Review of Gracy’s Microgreens by TexasRealFood

Lorraine Person is the person behind Gracy's Microgreens.A few years ago, microgreens were only available to chefs in fancy restaurants. But today, with the help of organic farming, families from different households can now enjoy microgreens.The farm sells different varieties of microgreens for your salad. They also sell arugula, amaranth, borage, black oils sunflower, cilantro, cabbage, kale, curled cress, kohlrabi, and large American flag leek, turnips, green peas, and nasturtiumThe farm also carries different types of mustard: Mizuna red leaf mustard and wasabi mustard. On the other hand, they also sell three kinds of radish: daikon radish, Rambo radish, and China rose radish.A Facebook review says, "Great product and people! Microgreens are always beautiful and fresh. At the same time, Gene and Lorraine are always kind, friendly, and full of good information."

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