Review of Great Scott Restaurant by TexasRealFood

Great Scott Restaurant is bringing a whole new concept to the community, which highlights its passion for food, wine, and "unique" dining experience. This family-owned, restaurant proudly operated a "scratch kitchen" that is dedicated to using only the pastured-raised, certified-humane, heritage-breed animals. The menu features farm-to-table creations, including appetizers like "crispy calamari & oysters", salads like "caprese salad", wood-fired pizza like "house-made mozzarella", and entrees like "duroc pork chop". It also offers a five-course chef tasting menu during Monday - Thursday nights for folks who are in for a surprise. At the Great Scott Restaurant, its employees are a part of the family, and that treatment extends to its guests, thus, guests are welcomed with warm hospitality and are treated as a part of the family.