Review of Glenda Mae’s Daylily Farm by TexasRealFood

Glenda and Joey Dziema opened the Glenda Mae's Daylily Farm in 2010. At that time, they only had ten daylily cultivars. With continued improvements in their varieties, the nursery now houses over four hundred named cultivars of daylilies and over a thousand unnamed cultivars.With lots of unique selections, people keep coming back to the farm to see their three-acre farm filled with daylilies. In other parts of the garden, there are hydrangeas, azaleas, perennials, roses, and many other stunning plants. Aside from the flowers, the garden also features various metal structures, making it picture-perfect.Everyone is welcome to spend the day or take lots of photos in the daylily field. However, if you want to get the best shot, try going in late May to mid-June. During those days, there are more daylily blooms than any other months of the year. Order your flower basket today!

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