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Transitional Farms & Ranches in Texas (27)

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Ahimsa Farm

Farm & Ranch in Boerne

Ahimsa Farm describes itself as "a small, chemical-free transitional organic farm on the Little Joshua Creek." They are located in Boerne, Texas. Ahimsa Farm sells free-range eggs and beautiful, healthy vegetables through its community-supported agriculture (CSA) program. Those supporting Ahimsa Farm's CSA pay $200. I am sure this is money well-spent. If you are thinking of learning about working and managing a farm, Ahimsa Farm is accepting applications for summer internship.

(210) 249-1180

Aunt Sue’s Barn

Farm & Ranch in Ponder

Aunti Sue's Barn was Founded in 1999, Sue Newhouse and her husband Brian Odwyer has been running the 10-acre farm for over two decades.In just a twenty-minute ride from Denton, Texas, you can reach the farm. Just be sure to make a left turn at a yellow mailbox.Inside the farm are two greenhouses, a beehive, a tree orchard, and a red barn. Furthermore, they grow asparagus, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, peaches, nectarines, and flowers. Additionally, all of their products are available at Coppell Farmers Market, Denton Community Market, and Robson Ranch Market.Aside from the fresh produce, people keep on coming back for their homemade cobblers, artisan bread, high-quality fruit preserves, and flavored apple cider vinegar.They even extend their effort on sustainable farming by letting guests experience the farm life through U-pick events, workshops, and volunteering events.

(214) 546-7416

Bandera Grassland

Farm & Ranch in Bandera

Land to Market verified and a member of the Livestock Conservancy, the Bandera Grassland has been producting highly-nutritious meat since 2003. Their meat contains higher in protein, beta-carotene, vitamin-e, omega 3, and conjugated linoleic acid.They are able to promote superior taste and consistent tenderness through dry-aging, grass-feeding, and grass finishing. Each breeding step they do aligns with the American Grassfed Associations standards.Breeding one of the best American heritage beef, Bandera Grassland produces the best CertifiedTexas Longhorn beef.They also offer pasture-raised pork, lamb, and chicken egg. What's best is that all the pork meat they periodically sell are from feral hogs. These hogs offer much leaner meat that their bellies cannot pass for making bacon. On the other hand, their lambs are never fed any grain to promote highest omega-3 content. Check their sites for the number of chicken breeds they have.Bandera Grassland delivers fresh grass-fed meats straight from their farm! Read more as they were included in Kim’s list of 9 Farms Providing Fresh Grass-Fed Meat Delivery in Texas

(830) 562-3650

Dry Creek Farm

Farm & Ranch in Edna

In Edna, Texas, you can find Dry Creek Farm. They sell various products such as "fresh farm eggs, jellies, jams, and pickles". Moreover, you can "buy directly from their home or at the local farmers' markets" such as Edna, Ganado, El Campo, and many more. Also, some of the specific locations you can find them are at West Columbia at the Hoggtober fest, Louise-Hillje Fall Festival, and BBQ Kickoff, and Angleton Market. Some of their happy customers said, "Pickles are good!" and "the jams and jelly are amazing. Their bumbleberry jam is so delicious! I will be buying some more!"

(361) 648-6314

Edendell Farm

Farm & Ranch in Dime Box

Edendell Farm is a CSA (community-supported agriculture) with a bigger goal. They also offer a program called 'Farm Share.' Farmshare means sharing their farm with them.Through Farm Share, they are able to teach people who like to learn how to farm. These include people who couldn't have otherwise afforded a land. It is a 2-year program where they help people learn the different aspects involved in farming.In addition, they offer Harvest Share for people to pay in advance in order to get a share of their produce during the harvest season.If you like a share of their products or their farmland, be sure to check their website!

(979) 884-0292

EIEIO’s Organic Farm

Artisan Food Producer in Wimberley

EIEIO's Organic Farm is a Family-Run Farm in Wimberley, Texas Since 2007. What started as a crazy inspiration has become an incredible journey!

It all started in Austin, 2007.  4 yr old Max & Kathleen were watching “Charlotte’s Web” for like the 30th time when he turned to her and said,  “Mom..why don’t we move out into the country, start a farm, call it EIEIO’S and get a pig named Wilbur”!!  Laughing and crying they jumped into action and within a few months had found their land in Wimberley.

The farm sits on 12 acres just 2 minutes from Wimberley Square! It is surrounded by beautiful Oak and Pecan trees right on the creek. They also make homemade organic condiments, which you can purchase at the Farmer's Markets or on their website.
They also have two darling cabins where you can stay for a truly authentic farm stay experience!

(512) 557-4789

Elliott Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Grapeland

One of the most famous farms nearby Grapeland is Elliott Family Farm. They specialize in Southern peas (especially purple hull and cream peas), grain, and milled flours. Moreover, the family has been farming since 1854. Currently, they are transitioning to organic. This means that they use no chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Also, their Southern peas are sold fresh shelled by the gallon, quart, and pint, or unshelled by the bushel basket. Furthermore, they shell, force air clean, and bag their product. A satisfied customer said, "I baked oatmeal cooking using the oats that we got from your farm, and the kids loved them!"

(936) 687-3982

Evans Homestead

Farm & Ranch in Commerce

Evans Homestead is a starting farm sitting in Commerce, Texas. It is one hundred percent Veteran farm that "offers fresh, local, and natural products through sustainable practices". Evans Homestead started with the owners living at a house on the lake in the country and wants to grow their food. Farm animals are not allowed at their property, so they "started to raise beds, rabbits, and duck since they are not considered farm animals". As they expand, they began to "raise cattle, goats, sheep, laying chickens, turkeys, quail, guineas, pigs, and laying ducks". They also "breed animals that adapt well to the Texas climate and are better for foraging". This way, customers get better products from them. In the future, they "plan to have various greens and other veggies, as well as honey!"

(972) 853-3669

Far West Texas Cattle Co.No Own Retail Location

Online Service in Alpine

Far West Texas Cattle Co. offers ranch-to-table beef subscriptions, hoping to make it easier for consumers to buy beef. The farm is located in Alpine, Texas. The business of offering a ranch-to-table beef subscription sounds like a smart idea. It makes it easy both for buyers to buy beef, and for them too, to sell beef. But that is not the best part of the story. It is the fact that 90% of the profit goes to helping people in need. They provide financial assistance to help refugees in Lebanon and starving children in the Democratic Republic of Congo. How they manage to sustain the business operating under this condition is nothing short of a miracle, financially. But they make do, and that is all that matters. Nothing is difficult or impossible to someone who is dedicated to helping others.

Garret’s Legacy Farmstead

Farm & Ranch in Goliad

In the south of Goliad, in the San Antonio River Valley, Garret's Legacy Farmstead sells fresh veggies and melons (in season), eggs, bread, free-range chicken eggs, free-range duck meat, chicks and ducklings. Moreover, the owners are a small homesteading family living a simple life by raising some animals, growing crops, and selling the surplus to people. Also, you can find them at Goliad Market Days every 2nd Saturday of the month. Additionally, you can buy okra, summer squash, tomatoes, limes, seeds, plant bedding, and more. A satisfied customer said, "I love the live feed. I wish I could shoot by & pick up all of my eggs & fresh veggies from you."

(361) 400-6612

Glover Farm Vineyard

Farm & Ranch in Winnsboro

In Winnsboro, Texas, you can find Glover Farm Vineyard. It specializes in growing Scuppernong grapes, Muscadine grapes, Black Spanish grapes, and Blanc Du Bois grapes. Also, they have Red Lane, Supreme, Noble, and Cowart varieties. Their grapes are ripe mid-July, and winemakers usually make reservations. Aside from grapes, they also have fresh eggs and some seasonal vegetables. Moreover, the grower uses synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Potted one-gallon Muscadine plants are available year-round and ready to pick beginning in August.Furthermore, they make award-winning jelly, grape cider, and wine vinegar. From Agust through October, You Pick vineyard is in season. For availability, reservations, or directions, you can call, email, or check their Facebook page.

(903) 243-3410

JM2 Ag and Cattle

Farm & Ranch in Venus

JM2 Ag and Cattle is a family-owned organization offering affordable beef with no added hormones, antibiotics, or other stimulants. It all started as a retirement hobby before becoming fully operational. All cattle are born, raised and process in the DFW area. Dry-aged for 14 days for tenderness enhancement. Completely processed at a local USDA-inspected facility. Vacuum sealed and flash frozen before delivery. They also have horse quality Coastal Bermuda hay products, fertilized with Nitrogen and Phosphorous. They also have Artisan Wood Products handcrafted from woods found on the farm. These are all food safe but NOT dishwasher safe. There is also an available complete artificial insemination for all cattle.

(817) 819-0966

Lund Produce Company

Farm & Ranch in Elgin

Kevin Lundgren, a 5th-generation farmer, manages and owns the Lund Produce Company. In 1991, he started replenishing 11 acres of their land with nutrition. Therefore, it became a great place for plants and animals to grow. His farm is called Brachgrove Farm. It is only 35 miles downtown Austin.His neighbor whos family has been planting shallots since the 1800s have asked him to take care of the few surviving shallot plants she had.In 2008, Kevin managed to grow a lot of the shallots in his healthy soil, so he was able to sell them at the local Whole Foods. By 2009, he was already selling it directly to families.The farm also plants Oxblood lilies, onions, corns, and broccoli. The Lund Produce Company has been featured on TRF's Kim's List. Read the blog entry on 6 Sustainable Farms in Elgin You Can Buy Organic Produce From

(512) 845-0267

Marshall Farms

Farm & Ranch in Woodsboro

Marshall Farms is a small family-owned farm. Their location is in the subtropical paradise of the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. Their main plants are citrus fruits which include Marrs (early) and Valencia oranges. Aside from these, they also have Ruby Red and Rio Star grapefruit plants. There are also unique and delicious Valley lemons and they also 'dabble' a bit in pecan nuts.

(956) 984-9474

Miller Farms

Artisan Food Producer in LaCoste

Miller Farm Raw Milk is a family farm with Jersey and Jersey cross cows located 15 miles west of San Antonio that sells “Raw Milk”. If you love drinking milk, this is the spot to go to! Their milk is always fresh and delicious! Their cows are grass-fed and given absolutely “no hormones” and “no antibiotics”. The milk is packaged in plastic jugs, just like in the store, so you don't have to lug around a box of empty containers! Yay! They also have chocolate milk that comes in half-gallon jugs, regular whole milk in half gallon or full gallon jugs. They also have delicious dairy products like free-range eggs, some kind of Irish soda, local honey, and random goodies of the type you'd expect to find on a farm.

(210) 508-1733

Ready 2 Rope Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Hico

Ready 2 Rope Ranch is a small farm nestling in just 65 miles NW of Waco Central Texas. It is between Stephenville and Hico. Also, the owners, Jean and Gary Poythress, have 90 years of competitive team roping experience, especially with steers, and they know the type of cattle ropers want. Currently, with Jean's mom, Joanne Fuchs, they run about 300 registered and commercial mother cows in Texas and New Mexico.Aside from grass-fed steers, cows, and bulls, they also sell Corriente roping cattle. When you buy from them, their animals are free from hormones or antibiotics, just vaccinations. Moreover, they have homegrown hay and occasional range cubes as a supplement for their livestock during winter and dry periods. Their small, athletic Corrientes are thrifty, gentle, and self-sufficient. Furthermore, they sell frozen beef or "on the hoof" steers, and they can deliver to a packing facility of your choice. Visit them now, and they can show you around the ranch!

(254) 796-2375

Seis Flechas FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Saint Jo

Seis Flechas Farm raises Hereford beef cattle in Saint Jo, Texas. Their "animals live entirely on pasture". Also, they feed their animals with grass all its life. On the other hand, they never feed them with antibiotics and synthetic growth hormones, pesticides, and fertilizers. Moreover, they do not feed their cattle with anything that could be used to feed people. They are "slaughter and process in a local USDA inspected plantation". To avail their beef, call Wylie Harris at (940) 366-9816 for a reservation because their "stocks are limited". They are available in halves, quarters, and individual cuts. You can pick up your orders or let them deliver it to you.

(940) 366-9816

Sendero Brothers All Natural Grassfed Texas Beef

Farm & Ranch in Arlington

Are you looking for grass-fed beef? The Sendero Brothers All Natural Texas Beef offers grass-fed beef raised in their ranches in the west of Ft. Worth-Dallas, Texas, overlooking the Brazos River Valley. The farm has the best native grasses, fresh, clear water. Moreover, the farm offers an atmosphere of relaxation that helps their cattle make healthier meat. They are serving the industry for more than 30 years now, and they always meet their clients' expectations having delicious grass-fed beef. The beef is low in saturated fat, high in CLAs, high in omega-3, and low in cholesterol.Furthermore, they offer free delivery in the DFW area for all $100.00 orders. And oh! They split the shipping anywhere in the state. Finally, they offer free delivery on wholes and halves in Texas. For inquiries, you can call them at 866 933 7782.


Silver Spring Farm

Farm & Ranch in Springtown

Silver Spring Farm is a family-operated farm specializing in free-range ducks and geese as exhibition, 4H projects, pets, or for your table. Moreover, they grow two rare heritage breeds, American Buff geese and Welsh Harlequin ducks. They also have Toulouse geese and a little flock of Nubian goats. Furthermore, they use only organic chemicals or pesticides and practice strict bio-security. More of their products include eggs, goat milk, and bath soap. You can find them at First Monday Trade Days Weatherford every Saturday and Sundays from 10 am to 5 pm. Also, pick up arrangements directly from their farm every Monday through Friday from 10 am to 7 pm.

(817) 523-0750

Squeezepenny Sustainable Farm

Farm & Ranch in McKinney

Penney Braley runs the show at Squeezepenny Sustainable Farm. With a 2-acre rural farm, she offers access to weekly CSA produce to all of her members. While Penny has been terminally ill in the past, making her unable to fulfill her duties to the members of the CSA, Penny is now better. She is more than ready to get back to providing healthy and sustainable food to everyone who wishes to taste her produce. Today, she offers USDA certified organic products that are fresh from her farm. If you want to give it a go, be sure to call her on her phone today!They haven't updated their CSA page since 2015, contact them directly for more information.

(972) 838-3869

Sunshine Chicken Farm

Farm & Ranch in Garwood

In Highway 71 Garwood, Sunshine Chicken Farm is a non-GMO producer of heritage and rare breed chickens since 2011. Moreover, they sell fresh eggs where they collect and store daily, ready for you to take home. Also, they are P/T-tested and free. Besides, they offer typhoid testing services, and they can provide certificates when requested. Furthermore, they provide various egg colors on any given day, including white, olive, brown, green, blue, chocolate, and pink. Some of their chicken breeds include old type Rhode Island Reds, Black Jersey Giants, Dominiques, Barred Rock, New Hampshire Red, Black Australorp, Buff Orpington, Light Brahma Wyandotte, Leghorn, Easter Egger-Olive and Blue, Black Cochin, Partridge Cochin Frizzle Cochins, Red Star, and more hatching every season. Visit their farm, and they would be happy to tour you around.

(281) 850-6995

Texas Fresh Harvest Farm

Farm & Ranch in Pipe Creek

Linda Williams, the brilliant mind behind this Texas Fresh Harvest farm, has been caring for chickens, honeybees, and Nubian goats since 2016. The goats are the star of the farm as they produce the best cheeses, milk, lotions, and soap. On the other hand, the bees are just right behind them in making candles, beeswax, and lotion bars. When you visit the farm, and you hear a loud chicken noise, it might just mean that one of their chickens just popped out a nutritiously orange-yolk free-range chicken. Aside from the products above, the farm also offers classes in beekeeping and making cheese, soaps, and lotions. Check them out today!

(830) 688-0560

The Greer Farm

Farm & Ranch in Daingerfield

The Greer Farm opened in 1979. It is home to several berry trees and grass-fed animals. Blackberries and blueberries are just some of the plants they grow. The farm is home to full-blooded Maine-Anjou cattle, lamb, chicken, and hogs. At the farm, there are 4 lakeside log cabins, a loft, and a private dining place. If you want to enjoy a vacation with hearty locally-grown and prepared meals, this is the best place to go. The farm also sells homemade syrups, sauces, and jams. On Chef Eva's free time, she teaches at cooking classes. Check them out and enjoy their reasonable prices today! A happy customer said, "Our family had a great time in the lovely lakeside cabin while fishing, and picking sweet blueberries! A true East Texas gem."

(903) 645-3232

Tir Bluen

Farm & Ranch in Canyon

The Tir Bluen, owned by Justin Trammell, is an organic farm that started in 2013. To give you a brief background about him, he grew up on a family farm. As a child, he has always been in love with wildlife agriculture. As a result, he decided to pursue his dream through the 3-acre the 3-acre Tir Bluen farm. They offer pastured chicken, sheep, and organic vegetables. What makes them shine is their high-quality agricultural products that are both affordable and budget-friendly.Furthermore, Tir Bluen describes their agriculture operation as regenerative and eco-friendly. The goal of regenerative agriculture and eco-farming is to restore the ecological function of a piece of land and focuses on soil health. A perfect example of regenerative agriculture and eco-farming is using meat birds to increase organic matter in the soil. Tir Bluen believes that healthy soil is the key to thriving agriculture. Aside from offering organic chicken, sheep, and vegetables, the Tir Bluen also gives farm tours. If you are interested in visiting Tin Bluen and avail their products visit their website at for more information.

(806) 567-0746

Urban Patchwork

Farm & Ranch in Austin

Urban Patchwork "provides fresh, affordable Food for Austin, one neighborhood at a time". Furthermore, this network believes that the community is the backbone of health, security, sustainability. It "helps neighbors turn unused yard space into farmland" to produce vegetables, fruit, nuts, and eggs. Additionally, they "offer start-up programs, nutritional workshops, and home food production". They also provide courses in "canning, fermentation, and job training and creation". In exchange for hosting farm plots, residents and businesses receive fresh vegetables. Urban Patchworks lets you hire personal gardeners, landscapers, and consultants for your residence or commercial project. Just visit their website to learn more about them.

(512) 662-1854

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