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Local Farms Ranches in Texas

Discover local Farms Ranches in Texas. You can’t find any place better to get fresh produce and meats. You know what they say, nothing beats going straight to the source. A visit to your local farm or ranch can be an educational trip as well. By taking your family down, you can learn more about where and how your food is produced and make a real connection with the people producing them.

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Wholesome Farms & Gardens

Van Alstyne, Texas

At Wholesome Farms and Gardens in Van Alstyne, you can buy pastured meat. They have pasture-raised pork, pasture-raised chickens, grass-fed & finished beef, and pastured eggs. Also, the farm sells a new heritage breed dairy for raw and non-homogenized milk products. Although not certified organic, they don’t use pesticides and don’t add preservatives or artificial flavorings […]

Wholesome Harvest Farm

San Antonio, Texas

Wholesome Harvest Farm’s  crops are grown for flavor, and since it is grown using organic methods, their produce keeps much better. This farm is owned by “very knowledgeable folks and very good about alternative ways to fix the food”. They have a strong belief in the Eat Local movement and print recipes and provide information […]

Wickersham Angus Ranch

Bryan, Texas

Bill and Tony Wickersham manage and own the 400-acre Wickerhsam Angus Ranch. They purchased it in 1994. With trees, pasture, and ponds, the family has always loved living in the ranch. Since the beginning, the couple has focused on raising Angus cattle who can tolerate the weather in southeast Texas. Tyron and Erin Wickersham eventually […]

​Wiener’s Family Gardens

San Antonio, Texas

An “amazing family” owns ​Wiener’s Family Gardens who also has “great crops every time”. They offer a “fantastic variety of local fruits and vegetables”. There are varieties of squash, melons, and other veggies like his tasty cucumbers. The fresh produce is available at the Amarillo Farmer’s market every Saturday. If you cannot go, you can […]

Wilcox Market Garden

Corpus Christi, Texas

Wilcox Market Garden is “Family farm” with “wonderful veggies and fruits in season”. Locally owned and operated by the Wilcox family for generations already. They feature award-winning tomatoes at 1.25/lb. They also have squash, eggplant, cucumber, peppers, and other assorted fruit and vegetables in season. Their fall crops include satsuma oranges. Bushes are grafted on […]

Wild Bill’s Veggies

Plainview, Texas

Wild Bill’s Veggies is a family-owned and operated local produce and garden centre has all of your cooking needs. They have locally grown fruits and veggies to homemade baked goods. You can see their farm produce at their social media page. Contact them via the Messenger to inquire more about their farm produce.

Wild Earth Texas

Beaumont, Texas

Wild Earth Texas is a sustainable farm and homestead in LaBelle, Texas. They raise 100% grass-fed, grass-finished cattle free of hormones and antibiotics. You can buy their “skirt steak” at “the Beaumont Farmers Market” and you will be delighted because it is “perfect”. “Chili grind is another winner” with its “wholly new and flavorful taste.  […]

Wild Rabbit Farms

San Antonio, Texas

Wild Rabbit Farms is a vegetable farm based in Lubbock. They grow vegetables using organic and no-till practices for improving soil ecology. The owner of this farm “is an excellent farmer, dedicated to growing the nutritious foods” that you “want to put” on your “table”. “He also fulfills” everyone’s “desire to shop local”. A “great place” […]

Wild Type Ranch

Cameron, Texas

Ralph and Sara Mitchel manages the Wild Type Ranch. Along with their kids, Eric and Alex, they raise registered Black Angus and Red Angus cows. As much as possible, the cows are fed using 100% pasture grass. In the event the grass nutrition is not enough; the cows eat some organic grain feeds. A Facebook […]

Wildberry Farm

Sadler, Texas

The Capps and Bloomer families founded the Wildberry Farm in 2013. They are one of the farms who offer U-Pick services in Sadler. From blackberries, blueberries, vegetables, everybody loves picking berries at the farm. Back in 2014, they have planted over 2400 blueberries trees and 6000 blackberry plants. At this time, they have 80 mature […]

Wildhurst Bee Company

Lufkin, Texas

Wildhurst Bee Company is a beekeeping operation in East Texas.  These guys are the experts in beehives and pollination and harvesting their all-natural honey!  This, along with their other products such as eggs from their chickens, ducks and geese are available at the Angelina County Farmers Market.

Wildwood Farm

Brady, Texas

About 1.5 Miles North from Highway 87 on Lohn Highway in Brady, you can find Wildwood Farm. Wildwood Farm is a plant nursery and gardens specializing in all-natural pomegranates, Almond Verbena, Provence lavender, Sea Green Junipers, blackberries, and garlic. Also, farm-fresh free-range eggs are available year-round. Other than that, they have Mesquite bean meal, dried and fresh prickly […]

Willmon Farm

Splendora, Texas

In the north of Houston, Willmon Farm offers not only “fresh vegetables and fruits” but also homemade salsas, pickles, and sauces. They began selling locally-grown tomatoes, but now they have expanded. Furthermore, some of their items are “cucumbers, zucchini, sweet corn (white & yellow), okra, purple hull peas, lady cream peas, and fresh shelled pinto […]

Windmill Crest Farms

Seguin, Texas

In several miles northeast of San Antonio, Texas, Windmill Crest Farms is a small farm with about 50 animals on their 38-acre land “raising alpacas for their beautiful fiber”. Also, they “provide all services, including sales, breeding, adjusting, products, and education”. Hence, they can help you with anything about alpacas! At their farm, you can […]

Windy Bar Ranch

Palmer, Texas

Windy Bar Ranch in Stonewall, Texas has been raising Angus cattle in the Texas Hill Country since the purchase of their first twenty heifers in 1983. Until now, they have been continuously focusing on the traits that made the Angus breed famous: maternal traits, calving ease and carcass traits. “Stock up on your favorite grilling […]

Windy Hill Organics

Boerne, Texas

The Windy Hill Organics in Boerne, Texas, is a “sustainable farm” that produces the best products. Their mission is to “make goat meat a standard food across Texas”. Ty Wolosin is the founder of Windy Hill Organics. He developed a sustainable and healthy vegetable, fruit, meat, and egg production on their “100-acre farm”. The farm […]

Windy Hill Vegetable and Chicken Ranch

Sunset, Texas

The Windy Hill Vegetable and Chicken Ranch is a comfortable living space for free-range Barred Plymouth Rock chicken and Leghorn mix chicken. It lies in a 50-acre land with over ten acres dedicated to gardening. Moreover, the plants have enough room to grow, and chickens have ample space to roam. Furthermore, the farm grows cherry […]

Windy Meadow Family Farm

Campbell, Texas

With an aspiration to bring the best tasting chicken into the community, the Windy Meadow Family Farm does its best to practice regenerative agriculture. The Hale Family aggressively grazes their chicken by relocating them daily. With a balanced feed, fresh grass, and water, they provide the best combination of vitamins and minerals to improve each […]

Windy Meadows Family Farm

Campbell, Texas

Windy Meadows Family Farm is located about an hour northeast of Dallas in Hunt County. The Mike Hale Family raises and processes pastured chicken for health-conscious families and discriminating Dallas-area restaurants. They have an on-site state-inspected poultry processing facility and can custom process home grown pastured broilers for home freezers. Call them to receive an […]

Windy Oaks Grassfed

Mabank, Texas

Windy Oaks Grassfed has been running since 1839 by a six-generation family of farmers at Mabank, Texas. Unlike any other farm, Windy Oaks Grassfed’s ultimate quest is to heal the land, the people, and the animals. They “do not use herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers on their pastures”. This farm “offers 100% grass-fed, grass-finished Angus beef, […]

Winona Orchards

Winona, Texas

Winona Orchards have over two thousand peach, blueberry, and blackberry trees in the stunning rolling hills of Winona. John and Anita Sattler bought the land in 2007 when John had retired from the healthcare industry. After planting their first set of trees, it took four years before their first harvest. Their first commercial peach reached […]

Winter Family Farm

San Antonio, Texas

Winter Family Farm has a main garden containing a variety of lettuces, kale, cucumbers, spinach, broccoli, squash, beets, carrots, and onions. You can also find here some Swiss chard, cabbage, herbs, bitter melon, yucca, and garlic plants. Plus, sugar snap peas grow along the fence line. And there are 130 citrus trees such as satsuma, […]

Winters Family Beef

Brady, Texas

Amy Greer is a 6th generation farmer at Winters Family Beef. She and her husband George decided to move to the farm in 2018. After that, they took a different route than what the farm always did. First, they started raising Wagyu and Angus beef at the ranch and gave them the utmost care they […]

Wise Family Farm

Bryan, Texas

Helen and Harvey Wise manage and own the Wise Family Farm. A commenter said, “Best eggs & chickens in Brazos County. And the nicest farmers!” Offering freshly-hatched eggs from a farm that’s only seven miles down the road, the provide eggs at a lesser distance. They’ve been providing fresh food for over eight years through […]

Wise Woman Ways Farm

Fredericksburg, Texas

In Fredericksburg, Wise Woman Ways Farm is a small teaching farm offering cheese, goat cheese, and baked goods. You can also buy fiber such as wool from them. It all started when the owner, Darlene, could not find the quality cheese she liked. What’s different about them is that they not only sell but also focus on producing family […]