is the only livestock farmer in the San Antonio area that raises pastured lamb, chicken & pork. First established in 2019, this family-owned farm in San Antonio, Texas is working towards its goal of being able to rehabilitate its land through regenerative agriculture practices and become a full-time on-farm by 2027 with the support of the San Antonio Metro. Also, the focus on these three specific meat sources allows the owners to help regenerate and improve the quality of their grazing fields. Their growing flock of grass-fed St. Croix sheep is rotationally grazed to ensure that both their livestock and grazing fields are well taken care of.

Southern Sunny Acres

Farm & Ranch in Winona -

Southern Sunny Acres, which is located in Winona, Texas, is a farm serving the East Texas community producing ethically-raised pastured poultry. You can pay for a Poultry Box subscription. If you want, just buy what you need - chicken breast, thigh, drumstick, feet, leg quarters, heart or liver, chicken broth, or a whole bird. The animals raised here are fed with non-GMO, soy-free feed. The animals are allowed to graze on fresh pasture. The farmers believe that this is the key to producing more nutrient-dense meat. The farm uses sustainable, holistic management practices centered on the natural management of poultry. This farm is owned by a veteran family.

SP Ranches

Farm & Ranch in Sherman -

At SP Ranches, we nurture registered Tamworth piglets and South Poll cattle, crafting premium grass-fed, non-GMO Heritage Tamworth pork. Our commitment extends to rabbits, ducks, and chickens, all raised GMO-free. SP Ranches embodies the Staggs family's love for nature, animals, and the pursuit of wholesome meat alternatives. Join our Facebook community and discover why people are raving about our products: "These folks are fantastic! From short ribs to bacon, everything's been amazing!"

SSS Schumann Beef

Farm & Ranch in Lohn -

SSS Schumann Beef specializes in providing families high-quality beef.  These beef are pasture-fed and are free from any antibiotics, hormones, corn, and grain products.  They are "super nice to work with and it’s apparent from the start they care about their customers". Buying from SSS Schumann Beef means you get top quality individual cuts, and you also "get to support a local family farm!"

Star Haven Farm

Farm & Ranch in Bedias -

Journey just 70 miles northwest of Houston to discover Star Haven Farms, also conveniently located 35 miles east of Bryan and College Station. Karen and Ray Hadaway proudly manage this 40-acre family legacy spanning over 75 years. Our farm boasts full-blood Boer goats, grass-fed beef, and pastured egg-laying hens. Notably, pasture-raised offers more omega-3 than free-range chicken, ensuring chemical-free benefits. Plus, we excel in quality Boer goat breeding. Experience the freshness of our grass-fed meats, delivered straight from our farm! Explore why we made Kim's list of "9 Farms Providing Fresh Grass-Fed Meat Delivery in Texas."

Sterling Lamb – Hodges Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Sterling City -

The foundation for Sterling Lamb - Hodges Ranch is the development of quality, locally-raised lamb products for the food service and grocery industries. What sets Sterling Lamb apart is that their hair lamb meats do not have the harsh aftertaste that traditional lamb is known for. If you're unfamiliar with Sterling lamb, then you can get recipe ideas from their online blog which you can check it out here - Sterling Lamb Recipes from the Hodges Ranch.

Sullifarm and Kitchen

Farm & Ranch in Hooks -

Sullifarm embraces the full-circle scene in agriculture.  They believe in practices that's all about about restoration, repair, healing and health.  They don't just grow food, they strive to regenerate their soils and pastures in the process, leaving it much healthier than when they started. Sullifarm strives to maintain as local a scene as possible. This decreases the need for excessive transportation, ensures the utmost freshness, and keeps your dollars directly affecting your food production and not towards gas for vehicles or means of long-term storage. Aside from providing great-value farmboxes, Sullifarm and Kitchen also offers private parties known as Sullifarm-to-Table Events. Featuring almost completely locally sourced, naturally produced foods, prepared from scratch in a way that is simple, gourmet, and highlights the deliciousness of each ingredient. The full menu is kept secret from guests to add to the excitement and anticipation, talk about having an element of surprise to a meal! Of course that's not the only reason for the "secret menu" it's also because their meals are intensely determined by what they and the other local farmers are harvesting at that exact time.

Talltex Beef

Farm & Ranch in Dalhart -

Talltex Beef is a work-in-progress holistic, Farm and Ranch. They have no-tilled lands for 16 years, sold beef for 14 years and 10 years ago switched to Grass-fed. 6 years ago they changed bulls to Waygu/Akushi keeping with the “Tender and Good for the Heart” theme. The challenge for them is to begin Adaptive Grazing, which will have them rerouting water tanks. They have added Ramboullet sheep and have tasty lamb to offer.  

Taste & See FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Tyler -

Established out of the desire to provide for their family safe and nutritious chicken, Taste & See Farm has now grown to provide the community around them with pastured chicken. This love for the land and how to work in harmony with nature is the driving principle for this poultry farm where their products are nutritionally superior and have a low-impact on the environment because of natural grazing practices.

Terra Sienna Grass Fed Beef

Farm & Ranch in Plano -

Terra Sienna Grass Fed Beef, nestled in Montague, Texas, offers the finest dry-aged pastured beef. Our year-round irrigated green pasture ensures optimal marbling and omega-3 fatty acids. We dry-age our beef for 14 days, enhancing tenderness and flavor. The Helm Family, dedicated to sustainability, avoids chemicals and hormones. Our cattle enjoy a grain and corn-free diet, with supplements like salt, loose minerals, and Bermuda grass hay. Experience this rich beef at Richardsons Farmers Market today!


Farm & Ranch in Spicewood -

The husband and wife, Orion and Tina Weldon, are the founders of TerraPurreza. They have been in Spicewood, Texas, since 2015. The TerraPurreza is an organization that aims for the sustainability of vibrant health. They also want to develop a stable habitat by connecting people to regenerative land use. The regenerative agriculture is a collection of food approaches or techniques. This approach focusses on rehabilitating soil health, restoring natural water cycles, and native grasslands. Furthermore, the farm is currently offering raised beds, organic/ pastured eggs, and poultry. They also offer raw, unfiltered honey, and a variety of seasonal produce. To know more about TerraPureza, follow their social media accounts for more updates on their products. Feel free to message them for questions or inquiries. 

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