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Local Farms Ranches in Texas

Discover local Farms Ranches in Texas. You can’t find any place better to get fresh produce and meats. You know what they say, nothing beats going straight to the source. A visit to your local farm or ranch can be an educational trip as well. By taking your family down, you can learn more about where and how your food is produced and make a real connection with the people producing them.

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Bar CS Ranch

Weatherford, Texas

In Jack County and Parker County, Texas, about an hour and a half north and west of Fort Worth, Bar CS Ranch, LLC offers pasture-raised beef with a taste of Jack County’s rich flavors. The Squire family, who owns the ranch, experiences various food allergies. Because of this, they realize that one diet does not fit […]

Bar J Ranch

Burton, Texas

The farmers have over 30 years of experience in running a ranch. Therefore, the Bar J Ranch knows exactly how to provide the best cattle care. For that, they are able to greatly improve their beef’s omega-3 and CLA content up to 500% more than normal grain cows. While omega-3 reduces the risks of heart […]

Bar None Farm of Blessing

Blessing, Texas

In Blessing, TX, Bar None Farms of Blessing grows healthy local produce and herbs using aquaponics. The owners Merih and Peter Woods are passionate about nutritious food using only organic herbicides or pesticides. Additionally, Merih’s hobby is all about planting and growing. On the other hand, her husband Peter has learned the best methods in growing fresh […]

Bard Farms

Whitesboro, Texas

Bard Farms in Whitesboro, Texas started in 1999 with the idea that beef from a grocery store wasn’t fit for human consumption. Today, they sell purely grass-fed meats to their friends and to the open market when stocks are available. When they process meat, they only take the best cuts like steaks while turning the […]

Barking Cat Farm

Rockwall, Texas

The Barking Cat Farm “locally grows flowers, vegetables, and herbs”. Their main farm is Hunt Country while they also have a small acreage at Rockwall Hunt at the North East of Dallas, Texas. Founded in 2004, the Barking Cat Farm “uses organic methods in growing their flowers, herbs, and vegetables” that don’t ship well or […]

Barn Dwellers

Loving, Texas

Barn Dwellers is a homestead of the Latham Family, whose principle is “to farm the most natural way.”  They explained the origin of their family name, Latham, which means, “of the barn” or “in the barn,” which they turned into Barn Dwellers. Through their social media accounts, the family has shown their barn life adventures – how they […]

Barndo Honey Co

Pipe Creek, Texas

Barndo is a short term for “Bardominium,” which means a traditional barn space with living quarters. The Barndo Honey Co in Pipe Creek, Texas, is a family-oriented business that aims to provide high-quality products and wants to promote the safety of the threatened honey bee. Honey is vital in daily life. It is antibacterial and full […]

Barnison Farm

Austin, Texas

Jeremy, the owner of Barnison Farm, purchased the 10-acre land in 2004. While he did not have any agricultural experiences, the was full of motivation to start. On the first four years of farming, he learned a lot about organic and sustainable food production. However, his heart fell in love with cooking. Therefore, he pursued […]

Bastrop Cattle Company

Bastrop, Texas

Bastrop Cattle Company offers the highest quality pasture-raised and naturally-grown beef in Bastrop. Moreover, their humanely-raised meat is free of hormones, antibiotics, and chemicals. You can also have a custom butchery for free. Their business started in 2006 when Rancher Pati Jacobs took over their cattle trade intending to raise grass-fed beef. She decided to directly sell her meat […]

Baugh Family Farm

Houston, Texas

For generations, the Baugh Family has farmed with the mission to supply the freshest and best produce possible to the people of the North Texas area. They have “great, fresh, natural, sustainable and heirloom fruits and vegetables”. These are “kind and generous folks too”. Also, “they have the best peaches”. You will also have “the […]

Baugh Farms

Wills Point, Texas

Baugh Farms is a 15-acre farm growing peaches, watermelons, and heirloom tomatoes for over 50 years.  Don and Maria are here to share the best fruits you’ll ever taste. Their heirloom tomatoes come in four different types: Dixie Golden Giants, Mortgage Lifter, Cherokee Purple, and Brandywine. On the other hand, their peaches also come in […]

Bay Bees

Brownsville, Texas

“Glenn Simpson, a local beekeeper and owner of Bay Bees, is one of a select few who distribute honey in the Rio Grande Valley”. All the “Honeybees that Simpson uses to harvest honey come from all across the Rio Grande Valley- each with their own unique flavor”. You can send a message me or call […]

BCS Chicken Farm

Bryan, Texas

A chicken farm in West of Bryan, BCS Chicken broods local broiler chicken in the most ethical way. Back in 2014, Christopher Jagge borrowed a barn from a friend and raised a couple of broiler chicken. As soon as Chris got a taste of them, he immediately fell in love with it. According to him, the […]

Bear Creek Farms

Leonard, Texas

Bear Creek Farms was established in 1975. Growing up surrounded by farmers, David always dreamt of having his own farm. It tools a little convincing on Jeannie’s part, but when she agreed, the rest was history. Today, the farm already houses a fairly-large cow and calf operation of both registered cattle and commercial cattle. Some […]

Beast Mode Greens

Canyon, Texas

At Beast Mode Greens, their goal is to grow the healthiest and most delicious microgreens in the Texas Panhandle. Using only the highest quality seeds and soil and never using any pesticides or fertilizers. They also only use GMO seeds and work hard to keep improving their growing process to give the highest quality of […]

Bedias Creek Farms

Iola, Texas

Bedias Creek Farms, Certified Grassfed by AGW, raises the Aubrac and Red Devon cattle breeds because they are a good fit for their grass-fed cattle operation. They selected these “two breeds because of their outstanding genetic expression based on a grass-based diet”. “They graze on only fresh forages and are never given grain, routine antibiotics […]

Bee Friendly Austin

Austin, Texas

Off 290 West, near Circle Dr. between Austin and Dripping Springs, you can find Bee Friendly Austin – a small “certified naturally-grown apiary” in Southwest Austin. Furthermore, it is a working bee yard of Tanya and Chuck Phillips with live bees and beekeepers. They are “passionate and informative beekeepers” that offers “the best honey ever”. […]

Bee Wilde Bee & Honey farm

Montgomery, Texas

A Texas beekeeping family, Bee Wilde Bee & Honey farm is a proud producer of local and truly wild honey. It started with 1 Bee Hive as a hobby to over 3000 colonies of honeybees, and now, a thriving business. They produce lots of honey everyday and they do it everything on the farm. Whether […]

Bee Wilde Bee and Honey Farm (Reed Honey)

Montgomery, Texas

Bee Wilde Bee and Honey Farm (Reed Honey) is a beekeeping family that “produces local or wild honey” in Montgomery, Texas. From one hive of honeybees to over 3000 colonies of bees, they are now a thriving business. Their wild honey is always “raw, unfiltered, and unpasteurized” made from nectar that comes from natural wild […]

Bee2Bee Honey Collective

Houston, Texas

Nicole Buergers, the founder of Bee2Bee Honey Collective, decide to leave the corporate world and do something different, like being a beekeeper. Since 2015, The Bee2Bee Honey Collective in Houston, Texas, focuses on helping the local Houston honey bee population. They are increasing beehives and provides honey bee education for those who are interested in bees and […]

Behind the Oaks Farm

Pledger, Texas

Behind the Oaks Farm sell Pasture to Table Grass-Fed Meat and eggs and also pasture-raised chickens. “The chickens are deliciously fresh and the Platt’s are great people to work with”. You will always “look forward to getting out to the farms to see how it all works”. You will be “grateful for local, fresh, healthy […]

Behrend’s Orchard

Fredericksburg, Texas

Behrend’s Orchard is a farm where people literally drive for miles to get to. People are willing to go the hassle just to get a taste of this orchard’s homemade peach ice cream. Sure, they have boxes of fresh peaches, berries, and vegetables for sale at the orchard, too! However, it is clear that the […]

Bella Roca Organics

Alpine, Texas

Bella Roca Organics prioritizes “growing plants sustainably.”  Through the years, they have had a great line up of produce that is fresh and locally raised and harvested.  Some of their products include garlic, onions, okra, different types of tomatoes, cilantro, kale, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, and more!  Bella Roca Organics also offers scones, muffins, tacos, […]

Bellaire Honey Company

Bayside, Texas

Bellaire Honey Company doesn’t use any chemical treatments in providing care to the honey bees. Their honey is straight from the hive to the jars! “The vast majority of any honey bought at any store around Houston will never compare with this stuff”. Their honey “Miele Millefiori” translated as “Thousand Flowers Honey” is a tribute […]

Belle Brook Farms Natural Beef

Nacogdoches, Texas

Looking for an all-natural pasture-raised Belgian Blue Beef? Look no further as Belle Brook Farms’ Natural Beef brings you ‘The Beef Solution.’ With meat lower in fat percentage, the lean and healthy beef they sell is top-notch! It is low in cholesterol, highly-nutritious, and juicy According to a Facebook review, while it is more muscular, […]