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Local Farms Ranches in Texas

Discover local Farms Ranches in Texas. You can’t find any place better to get fresh produce and meats. You know what they say, nothing beats going straight to the source. A visit to your local farm or ranch can be an educational trip as well. By taking your family down, you can learn more about where and how your food is produced and make a real connection with the people producing them.

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Arrow G Ranch

Sherman, Texas

Owned by “a sweet family”, “Arrow G Ranch, LLC has some awesome beef jerky” which can be purchased at the Downtown Denison Farmers Market.   They also have “super fresh Arrow G eggs” which you can have along with  “toast with avocados and cheese”.  The owners of this farm have a goal of producing high quality […]

As Nature Intended Family Farm

Peaster, Texas

Are you finding “the cleanest fruits and vegetables and pasture-raised meats”, especially for pregnant women and to your family? Then, Nature Intended Family Farm is the perfect farm for you! They began with “pastured chickens for tasty eggs”. Later on, they had a garden that follows organic practices. And since they are on the extra […]

Ash Creek Farms

Azle, Texas

Ash Creek Farms is a small family farm specializing in grass-fed/grass-finished Angus cattle, free-range chicken, and pastured chicken eggs. With a personalized approach to animal care and farming, they can produce healthy, happy, and fresh food. Their Salad Bar Beef is strictly on a high-quality grass and hay diet. This type of food allows cattle […]

Ashkolgra Pasture Poultry Farm

Midway, Texas

Owned by Max and Celia Hamilton, the Ashkolgra Pasture Poultry Farm is continuously raising poultry on native and improved pasture. They also supply their chickens with apple cider vinegar for probiotics and use garlic and oregano as natural antibiotics. The chickens are processed in a USDA Inspected Facility. They can also deliver weekly priced per […]

Assiter Punkin Ranch

Floydada, Texas

Assiter Punkin ranch is located in Floydada, the pumpkin capital of the USA since 1987. Floydada is home to the finest species of pumpkin in all of America. Tommy Assiter, the father of the current manager of Assiter Punkin ranch (Tim Assiter), started raising pumpkins in the 1960s. Today, the ranch grows seventy-one pumpkin varieties […]

Atkinson Farms

Spring, Texas

In the 1990s, Atkinson Farms owner Mike Atkinson, a 4th generation farmer, was experiencing a crisis. Competing with foreign-sourced produce was getting more difficult and more robust. Finally, he and wife Theresa had an idea. Why not market and sell their food on the farm’s premises? In 2000, they did just that and built a […]

Augustus Ranch

Yoakum, Texas

The Augustus Ranch waas founded in 1890, Augustus Kaspar moved to Gonzales county to be a ranch hand. He later bought a 100-acre land. After four generations, his business continues. Today, it is being managed by his great-grandson, Dennis Kaspar. To date, Augustus ranch is nearly 5000 acres. The huge land allows them to ‘pasture-raise’ […]

Aunt Sue’ Barn

Ponder, Texas

Aunti Sue’s Barn was Founded in 1999, Sue Newhouse and her husband Brian Odwyer has been running the 10-acre farm for over two decades. In just a twenty-minute ride from Denton, Texas, you can reach the farm. Just be sure to make a left turn at a yellow mailbox. Inside the farm are two greenhouses, […]

Aussie Acres

Mount Pleasant, Texas

Aussie Acres is owned by Anette Flanagan, an Aussie farm owner living her retirement dreams.  At Aussie Acres, she offers pastured pork, beef, egg, poultry, and lamb. Her pastured eggs are from Freedom Rangers chicken. To achieve the highest egg quality, she allows her hens to roam on the grass happily chasing bugs and small […]

Austin Honey Company

Austin, Texas

Raul Vergara, the owner of Austin Honey Company, didn’t always have an interest in beekeeping. While he grew up with his father harvesting honey, he only started having an interest when his mentor and friend taught him the art behind it. He took classes in beekeeping, making him more familiar than he already is and […]

Austin Orchards

Garfield, Texas

In Del Valle, Garfield, Austin Orchards is a beautiful local farm of McCaskill family. They offer naturally-grown various fruits, vegetables, and different jams and canned goods. Moreover, their fruits include peaches, figs, blackberries, pomegranates, strawberries, plums, oranges, and pears. Buy their fresh harvest and products at local farmers’markets and local restaurants and vendors in Austin, Dallas, and […]

B & C Farm

Ovalo, Texas

Brittany and Chris White are behind the fruition of B&C Farms. The two architects aim to succeed in regenerative agriculture to help Mother Nature heal. While they are just a small piece fo the puzzle to Earth’s healing, they want to help nature. Think globally and act locally is their motto. If you want to support […]

B & G’s Garden

Poolville, Texas

Ben Walker, a retired master gardener, is a co-owner of the B & G Garden. He is also an active member of a non-profit organization that aims to share essential gardening skill to the residents of Texas. Highly regarded for their high-quality crops, B & G Garden supplies elite restaurants and markets in Fort Worth. […]

B Healthy Meats

Moore, Texas

B Healthy Meats is the retail arm of Bineham Longhorn ranch. They have been raising & selling industry-leading Texas Longhorns in harmony with the South Texas environment where they once roamed wild. Their Longhorn beef is naturally lower in fat that makes for leaner and meatier meat. If you’re in the market for local pasture-raised […]

B Mann Farms LLC

Houston, Texas

B Mann Farms LLC grows their certified organic rice in Edna, Texas and their Certified Organic beef in Washington, TX. Their rice is certified to the National Organic Program standard while their Organic Bonsmara beef is grass-fed and organic hay-fed. They also have Organic Wagyu beef of the Tajima-Gyu strain (但馬牛) that originates from the […]

B.Bold Pecan

Mineral Wells, Texas

B.Bold Pecan in Parker County, Texas has the “best pecans ever”. They have “fresh, great flavor” and are “locally grown”. These pecans come from their pecan orchards and go directly to the consumers. From being used for baking pastries to being a Keto Friendly snack, B.Bold Pecan offers a variety of pecan options to fulfill […]

B&G Farms

Denison, Texas

In Denison, North Texas, B&G is a family-operated farm and ranch with a 100-acre land. They raise well-bred cattle alongside continuing their aunt’s passion for taking care and rescuing horses. Also, they grow hay, fruit, pecans, and other produce while offering high-quality harvest from thoroughly selected non-hybrid and non-GMO seeds. Currently, they are working on raising chickens and goats, building […]

B&M Farms Blueberry Patch

Armstrong, Texas

B&M Farms Blueberry Patch is a family farm established in 1989 has a Country Farm Store with Picnic Tables. There is also a Fishing Pond. You can also join the Farm Tours and even avail of the School Field Trips. The owner already won several awards for his soil conservation methods. All of his blueberries […]

B2 Ranch (Beall Ranch & Beall Beef)

Buffalo, Texas

B2 Ranch Natural Pastured Veal is completely grass-fed and is harvested from 6 to 8-month-old calves. These calves have been raised by their mothers in grass pastures and have not been treated with antibiotics or hormones. They are truly all-natural. They also have pastured beef and chicken. Aside from providing great pastured-beef, they also have […]

B5 Farms

Lockhart, Texas

B5 Farms is after the brand name registered in 1875 by Q.C. Boatman. Boatman’s great-grandson and B5 Farms owner Jamey Gage sees the farm as a continuation of a symbolic link to his past. Jamey specializes in ‘season extension.’ He is growing unique products for farmers’ markets and restaurants. The man firmly believes that the […]

Babylove’s Farm

McKinney, Texas

A homestead with a goal, Babylove’s farm continuously advocates growing sustainable food in people’s own backyards. With just 1-acre of land, they maximize sustainable food production to share healthy food in the neighborhood since 2013. Jon and Kristen McKee, a beautiful couple who owns the farm, are hands-on in their garden. If you happen to […]

Back Yard Garden

Pattison, Texas

The owners of the Back Yard Garden wanted a garden and produce as many veggies, pickles, and dog treats as they could so that ALL can benefit from healthier, tastier food. Everything is homegrown and/or made from the heart and shared with their loyal customers. They post updates on their Facebook page where you can […]

Ball Orchard

Pierce, Texas

Ball Orchard has over a hundred fruit and nut trees including apples, pears, cherries, plums, figs, peaches, avocados, oranges, bananas, pecans, and hazelnuts.  You can also find a vineyard, vegetable garden, a greenhouse, and berries. They also offer a large selection of herbs and spices, canned and packaged products. A herd of sheep and a […]

Bandera Grassland

Bandera, Texas

Land to Market verified and a member of the Livestock Conservancy, the Bandera Grassland has been producting highly-nutritious meat since 2003. Their meat contains higher in protein, beta-carotene, vitamin-e, omega 3, and conjugated linoleic acid. They are able to promote superior taste and consistent tenderness through dry-aging, grass-feeding, and grass finishing. Each breeding step they […]

Bar 3 Ranch

Georgetown, Texas

A family-owned ranch on its 3rd generation, Bar 3 Ranch strongly holds on the principles of ‘eating healthily but not at the expense of taste’. Through three generations of running a ranch, they have perfected the art of achieving a highly-nutritious but palatable kind of beef. They raise Angus cows (La Grande and Gardiner) and […]