Review of Goatilicious by TexasRealFood

A grade-A creamery and dairy, Goatilicious LLC is an excellent source of fresh raw milk and farmstead cheeses. At the farm, animal welfare is their top priority. Therefore, all of their Registered Nubian Dairy goats and La Mancha Dairy goats receive utmost love and care. If you want to buy milk from them, you need to pre-order because the farm does not bottle their milk products until they have a sure buyer. Therefore, what you always get is the freshest milk straight from the animal. Aside from consumable dairy products, the farm also makes goat milk soaps, face creams, and lotions. On a side note, the farm also breeds donkeys and sells chicken and duck eggs. If interested to visit them, the farm is in between San Antonio and New Braunfels. It is only an hour away south of Austin. A happy customer said, "Amazing cheeses and AMAZING goats milk! Thank you for such quality products and friendly service."

Farming Methods, Practices & Certifications

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