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Local Farms Ranches in Texas

Discover local Farms Ranches in Texas. You can’t find any place better to get fresh produce and meats. You know what they say, nothing beats going straight to the source. A visit to your local farm or ranch can be an educational trip as well. By taking your family down, you can learn more about where and how your food is produced and make a real connection with the people producing them.

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Blooming Begonia Cottage

Houston, Texas

Blooming Begonia Cottage whips up organic and delicious food items, as well as delectable desserts.  Home to the Blooming Begonia Catering and Manners on Wheels, this full-service company offers catering for luncheons, parties, gourmet lunches or tea time events, and more.  Many of Blooming Begonia Cottage’s offerings feature vegetables which the owner has grown right […]

BLT Farm

Llano, Texas

In Llano, BLT Farm is a family-owned farm that offers 100% natural grass-fed pork, beef, chicken, and pasture-raised eggs.  Also, the owners have developed their love for ranching since birth. Moreover, their cattle and poultry have no antibiotics, growth hormones or implants, are not fed animal by-products, and no food additives or preservatives; only humanely raised. Other than […]

Blue Donkey Farm

Buna, Texas

Blue Donkey Farm is a beautiful farm in the Southern part of Bastrop County! While the farm has the word donkey on its name, the farm does not raise donkey. Instead, the farm produces pork, eggs, and vegetables. Their best product is pork meat. While no cut is disappointing, some of their customers particularly love […]

Blue Heron Farm

Waller, Texas

Christian and Lisa Seger, along with their two kids, operate and own the Blue Heron Farm. The small scale 10.5-acre goat dairy sits forty-five miles northwest of Houston. The family established the farm in 2006 intending to treat the land while being a productive land. Through avoidance of chemical use, carbon sequestration, improved water usage, […]

Blue Star Ranch

Austin, Texas

In just half a mile from Lake Travis in the Austin resort area, you’ll reach the Blue Star Ranch. The farm offers certified non-GMO chicken eggs from their cage-free facility. The farm guarantees A-1 quality for their products. Therefore, people with allergies can benefit from them. With a tamed and gently-raised flock of chicken, the […]

Blueberry Hill Farms

Edom, Texas

Established in 1982, Blueberry Hills Farms is just 5 miles from Brownsboro and 75 miles east of Dallas. Once you are there, you can start picking your fresh blueberries and blackberries. With a 56-are farm, they are also able to grow apricot, figs, cherries, and peaches. All of which are used by the farmers on […]

Blueberry Ridge Farm Bed and Breakfast

Benavides, Texas

This is a u-pick blueberry farm located in Mineola, Texas. It has a “pleasant country atmosphere” with “blueberries” that has “the size of grapes!” Their picking season is from June to July. They also have other activities plus their barn is available for lease for any occasion. The owners are also re-opening their Pumpkin Patch […]

Bluebonnet Beef

Alto, Texas

Blue Bonnet Beef is home to fat and happy cattle, free-ranging chickens, and an assortment of wildlife. Bluebonnet Beef believes in an “open farm” policy, their goal is to provide healthy beef and poultry products free of the chemicals, antibiotics, and G.M.O.’s found on today’s grocery store shelves. They have a “fantastic store” with “the […]

Bluebonnet Herb Farm

Hempstead, Texas

Bluebonnet Herb Farm offers more than just herbs. They carry a vast selection of herbs, yes. But, they also sell unusual plants. If you love to garden, they’ll satisfy you with their seeds.  You can get vegetables, wildflowers, fruits, and herbs seeds. Designing your garden with their seeds will not be complete without getting some […]

Bo’s Eggs

Groveton, Texas

Fresh from the pasture, Bo’s Eggs are pasture-raised, with non-GMO supplement feed. We have over 500 chickens producing about 150 dozen of the finest eggs per week. You won’t find eggs that taste this good in any grocery store. You can find them selling at the Energy Corridor Farmers Market. They also participate in the […]

Bob’s Farm Place

Kennedale, Texas

In just SW of Arlington, Kennedale, Bob’s Farm Place sells seasonal homegrown fresh produce only to local and direct customers. Furthermore, the owner, Bob Bowlin, has maintained a garden for over 50 years. Moreover, he has been Mason/Ball/Kerr glass jar canning since he was 14 years old. He registered his farm with the State of Texas […]

Boggy Creek Farm

Austin, Texas

Boggy Creek Farm offers a slice of history of Austin and the property gives a unique glimpse of life in mid-19th century Austin, TX. Carol Ann Sayle and her late husband Larry Butler owns and operates the historic working urban firm. Once a foreclosed property prior to their purchase of the area in 1992, they […]

Bois d’Arc Meat Company

Windom, Texas

A farm with a long history, the family owning Bois d’Arc Meat Co. has been raising livestock since 1850. While the previous generations have practiced traditional farming methods, the new generation managing the farm now practices sustainable farming. They have successfully revived the land from the damage of conventional agriculture. Now, they are raising hogs: […]

Boling Bunny Farm

Boling, Texas

Boling Bunny Farm is an adorable bunny farm in Boling-Iago, southwest of Houston, that houses all rabbit breeds imaginable. For over 50 years, they have not only raised different rabbit breeds but also attended rabbits shows all over the United States. Moreover, you can even rent them for events like birthday parties and showers! They also […]

Bonita Flats Farm and Vineyard

Los Fresnos, Texas

Bonita Flats is “an amazing” Farm and Vineyard in Los Fresnos, Texas that was started by Art and Melissa Delgado in 2016. These two folks “are wonderful to get to know and very knowledgeable.” Plus, you’ll “love hanging out with the farmers here.” The area itself is a 16-acre lot, in which 3.5 of it is […]

Bonton Farms

Dallas, Texas

Bonton Farms is a 40-acre land located south of Dallas. They raise goats, beehives, and free-range chicken where they get abundant milk, honey, and fresh eggs. The farm cares about the well-being of the community. For this reason, they not only bring healthy food but also offer general health guidance, nutritional counseling, and cooking classes […]

Born Free Farm

Dripping Springs, Texas

Sitting at Greenspace of Fairview, on the 1,331-acres land in the Carolina Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, you can find Born Free Farm. Bradley and Brooke, the passionate farm owners of Born Free Farm, grow clean microgreens using certified organic seeds, fertile soil, and rainwater. The regularly available greens are radish, sunflower and pea shoots. […]

Bouldin Food Forest

Rogers, Texas

Ben McConnell is the steward of Bouldin Food Forest. He practices organic and permaculture methods at the farm. In his 150-acre land, Ben grows several kinds of greens, herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Since he founded the farm in 2015, it has always been a catalyst for organic methods in central Texas. Currently, the farm sells […]

Bountiful Acres

Liberty Hill, Texas

At a 20-acre land in Liberty Hill, Bountiful Acres is a mini animal ranch that offers pastured, free-range duck meat and eggs, chicken meat and eggs, and rabbit meat. As farmers, they believe in a kind of business that reflects sustainability where they can give back to both people and land. Moreover, they have a grant from […]

Bourquin Farms and Produce

Deweyville, Texas

A farm specializing in home-grown produce, Bourquin Farms, and Produce brings different seasonal fruits and veggies for the community. Not only do they offer berries, fruits, and vegetables that they cared for, but they also sell products from neighboring farms. This is the kind of support local farms should be spreading for each other! Furthermore, […]

Boxcar Farm & Garden

Evadale, Texas

A simple farm sitting in the beautiful Blackland Prarie in Maxwell, Boxcar Farm & Garden is a farm that’s slowly restoring its beauty. The farmers Leah and Gabriel aims to restore the beauty and nutrition on the land. Therefore, they have added pigs, turkeys, and chickens at the farm to help them weed out and […]

Boyd Farms

Lamesa, Texas

The Boyd Farms in Lamesa Texas offers premium “100% Alfalfa Hay”. All of their hay is professionally cut from their own fields using the latest in harvesting equipment and techniques. It also undergoes in the 28-day cycle to ensure “optimum quality and feed value” of their animals. The farm produces hay that closely monitors every […]

Braga Farms

Irving, Texas

Braga Farms offer delicious microgreens, pesto, herbs, and several crafts. Jefferson Severino Braga, the owner of the urban farm, ensures that every aspect of growing the plants follow a natural approach. He only uses organic pest control. When it comes to weed problems, he handles them through mulching, physical tillage, and tarping. On the other […]

Braley Brangus

Bishop, Texas

Braley Brangus has operated Since 2007. They have Brangus cattle for breeding stock and Brangus seed stock, Brangus herd sires/Brangus bulls for sale and Brangus show heifers for sale. They expanded their operations by adding local, naturally raised beef, soy-free non-GMO pastured poultry, non-GMO free-range eggs, and pork. They sell as “Local Beef” all their […]

Braune Farms Fresh Produce

Seguin, Texas

Jeffrey and Julie Braun run this 50-acre farm, Braune Farms Fresh Produce,  with their four children. The couple were both raised in an agricultural background. They produce lots of different vegetables sustainably. The farm also offers a Pumpkin patch experience. Oh, they do not charge an admission fee or parking fee when you go to […]