Review of Granzin’s Meat Market – Pleasanton by TexasRealFood

In 2015, another retail store of Granzin's Meat Market opened in Pleasanton, offering “same quality, service, and amazing products” that shoppers can expect. They have everything you need to create fantastic meals, including “freezer packs, seasonings and sauces, beef and turkey sticks, dry sausages, and jerky.” They also offer produce you need for your next home-cooked meal or outdoor cook out, “hand-selected with quality” in mind. They have friendly staff that will help you choose the right cut of beef for your meal. Each has a unique taste, and all are freshly processed. Some of their beef recipe includes “Rubbed Beef Ribs,” featuring Anita’s Season All Brisket Rub; or a classic T-Bone with Roasted Garlic.