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Local Farms Ranches in Texas

Discover local Farms Ranches in Texas. You can’t find any place better to get fresh produce and meats. You know what they say, nothing beats going straight to the source. A visit to your local farm or ranch can be an educational trip as well. By taking your family down, you can learn more about where and how your food is produced and make a real connection with the people producing them.

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San Antonio, Texas

US Citrus’ micro-budding is a grafting method done at an extremely young age. This system is also done by combining the best qualities of a hearty rootstock with the delicious qualities of the chosen graft. You will find an “amazing selection of citrus plants including some very hard to find rare varieties”. A “very large […]

Veggie Tables

Fort Davis, Texas

Nestling in P. O. Box 156 Fort Davis, Texas, you can find Veggie Tables. It is a small, diverse garden in the Davis Mountains of West Texas. Veggie Tables organically maintain all of their products and crops such as seeds and herbs using only sustainable and natural farm practices. Furthermore, these crops are grown and give care […]

Veggies In The Burbs

San Antonio, Texas

“This place is AMAZING!!” Veggies In The Burbs offers “really nice produce, great prices, down-home friendly service with a smile”. Owned by “good local growers – great people run this company with a conscience and eye for quality”. When you “enjoy fresh healthy food sourced locally and responsibly this is the place to go”. Aeroponics […]


San Antonio, Texas

Verdegreens’ Farms was founded in 2016 and are one of the few urban farms in the greater Houston Area. It is located on a small .98 acre lot in the northwest quadrant of the city. Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to maximize output while using 1/10th of the water of a traditional farm, minimizing fertilizer runoff, and […]

Victoria’s Natural Market

Tomball, Texas

You can tell that the owners of Victoria’s Natural Market are passionate about their food. Their market is a “farmer’s market style storefront” located at the grounds of their own farm. Aside from providing farm fresh products grown at the farm, the market also sources and sells the highest quality local and organic milk, eggs, […]

Victory Oasis Farm

Waco, Texas

Cynthia H. Lyons opened the Victory Oasis Farm in March 2014 intending to produce food for the heart, mind, and body. With hopes to bring the most environmentally-friendly products, she can satisfy the food needs of locavores in Texas, or those who love locally-grown food. They take care of plants as nature would by doing […]

Vital Farms

Austin, Texas

A great source of delectable butter and eggs from pastured cows and chicken, Vital farms has been bringing ethically-produced food from farm to table since 2007. They go beyond free-range and cage-free chicken as they allow their chickens to live in pastures for their whole lives. They regularly rotate the chickens on different areas in […]


San Antonio, Texas

The name vomFASS is a Deutsche word that means “from the cask”. This is an “awesome small business with quality products and service”. The “store has a variety of liqueurs, vodka, whiskey, and scotch, as well as balsamic vinegar and spices”. Plus, “the best part is that you can try everything before you buy!” Try […]

Vonnies Veggies

San Antonio, Texas

Vonnies Veggies is a proud founder of the Mid-Plains Farmers Market. They provide farm-fresh vegetables from their garden to your table. Whole hog sausage, watermelon, cantaloupes, black eye peas, corn, zucchini, yellow squash, jalapenos, onions, beets, basil mint, parsley, raw cotton, and blossom honey. These are just some of their products which you can buy […]

W & R Farm and Ranches

Bulverde, Texas

The Lowry Family, with the leadership of Wade and Raegan Lowry, manages and owns the W & R Farm and Ranches. With a goal to raises their children to the same ranching upbringing that they have experienced, the ranch seems to be on the right track. They teach their kids how to grow animals, the […]

W W Farms

Winnsboro, Texas

W W Farms offers farm-fresh produce, eggs, bread, jams and even various handmade crafts.  They can be found regularly at the Winnsboro Farmers Market.  Some of their produce include tomatoes, peppers, radishes, onions, carrots and cabbage.  Tasty bread loaves like Banana Nut or Strawberry are also available, as well as different jam flavors like strawberry, […]

Wagyu Excelente

Mabank, Texas

The Wagyu Excellente in Midland, Texas, has been producing all-natural beef for many years now. They offer premium American Wagyu from the Gearhart Ranch and Excelente Meats. The Wagyu Excelente adds superior value and elegance to any menu. Moreover, they offer Ground Wagyu, Competition grade, Wagyu Roasts, Wagyu Brisket, and Wagyu Fine Steaks and Chops. Moreover, Wagyu […]


Houston, Texas

Wagyuru sells consistently outstanding Wagyu beef raised by a small group of cooperating Wagyu ranches in Texas. They have customers who already “bought several times from Wagyuru and have been exceptionally happy with the outcome”. Also, their “ribeyes, flank, whichever, always comes out incredible!” They also have the “best quality beef. even lesser cuts eat […]

Walburg Family Farms

Georgetown, Texas

Ardelon Esfandiari manages and owns the Walburg Family Farms. Deciding to make a move wasn’t easy, but their family is happy that they have decided to pull the trigger. The family continues to pursue all of their three goals since going all in for the farm. They want to be self-sufficient and be able to […]

Walker Honey Farm

Rogers, Texas

Walker Honey Farm have been harvesting and selling small batch locally produced “raw honey” since 1930 with 150 bee hives. They offer one of the “largest varieties” of raw honey and honey related products. The honey options are great and so are all of the other items they make from honey. They have ten unique […]

Walker’s Blueberries

Ravenna, Texas

Drive northeast of Dallas, and you’ll reach Walker’s Blueberries in just an hour and a half. They offer U-pick services, but you must book in advance. The farm always ensures that its fields are never over-picked, so they follow a strict scheduling system. Pick a gallon of blueberries, and it will only be for $18. […]

Wallace Family Farm

Corpus Christi, Texas

Wallace Family Farm is a sustainable and all-natural egg farm located in Sulphur Springs, Texas. The hens’ diets consist of pasture, supplemented with all-natural grains that are free from Soy, animal fillers or GMO products. The hens also roam freely. They offer the best in fresh, farm eggs from their Buff Orpington, Silver Laced Wyandotte, […]

Walls Family Farm

Dallas, Texas

Home to the best pecans, blackberries, and Christmas trees, Walls Family Farm, brings a lot of fun! They offer U-pick services for their blackberries and Cut-your-own Christmas tree services. The farm also provides a nursery stock. Dale and Marilyn Walls established the farm in 1964. It has always been their dream to plant a good-old […]

Walnut Creek Farm

Alvarado, Texas

A family farm, Walnut Creek Farm is bringing local produce and other sustainable products in the DFW metroplex. They grow free-range chicken, grass-fed Angus beef, and organic produce. Moreover, the farm partners with other local farms to provide more options to the community. The partnership allows them to provide more healthy food options for the […]

Warne Bee Farm

Anna, Texas

Warne Bee Farm produces different honey types like the Local/Regional Wildflower, Huajilla, Texas Orange Blossom, Orange Blossom, Buckwheat, Clover, Mesquite, Watermelon, White Brush, and Peach Blossom. You can find them selling at one of the markets located around North Texas that they go to monthly. You can find a list of these locations on their […]

Warren Ranch

Hockley, Texas

Sitting in the beautiful Northwest Harris County countryside is the historic Warren Ranch. With 6500 acres of land, its beauty houses a diverse population of wildlife. Due to its huge size, it offers various types of activities to do. It allows the farmers to hunt, produce cattle, conserve, and host educational events. The farm also […]

Watermelon Hill

San Antonio, Texas

Visit and buy Watermelon Hill’s beef at selected Local Farmers Market in Texas. Check out the calendar on their website for the locations and schedule. You will surely “love the beef” you will “get from Watermelon Hill”. Its “texture and flavor is always good”. You will “feel good knowing where our food comes from and […]

Waterson Ranch

Bastrop, Texas

The Waterson Ranch has been raising sustainable beef since the ’50s, the 1850’s. Yes, they have been in the ranching business for almost 200 years!  They raise cattle with no growth hormones and antibiotics. Their herd graze and freely roam their ranch and are never penned up in a feedlot. While it takes twice as […]

Watkins Organic Farm

Farmersville, Texas

At 11799 County Road 579, Farmersville, you can find Watkins Organic Farm. Watkins Organic Farm is a ranch that offers fresh-picked okra available daily or upon request for local produce retailers. Aside from that, you can assure the top quality of their goods. Moreover, they practice natural growing as part of their farming method. Moreover, they […]

Watterson Ranch

Bastrop, Texas

Since the 1850s, the Watterson Ranch has been producing local, natural, sustainable, grass-fed beef. Running on its 6th generation, they continue to provide the luxury that has only been available to them in the past. But today, they are ready to share their food on your plate. They commit to delivering honest food without shortcuts, […]